Tuesday, July 1, 2014

but I'm holding on for dear life, won't look down, won't open my eyes

We have invented a vampire computer. Is this a good thing?

[Zone] Toa the Veteran@takimeta2: guys does grammar still?

Wait, what?

[Zone] Lymille Trèflebleu@tiwiztiti: (Damn ***holes, U will recognize U when reading this : people help you then you threw them off your party ? poor ill mind, i'm sure U have no friends IRL)

And, in a conversational swerve...Just to explain this for folks who don't know--there are some really poor gamers who invite folks to go dungeon-delving with them, then, right as they reach the final room but after the final boss has been slain, they kick everyone off the team so they'll be the only one to open the chest. I don't know why they do this--it won't increase their chances of getting rare drops from the end chest, because that's completely random, so I just chalk it up to general wastes of oxygen being wastes of oxygen.

[Zone] Grayce@Audentia2: Grammar no
[Zone] Blackie Bravo@lesple: no, it are died


No, "it are died"? IT ARE DIED??? Dear gods and little fishes.

Maybe they're right. Maybe grammar doesn't still. Weep for the future, y'all.

[Zone] Toa the Veteran@takimeta2: WAT WAIIII

Now, did you mean "What way?" or "Wait, what?" Either way, that's a fractured statement, Toa.

[Zone] Illeul@naughtnicht27: Handels Wateredhavian Hemd

And I have zero idea what you're trying to say, Illeul.

[Zone] Redbrimstone@redbrimstone3: bolje da nema

Nema bolje da ne bude ono što? Anyway, moving on.

[Zone] Jimmy@hanooka: Did they fix SP Already?
[Zone] Grayce@Audentia2: What's SP
[Zone] Grayce@Audentia2: Skill Points

What Grayce sai...waiiiit a minute. How come you're asking what SP is if you're the one giving the answer?!?

[Zone] Blackie Bravo@lesple: spell points


[Zone] Grayce@Audentia2: Suggestive Phrophecies

Nope, but entertaining.

[Zone] Ghorbash Iron Hand@todi55: prevrni kamen,naci ces nekoga sa balkana

Kaj je kamen nacist? I'm so ccofused.

[Zone] Flinx@flinx66: Spell Plague Dungeon

That'd be SPD, and nope.

[Zone] Grayce@Audentia2: Silent Phone

That makes no sense.

[Zone] Grayce@Audentia2: Sucky people

Well, they are definitely a part of Neverwinter--people that suck are part of virtually any online gaming experience--but again, nope.

[Zone] Guardian@drogethxundussen: Bull to what anyone says: Professional Prophets don't make good money in the modern world!

It really depends on how you're billing yourself. Take a religious angle, you can generally make decent money bilking the unwary. If you're reasonably honest, though, "professionally" predicting the future--unless you're working the stock market--is going to be a moderately funded hobby, at best.

[Zone] Valdrin Avrymtor@poriah: only mormons can predict the future :l

How...does that work? Mormons are known for predicting the future? Since when?

[Zone] Guardian@drogethxundussen: Now our computers do it. -_- Taking all the jobs man!
[Zone] Black As Irish@blackirish29112: yes they do

Computers can't predict the future. They use predictive algorithms. The most you can get out of any computer--at least so far--is what you put in, so if you put in really good, amazing things, then it has a reasonable surety of getting it right most of the time...maybe.

But again, it's all based on the algorithms involved.

I think what we've basically had is a general failure to translate properly.

And when we're talking English to English, that's really sad.

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