Tuesday, July 22, 2014

if I had to do it all over, I'd give up way back then

More Hair Fair coverage! (Part the first, part the second, part the third, part the fourth, part the fifth, part the sixth, part the seventh, and part the eighth, seen previously.)

And we're now up to ANE, and ANE went very, very simple with their demos this year. Three styles, three objects, wear to see. They're all a mid-brown tone.

(from the Hair Fair album; the Hair Fair offerings from ANE)

This is "Buns", and it's pretty simple and functional. The only problem I had is adjusting the hair for pictures--because the demos are no-mod, I pretty much slid the hair forward (leaving sections of scalp showing in the back) and then slid the hair back for the rear shot (leaving sections of scalp showing in the front). There are no alpha layers included for the demos, so I'm just hoping there are scripts in the full versions that allow the hair to be resized.

(from the Hair Fair album; the Hair Fair offerings from ANE)

This is "Sienia", and...I think from the front, it mostly works, but from the back the mesh distorts oddly. It could just be my head size (currently set to 55), but I found it strangely jarring.

(from the Hair Fair album; the Hair Fair offerings from ANE)

And we end with "Tails", which is a high pigtail style that seems to be made with shoulder-length hair, not longer hair. The pigtails seem to be trying to be both thin and voluminous, and in all honesty, I'd rather they just picked one, rather than try to combine two different hair volumes in one style.

You can find ANE in the Noirette sim.

And the usual report of what I'm wearing, now from high above the Sanguinarius Community Center:

EyesIKON's "Utopia" eyes in Dark Red, acquired in April of 2013. Likely a group gift, but I honestly can't recall.
Skin: Lumae's "Nima" skin in Cream/Watermelon, a free gift this month for members of the SL Frees & Offers group.
Outfit: Both from Somnia, I'm wearing the "Kimeyos" mesh star halter (available for sale currently at the 'My Attic' event) with the "Zhevios" tailored mesh pants in Rose (still available on Somnia's lucky boards). Since they won't be seen anyway, I didn't bother with stockings or shoes.

Still using Nam's Optimal Skin 2 for the Windlight setting, and I've also pushed up my graphics a little to include basic shaders, atmospheric shaders, and the Advanced Lighting Model setting. (It's important to note that even under the relatively stripped-down Singularity viewer, my current drug of choice, that I still can't move with Advanced Lighting on, because of the induced shading, I think.) Anyway, there you go--these shots are not my norm of point-and-shoot standard-midday lack-of-Windlight pics. More to come!

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