Monday, July 21, 2014

the movie's on again, they got me nullifying ghosts

More Hair Fair coverage! (Part the first, part the second, part the third, part the fourth, and part the fifth, seen previously.)

(from the Hair Fair album; Amacci's "Greta" hair)

We're now up to Amacci, and this is their "Greta" pigtail hair. It's a youthful style, but pretty, and the HUD provided (I'm showing it in Sorbet and Sangria in the above shots) is easy to use and seems fairly low-impact as far as scripting.

They've managed to soften the straight-edge bangs look by adding an additional wispy texture level onto the top of the bangs; it's just enough to soften the harsh line and make it look more natural. It also comes in a version without the bows (which I've shown in Navy with the Sorbet, and Baby Pink with the Sangria), and an alpha layer (though I found I didn't need it).

(from the Hair Fair album; Amacci's "Marco" unisex hair)

This is "Marco", another style designed for men, but easily worn by all genders. It's another tousled short cut, though...and I'm not sure this is going to make feels obscurely "thicker" than other short cuts I've seen. Not distressingly so; it just strikes me as more anime overstyling, than natural 'beachy' hair.

As I said, I don't know if it'll make sense, that's just how it struck me. I'm showing it in Apricot Blond, and in one of the unnamed "fade" tones, which is a dark blond that shades to light brown.

(from the Hair Fair album; Amacci's "Coco" twin-bun hair)

And this is "Coco", an even younger style, but I kind of adore it. I'm showing it in Mermaid and Lagoon, with pale Teal bows. It also comes in a version without the bows. (And I didn't mention it before, but there's also an alpha layer included with both "Marco" and "Coco".)

You can find Amacci in Blonde.

And the usual report of what I'm wearing, now from high above the Sanguinarius Community Center:

Eyes:IKON's "Utopia" eyes in Dark Red, acquired in April of 2013. Likely a group gift, but I honestly can't recall.
Skin: Lumae's "Nima" skin in Cream/Watermelon, a free gift this month for members of the SL Frees & Offers group.
Outfit: Both from Somnia, I'm wearing the "Kimeyos" mesh star halter (available for sale currently at the 'My Attic' event) with the "Zhevios" tailored mesh pants in Rose (still available on Somnia's lucky boards). Since they won't be seen anyway, I didn't bother with stockings or shoes.

Still using Nam's Optimal Skin 2 for the Windlight setting, and I've also pushed up my graphics a little to include basic shaders, atmospheric shaders, and the Advanced Lighting Model setting. (It's important to note that even under the relatively stripped-down Singularity viewer, my current drug of choice, that I still can't move with Advanced Lighting on, because of the induced shading, I think.) Anyway, there you go--these shots are not my norm of point-and-shoot standard-midday lack-of-Windlight pics. More to come!

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