Monday, April 9, 2007

the tides that had once carried you away, they bring you back today

The darkened moon and I dwell in comprehensible spaces, I rest content knowing I'm loved by my neko lad, I have friends I treasure, and a demon of past acquaintance asking softly for more of my time. The life restores, healing, not damaging, strengthening...

...and today, I hear from the incubus, offering everything he is if I will take him back.

And there is part of me that is having great trouble, for some reason, not agreeing to the potential. Which does not exist, which will mean the breaking of a sworn vow, which will mean loss I cannot even begin to contemplate...

...and yet, the temptation exists. It makes the edges of my soul burn. I literally have no clear idea of what to do.

In the meantime, last night was an impromptu Easter dance in Steelhead. I, of course, showed up as a bunny.

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That's me, of course, and just to my right is Finnian Fitzgerald, as a much smaller bunny.

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Hotspur O'toole went to Sparta before the dance. This is him in the avatar and clothing packs he found by visiting Sparta at Silverscreen. I'm so proud to have helped bring 300 to Second Life.

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Lumina, of course, brought her own lightsource, as usual, and for once it wasn't the lights in her hair. From the left is seen behind and next to her Frequency Picnic, looking very bright herself, Xulltana Lowell, the Gothic Easter Bunny, who brought dire eggs of mayhem to us all, Hotspur in the Spartan cloak, and Miss Christine McAllister, in candy-striped splendor.

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Unfortunately, I caught the beginning and the end of the drama about to unfold. Here you can see a general crowd scene of dancers at the Kokopelli Stage in Steelhead. From the left is TotalLunar Eclipse, Tensai Hilra as the Neatherland bunny, Frequency Picnic again with her DiscoSquid, Xulltana the Gothic bunny, Lumina at center floor, Hotspur, Miss Qlippothic Projects, our armored host, myself, and Miss Christine McAllister.

In the foreground, between Tensai and I, can be seen the kind of egg one never wishes for--the olive drab kind, with the removeable pin.

Past this point things became rather chaotic. The grenade near Lunar's feet exploded, lighting him on fire and singeing his hair black. I called for Miss Qlippothic's help to put out the blaze.

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She did. *koff, koff*

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This is of after the spraying of Lunar with flame-retardant chemicals. From the left myself, dancing, Lunar with the blackened hair, Lumina, and Miss Qlippothic dancing with her fire extinguisher.

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Now the brain goes blank...this is the COOLEST bunny seen last night, Frank the Bunny from Donnie Darko...worn by Mr. Gnarlihotep Abel, thank you Kira, for letting me know!

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We had great fun. Lunar grew his hair back, Tensai grew an afro, and we saw the dawn in spinning on our heads. Hee! Yay for impromptu dances!

...and I have to make a decision on the incubus, and stick to it...this should be so much easier...


Kira said...

It was indeed Mr. Abel in the Frank suit. :)

emillyorr said...


Thank you so much!