Monday, April 30, 2007

sing for the laughter, sing for the tears

I attended the monthly Masquerade ball in Steelhead last night, for far too brief a time. I decided early on I was going to wear Prim & Proper's lovely rust velvet ballgown, and spent some time looking over various shops, trying to find something that went better than my brown leather Loki mask. As I was wearing a rare kitten--my orange, brown and white calico--I wanted to tie everything together as much as possible.

(Psst--go to Masks & Feathers. Trust me on this. They're amazing.)

I nipped off to a sandbox to scroll through and eliminate various things from my inventory, then traipsed off to the ball, feeling unsettled for no clear reason.

It hit me when the doctor came in the room. Oh, right--first formal society appearance since the demon...departed.

I put no great faith in being recognized--there's no proof he's ever set eyes on me, after all (barring those two flashes of clear blue eyes, set into demonic pallor)--and danced until evil lag made my steps slow and my motions drag on. I decided, much as I wanted to stay, me being me, I'd flip into limbo again, so I chose to depart. I announced my leaving to the assembled, picked a handy location, tapped my Key...and fell into limbo anyway as I went.


But as I was leaving, in that split second between the ballroom under my feet and featureless void, I heard the doctor clearly say, "Good night, Miss Orr."

Good night, Miss Orr. Wearing a dress I was fairly sure the demon's never seen, a gold satin-and-feather carnivale mask I'd bought new that day, and a kitten skin I know the demon never saw.

Good night, Miss Orr.

Something survived. Something that knows me. Or...there was more of the doctor in the demon than I knew.

At least five dance floors, countless number of dances, being swirled around in strong pale arms, in and out of Steelhead...does the doctor remember watching me dance, behind demonic eyes?

It would appear so.

And I am back to feeling wary, as I do not know what else the doctor remembers, what moments have been left behind...


Amber_Palowakski said...

Unsettling, isn't it?

emillyorr said...

It is, rather.

And Miss Qlippothic tells me her father fears me, feels dread and suspicion. Which I took to mean, he was afraid of what violence the demon and I shared, in his small suppressed glimpses.

Now I wonder if there's more to it.

Wary still. It is strange to yet again be on my guard, against the human, not the demon.

Darien Mason said...

Five other people said "Good Night Emilly" before I did. I just followed their lead.

emillyorr said...


Of course, Doctor.