Thursday, April 19, 2007

so many bright lights they cast a shadow

I've been struggling for most of two days now with the ingenious little programs that make it possible for me to pose prettily on the grid. I can't even rez out the first one now, it's essentially just a name and a place mark but otherwise? Doesn't seem to exist! And the one I spent all of yesterday trying to tweak into seems to be locked from any future editing!

At this point I was, quite literally, tearing my hair I flipped on fins and went to swim at Rua.

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The problem is Rua's gotten smaller. Far smaller than I remember. I'm not entirely sure why. There are two other parcels on either side that make it somewhat hazardous to swim in long straight lines.

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There's also a new sea monster. I didn't actually notice, I was preoccupied, until he swam up behind me. Thankfully, he's quite lazy, and stopped for a bit.

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Unfortunately, that still left the dilemma of how to get past all those teeth in his open mouth...

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After that, I'd had enough undersea adventure, and I swam past a thing I remembered had been topside, quite some time back. An ingenious underwater teleportation pearl, now, that took me directly to the cargo bay of Serenity, floating high above the waters of Rua.

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And this is me in the ship's medical bay. Note the poster. Also, if you travel to the ship, reserve some small amount of time to watching the small screen next to the poster. It features a rather engaging loop of Captain Malcolm Reynolds.


Trust me, it's worth the time to watch.

Now, I must swim off the ship, and flip my fins back into storage. Where did I put that grass's Tiki Night in Steelhead, Friday, so I do believe my hula-dance outfit is called for.

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