Thursday, April 5, 2007

I took a sip from my devil's cup

Okay, so what is it?

I don't know. I just...I don't know. I feel...*shrugs*

You gotta be kidding me. All this over your vampire? He ain't comin' back.

No, I...I know that. It's not that.

Then what is it? The incubus? You won't take him back.

*shakes head* It's not that either.

Good gods, then, who? The dog? Your brokenhearted Australian? Hellboy?

No. No. And hell no.

Then what? Make it simple.

*shakes head again* It's complicated.

Everything's complicated for you.

Well, I'm a complicated creature.

So you keep telling yourself.


*rolls her eyes* Okay, pick one thing, then. Just one thing. What's that one thing?

I miss them.

Well, duh. And that's a very stupid reason to put yourself through this.

No, I...that's not...I miss talking to them.

You c'n talk to them anytime. Hells, nobody's off your friendslist. They break your heart, you don't even unfriend them.

Yeah, but...

No 'yeah but'. It's true. So what's really getting under your skin?

...I miss the boy from Lumindor. We're coming up on a week gone.

That's more like it.

Okay, you miss your demon boy. Just remember to keep breathing. And kick his ass when he does
show up.

I'll need help for that, I think.

Great. I'm so up for helping...


In other news, yesterday was Randomizer Fun Day. This has happened before, but this is where the Lindens, in their wisdom, decide to randomly teleport me various places I didn't request to go. Usually it's some random thing from my landmarks, but yesterday saw me transporting to Sardius Island, where I haven't had a landmark in months, and to various infohubs I would swear I'd never been to before....and here:

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Yep. Emilly on box. Large plywood prim box in the middle of a large grassy field surrounded by water. Legend said, Linden Estate Services.

Apparently, the Lindens' idea of Estate Services is to make the beam-in point part of a very large prim box....

(By the way--just a note, though they're terrifyingly simple, overall--everything I'm wearing there? I made. I think I'm getting better at skirt-like things...)

Also? Went dancing last night. True to the nostalgic overdose, I went human, and surprised nearly everyone who saw me. I guess I really haven't been seen as anything approaching normal of late.... that a good thing?

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