Saturday, April 14, 2007

and give me all your hopeless hearts and make me ill

Touchy tonight, aren't you?

...maybe a little.

And any idea why?

It's just been...a day.

Started off fun.

Yes, yes, that it did. Then I kept flipping in and out of limbo, and you know how I hate that place...

Yeah, well, you and magic at the best of times...

I know, I know.

So what else? Wasn't what he said, was it?

Only tangentially. It set me off. But I've been cranky for a few days.

Don't even tell me. You're not. You're NOT--

I'm...trying not to be. Harder than I thought.


I know, I know! You don't even have to say it, I know, already.

You're a fool.

Yeah. And I'm paying for it. I know that.


What else?

The radiant one bitching about the floor. That she altered in the first place!

Let it go.

Working on it.

You need mental help.

Of course I do. I'm talking to myself, aren't I?

::looks around, shrugs, returns to picking out outfits for the rave::

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