Friday, April 13, 2007

I'm over your lies and I'm over your games

It's been a terribly busy two days. Mostly pleasant, all things considered, but even pleasant things can be tiring.

I'm over your lies
And I'm over your games
I'm over you asking me
When you know I'm not okay...

First off, I now have a job again. I'm working at Dorian Gray's, a dance club in Amat, and they seem a very nice group of people. Danced on an off hour, just to go in and test things out, see if I remembered how to work a pole after all this time, and actually got tips. I was impressed.

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For dancers, they want human-only, and my goodness, I am no longer used to this face. Or skin-not-fur. Or skin-not-pale, for that matter. Still, maybe it will be good for me.

Plus? Their Sploder is very nearly as good as Enigma's, from the lost days of yore. So I'm pretty happy with that.

You call me at night
And I pick up the phone
And though you be tellin' me
I know you're not alone...

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Next up: a late-night visit to the Ruins in the Caledon Highlands, whereupon we met with Mr. EllisDee Welinder and Miss KatatOnik Pidgeon, who were proud to show off their protest against Caledon's war with Neualtenburg. The cow was an especially inspired touch.

In fez, no less.

But it attracted a tidy little crowd, while we watched it being constructed, and debated whether it was art or kitsch. The debate was settled by Miss Pidgeon sitting atop the cow and saying, "I say it's art."

Yes, Ma'am. It is then art.

Oh and that's why your eyes
I'm over it
Your smile
I'm over it...

And Taiyou House is finally moving forward. After a discouraging incident last night in Steelhead--one of the residents decided, for no good reason I can ascertain, to rextexture the hotel carpet into something completely repellent and incomprehensible--the builder of the house walked me over to see the initial furnishing ideas. I placed a Goya painting I'd been carting about for a while, two small amber hurricane lamps, and debated with him the use for various spaces, pro and con. I think we agree on how we want to proceed. So far, it's coming together beautifully.

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And the first of the new skyboxen is done. This one's rather Meditteranean in decor, and we've just decided what's going to go in there, once it's moved aloft and has teleporter access. I'm actually starting to get excited about Taiyou again.

I'm over it, I'm over it...

It's still going to take a while, the rest of it, but...I'm pulling out from under. It feels like I've found the path again, and I know what to do to walk it. Sad or grieving, confused or weary, my feet are walking forward again and I'm letting them do it, pulling me forward as well.

Walking out of winter into thaw. It's a hard task. But I've done it before, will likely do it again, we go. We walk.

(Lyrics taken from Katharine McPhee's "Over It")


Qlippothic Projects said...

A peace protest in Caledon? Finally! I do hope they schedule one on a date I can attend! I've been feeling like the lone voice in the wilderness on this issue for quite some time!


Stiv Rych said...

A peace protest anywhere? Hot damn! Gimme a landmark. I've got a briefcase full of fire and pink flamingos.

emillyorr said... scare me deeply. Your idea of peaceful protest is to bomb the hell out of the protesters, the buildings surrounding them, and the country they're in.

Miss Qli, I'm sure if you contact Mr. Welinder or Miss Pidgeon they'd be happy to have you attend future protest actions.