Sunday, April 8, 2007

the present is uncertain, the future never lasts

I'm still having problems with my Key, though not as extreme as it has been...I was able to make some (actually most) of Steelhead's Formal dance last night. The theme was fairy how could I not show up in wings?

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It was rather amusing...someone asked me to dance, and because my wee fae is so wee, he was essentially swinging me about in midair. Which was actually fun. Unfortunately, I have no other pictures, as my cam controls became difficult to manipulate...

After that, I battled limbo bravely, and returned some while later, to have my favorite Victorian tell me there was something he wished me to see. I arrived at his location to see a frighteningly tall steampunk automaton...again, I have no pictures, because I immediately scurried behind the gentleman in question!

This was in New Babbage, though, somewhere I'd never been, and he and his friend took me on a short tour. I saw the pub, warm and gear-heavy, the lift, which was phenomenally easy to operate, and of course New Babbage's apparently sole tree...

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...and then something of more interest occurred.

Edging carefully past an Air Kraken, we saw...a TARDIS!

Though in New Babbage, it's called, I think, an Etheric Transport Cabinet, the police-box shape was quite familiar to my eyes. Again, I didn't think to capture pictures of the exterior, because said favorite Victorian inquired of the owner if we could come inside. And he said yes!

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The control room of the ETC, quite elegantly appointed. That's Professor Oolon Sputnik, scientist and inventor, reading at the side.

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A different angle on the control room. Mr. Sputnik on the left, explaining the control panel; Mr. Edward Pearse and I, looking on; and dimly glimpsed behind one of the structural supports, Miss Elda Luna, steampunk and builder of some merit.

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*hushed voice* The Eye of Harmony...

Professor Sputnik said it does open, but I backed out of the room, responding politely in the negative. I have enough problems with my broken key flipping me to strange places in and around world...I don't need all the power of the heart of the ETC running through me!

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Alas, our stay was short, but full of wonders. We've been invited back any time we wish. I'm humbled and gratified to be so trusted.

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And once back out, we saw a dragon. I don't think many of them come to New Babbage...

In other news...of somewhat distressing import...there is an incident that occurred in Lumindor, earlier, that I haven't had the heart, nor the ability, to describe. We'll see how it unfolds. Let it simply be said my shapeshifting abilities have now increased to include gender...and fertility.

I have yet to speak to the warrior maid in question; when last we shared words, she was cursing my name...


Edward Pearse said...

I shall organise some copies of my own deguerrotypes once I have uploaded them.

emillyorr said...


And, you know, it's rather silly to make the attempt to anonymize, when it's just friends...

::grins, scampering off to edit the post::