Monday, April 23, 2007

don't forget me when I'm gone


By the time I arrived in Steelhead this morning, even the echoes of the echoes of the scream that shattered the town's peace early this morning had dissipated. Some residents were quick to tell me, though, and I headed first to Taiyou, putting potential drama from House Bloodwing far from my mind. I wasn't allied to the House anymore, I had no ties I kept telling myself...

...but standing on the kanji rug in the dance alcove, I sighed, and shifted to my little fae shape, sprouted petal wings, and fluttered over, perching on the roof of the clocktower, peering down.

What I saw somewhat amazed me. A man I didn't recognize--a human--was standing at the postal box in front of Bloodwing. I'd never seen him before. But I recognized the vest he wore, from one visit, oh so long ago, to my Rivulan abode...

...and then he turned, lifting his face to the sky. Had he seen me? Had he heard something? I quickly ducked behind the wooden railing but not before seeing his eyes--a clear, vivid blue, and even more puzzling, a clear blue I recognized.

That long-ago December, that Christmas night on Enigma's dance floor, the singular moment etched on my memory, the moment the demon first said he loved me--that's when I'd first seen those eyes. Clear, and blue, and seared into me, and I curled into a ball, fisting my hands and pressing them against my lips.

No. No. I don't understand. This is too big.

If anyone needs me, I'll be in Lumindor. If you're coming, come armed.


Fuzzball Ortega said...

Interesting. Seems all of Steelhead is talking of this amazing new transformation. Perhaps, when Darien returns from his trip, this transformation may be for the better?

emillyorr said...


All I know is, I'm hiding.