Saturday, October 31, 2015

on her milk-white neck, the devil's mark

It had been two years since I walked through House Belasco. I'd avoided it most of October, because, well...I'd seen it before, right? But maybe things had changed. Maybe it had gotten better in the intervening time...or worse. Either way, I had to know for sure.

Did I mention this is an Adult haunt?

This is a very Adult haunt.

"No" is right. Also, not sitting down. Also, I adore that candle lamp. (It's from Candlelight Evenings Antique Furniture, which I must check out after wandering through here.)

[Insert from Editrix after publishing: This business...does not exist? Link takes me back to the house, even though the location is different from said house. I'll research.]

This is a very big table.

It also floats, though it's not shown levitating here.

I forgot house sanctuary is.

As it turns out, I can't show that much from upstairs; things have gotten a tad more explicit. But that's not the interesting thing. The interesting thing is that I'd forgotten about Hell House at the time I first went through the haunt. Between then and now, Hell House (the movie) had arrived on Netflix, and I'd remembered how much I loved that film.

For example, this is what rests behind the "Spirit Cabinet" curtains on the first floor of Hell House.

And there's a shot in this commentary about the film that shows psychic Florence Tanner (actress Pamela Franklin) in that same pose.

In fact, a lot of this haunt, from the architecture of the house, to sound clips,, to what populates the rooms, really does reflect the film. Considering how intensely sexual the film--and original work--tend towards, I'm rather shocked I didn't pick up all the references; not only that, but the sounds of both pleasure and pain that are constantly playing throughout the house. I can't even say I was that distracted by my companion, though, in all honesty, two years ago I may simply have had sounds off entirely.

What I can say is, if you don't mind nudity, or overhearing cries of pleasure, Hell House is worth a jaunt. There is an extensive notecard, with behavior rules and environment rules both, which is worth reading through as well. And do take your time with this one--since it is so heavily scripted, both for sounds and effects, things may take some time to rez in!

And, as ever, with October drawing to a close--Happy Hallowe'en!

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