Sunday, July 15, 2018

you should have heard just what I seen

Because sometimes, we need harsh advice with a great beat.

I don't know whether this fits with the first or not, The main points seem to be that people will no longer be able to bid on land auctions if they don't have the money in their accounts to pay for the whole purchase right then (and, to be honest, why would you bid on something if you didn't have the money to buy it in case you win?), and incredibly fast land transfers (that 'within the hour' line). At least the latter could be good; I've participated in exactly two land auctions in my eleven years on the grid, to be fair, but for both of those I had the land transferred after the better part of 48 hours had passed. Thus, speedy transfer so I can start building? That sounds like a selling point to me.

And now, today's edition of Wrong Group, Wrong Message (with the help of Google Translate).
[11:46] Nxxxxx Lxxxxxxxx: e 9 u 1
[11:47] Nxxxxx Lxxxxxxxx: Vanilla Bae (46,133,22)
[11:48] exxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ty [Nxxx]!!
[11:49] cxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: the wrong group
Yes. It very much is the wrong group. There's another group for that.
[11:49] Nxxxxx Lxxxxxxxx: все уже (all already)
[11:49] cxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: .Vanilla Bae. Lucky Letters and Gifts.
[11:49] cxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: thats the group
That's the one, yep.
[11:53] axxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I 9 U 1
[11:59] bxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: wrong group
[11:59] bxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: .Vanilla Bae. Lucky Letters and Gifts.
[11:59] bxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: is wat u need which was just pasted
[12:00] axxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx:
щл (ok) ...sorry
[12:00] bxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: its ok some ppl still not aware i guess
[12:01] axxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: да всё поняла...переводите (Yes, I understood everything ... translate)
[12:02] Nxxxxx Lxxxxxxxx:
ахахххаа (ahahhhaa)
[12:02] Nxxxxx Lxxxxxxxx:
нет у людей возможности вступить в две группы от одного магазина. места нет... (there is no possibility for people to enter into two groups from one store. there is no place ...
There is, actually, and it's so simple, even you should be able to grasp this, Miss N. First, join the group to call letters. Open a chat window for that group. Flip on your Vanilla Bae group tag and go to the store. Call the letters while wearing the store group tag. It's. That. Simple.
[12:03] axxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: сейчас такие..пишите на английском ахахахахах (now such .. write in english ahahahahah)
[12:03] Nxxxxx Lxxxxxxxx:
да да (Yes Yes)
And that seemed to be that. Did Miss N get it? Probably not. And please note, before anyone chimes in in comments, I'm not calling her stupid because she's not a native English speaker. I'm calling her stupid because she's not getting how simple this is.

There is a difference, after all. The language she speaks has nothing to do with her failure to get the point (after mass repetition, on the daily, in this group).

Thursday, July 5, 2018

let's lock out the bearded old man in the nightgown

A bit more on the pricing structure from yesterday, because a friend made an excellent point. Here's that pricing table:

And here's that comment:
[16:15 PM] Fxxxxxx Uxxxxxx: That is not a significant enough change. It would need to change by enough so that people in very different price brackets would now be able to afford land. As it is, that will just make it so people that are already affording land will be able to do it a little bit easier, but it won't change who can have land and who won't for the most part.
[16:19 PM] Nxx Uxxxxxx: There will probably be some people who were on the fence before and now feel like they can afford it. But it's not much of a difference for most people I imagine.
[16:23 PM] Fxxxxx Axxxx: And the set up is the huge difference more than anything.
[16:26 PM] Fxxxxxx Uxxxxxx: It helps, but is still hecka pricy.
That. Yes. That was my point.

Also, for no earthly reason I can think of, buying Lindens went up from .99 as a surcharge fee, to $1.49 per %^&$@!# transaction, and I cannot figure out why, and it's massively irritating.

That, plus other factors, made me perhaps a wee bit snarky:
[13:29] Axxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: baby monkey board no group MM 81/100 Keraxic (47,187,25)
[13:30] Axxxxx Jxxxxx: baby monkey?
[13:30] Axxxxx Jxxxxx: like a stuffed animal type thing?
[13:30] Axxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: shoes, famous shoes
[13:30] rxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Really great shoes, and clothes that don't make you look like a hooker
[13:30] Axxxxx Jxxxxx: o__O monkey shoes? those sound amazing
[13:31] Emilly Orr: Baby Monkey does shoes, but it'd help if you said what kind, if they're slink only or for other bodies, et cetera
[13:31] rxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: slink mainly I think
[13:32] Emilly Orr: MM says--clearly--Slink, Belleza, Maitreya, Magda platforms, spiked with chains, ten colors
[13:32] Axxxxx Jxxxxx: v.v oh...nvm for me then
[13:32] Emilly Orr: How hard was that, seriously?
[13:32] Axxxxx Jxxxxx: oh nvm then!
[13:32] Axxxxx Jxxxxx: ty!
[13:32] Emilly Orr: welcome
[13:32] Axxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: try this then: WellMade, no group 13/50 leather strapless top, maitreya hourglass pbhysique ebody and fitmesh sizes Hutter (71,117,28)
[13:32] staci1992: i need reasonably priced shoes badly
[13:33] Emilly Orr: That's all we ask. If there's a ton of body fits, can even say 'many mesh sizes'. We'd just like to know more than 'store mm board'
That's not overly onerous, I think.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

I get off where I need to, and with who I like, I'm not scared by that

I was pretty excited, hearing the rumors on fee reductions for land in Second Life, until I read through the actual post. The discount's only on full regions? And only 15%? Shame on you, LL. That won't help retention or new sales.

In the meantime, let's talk about Thad.

Thad isn't his name, of course. But this was the originator of the joke, and the character of Lord Master Sir Dominant Thaddeus the Obliviator, owner of ALL the belt buckles, with straps over the straps over the black leather everything that comprise's Thad's attire.

I mean, we've all met this guy, haven't we? Linebacker shoulders, long black hair--always long, and always black--deeply tanned skin, black leather jacket, black leather boots, black leather pants. Belts, gloves and boots studded within an inch of their lives. And the attitude is also familiar, isn't it? The type of man, the type of wannabe dom, who expects every female to kneel before his majesty, who will, in fact, open conversations with "Kneel, slut" before even saying hello.

Yeah, there's too many of this archetype on SL. Thankfully, there are good dominants out there, male, female and other, but far too often, most of them...are Thad.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

who's gonna throw the toilet off the roof?

This next one's really odd. Some peoples' children...

Ran into an Equal 10 event. Didn't say anything. I didn't ask. But the profile said "I am a toilet."

Ooookay. You do you, I guess. It takes...all kinds?

Monday, July 2, 2018

the devil in your eyes

[12:02] axxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ok time to shut down one laptop and start up another, so I'm going to go and eat and will be back in 30 minutes give or take. If there is anything you should need, please IM myself or [Exxxx] (she should be back in world any time now) and we will get back to you asap
[12:03] sxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: enjoy your food [Axxxx]!
[12:03] fxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: eating steak atm
[12:04] Sxxxx Gxxxxxx: Delightful. :o
[12:04] Cxxxxx Fxxxxxxxxx: what you having for dinner?
[12:10] txxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: dick
[12:10] Mxxxx Sxxxxxxxxx: um not ok
[12:12] Vxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxx: Dick?
[12:14] txxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: OMFG
[12:14] txxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I MEANT DUCK
[12:14] txxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: LOL

In the meantime, another pair of shots from random places, random times. These next ones feature a demon.

Soooo many poky bits. Wings, armor, horns...self. Soooo very many.

I might make allowances for a split tongue, however...

Sunday, July 1, 2018

until we get it, forget it, let it all disappear

More Scenes from a few chats.
[11:09] axxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Is there a manger here?
I was so tempted to say "Not until December", but...I didn't. Go me.

In the meantime, a freebie group I'm in EXPLODED:
[10:46] dxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ok guys that are new check this out. 5 linden and you have a good start to not look like a noob. david male full avatar 5 linden
[name of the store which I'm omitting, because I'm not playing this game today]

Sold by: ling Serenity on marketplace
Now, this wasn't exactly a Marketplace link post, but as they explain later, they don't want even a mention of designers on MP, which is a further refinement of an existing policy.

The existing policy is still spelled out in their group bio:
NOT ALLOWED in chat:
Store ads/spam/self-promotion
3 lines MAX posts
MP & most outside links
Criticizing stores/gifts
Disco/Club/DJ ads
Land rental/sale
Most Adult sims/items
Car/motor-AO/Anims-Pay MM/LBs
RP: OOC only
Pls don't link your blog in chat
And these have been the rules since I've joined, and I've been in this group for a few years now.
[10:48] Rxxxxxxxx Rxxxx: please do not post MP here?
[10:49] nxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [dxxx] this is not the first time you have posted a store not allowed
[10:54] axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: im confused why is this store not allowed and i dont see a mp link
[10:55] nxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: no link but still promoting it
This has to be a fairly recent change, but again, as they explain below, there's a reason for it. There's a reason for all of their rules, and none are exceptionally hard to follow.
[10:55] axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: people say .. check MP in this ground alll day long lol
[10:55] axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: even you mods lol
[10:55] dxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: wait hold on
[10:55] nxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hang on on phone
[10:55] dxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: what you talk about
[10:56] Rxxxxxxxx Rxxxx: You can say : did you check MP but not name a store or designer. Why not? Because there is a lot of stolen and copybotted stuff on MP
And there it is. There is a lot of copyright-infringing product on the Marketplace, and I'm thinking this is the group trying to police that, to a certain extent, by not allowing mentions pointing to a specific designer on MP, as well as no MP links.
[10:57] dxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: seriously [[rxxxx] come on do i look like a noob and does it need to be a kids garden here. you always are picking on the same people and not cause they all make the same mistakes all over
Seriously? That is such a weak complaint. None of the mods "pick on" people; they identify mistakes, they try to explain why they're against the rules, and then everyone moves on. Like you should.
[10:58] Cxxxxx Wxxxx: I can see that, seems every designer has some version of a wet dress now
Well, it's less that, which isn't direct copyright infringement, and more the actual digital acquisition of one designer's product by another designer for the express purpose of reselling as if it were their original product.
[10:58] dxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: you think i dont check stuff? lol check her blog
[blog omitted, because I'm not going to play this game]
[10:59] Rxxxxxxxx Rxxxx: sorry? I just said please do not post MP here? and I am picking on you [Dxxx]? [10:59] nxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: wtf [10:59] Rxxxxxxxx Rxxxx: NO outside links either [11:00] dxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: wow. [f*ck] this group. mods are picking on people. learn to moderate you [f*cks]

Way to escalate past the initial stupid into outright rude. You're not helping.
[11:00] nxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: please leave if you wish
[11:01] dxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i wish for ... ..... .... .. ....... .
You can just spell it out, and not be a passive-aggressive baby about things.
[11:01] Kxxxxxx Mxxxxxxx: yes,they can learn to moderate: you know like what they're doing when they tell people over and over not to do something that's actually listed in the rules you shouldn't do.
[11:02] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: The mods aren't picking on anyone, the rules have always been no outside links, including mp links
[11:02] Kxxxxxx Mxxxxxxx: what more do you want them to do? kick you out of the group when you break a rule?
[11:02] Kxxxxxx Mxxxxxxx: then you'll whine about how harsh they are over innocent mistakes
[11:02] cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Er... I just logged in. Good morning?
[11:02] Kxxxxxx Mxxxxxxx: hello!
Yeah, what a time to log into group.
[11:03] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Its listed in the group description, easily found
REAL easy, it's RIGHT THERE.
[11:03] zxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ~sits and watches while drinking some chai~
[11:03] dxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: actually no there is a line between what woman post and guys post and who posts what cause not everybody gets the same treatment and some get vip treatment and some can do about everything. thats how things go
Actually, no, there is no line, everyone does get the same treatment, and the mods do all they can to keep things fair.
[11:03] Qxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hands [Cxxxxxx] a ring-side seating ticket..Good Morning..please have a seat and enjoy the fight. Today: scammers versus Mods. Hope you brought some popcorn
[11:03] nxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ok if you wish to leave just leave
[11:04] Kxxx Lxxxxxxxxxxx: passes popcorn
[11:04] nxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: we had a peaceful group and we have rules
[11:04] dxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: does porncorn work too joker?
Well, now you're just being stupid.
[11:04] kxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hey joker thats my popcorn
[11:04] zxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: corncorn?
[11:05] Kxxx Lxxxxxxxxxxx: smirks it tastes good especially when its someone elses
[11:05] Rxxx Bxxx: I volunteer to do the distasteful things that mods cant get their hands dirty doing
Nah, the mods are capable, they'll do it themselves.
[11:05] kxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: mutters
[11:05] Qxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: making coffee for everyone?
[11:05] Rxxx Bxxx: oh i can do that too!
[11:05] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: thats just complete nonsense, we have one of the best groups on the grid, and the mods are very fair
They are. There are a lot of rules in this group. In other groups, there's only one or two. And most of the time, the mods manage enforcement without controversy. That's some skill, there.
[11:05] Rxxx Bxxx: trots off to the kitchen
[11:05] Qxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: holds out her mug
[11:05] cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: LucyBody as a free group MM board with a mesh body here:
[again, not giving the links, not playing today]
[11:06] Kxxxxx Cxxxxx: raises hand I would like coffee but give me a shot or two of booze
[11:06] zxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ty [Rxxx]! i'll have a shot in my coffee too
[11:06] Rxxx Bxxx: gets the hypodermic ready
Oh, dear. I don't think that's what she meant.
[11:06] kxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: laughs
[11:06] Rxxx Bxxx: oh in the coffee
[11:06] Rxxx Bxxx: ok i can do that too
[11:07] Sxxxxx Sxxxxxxxx: the ban against MP web links is because there's been a spate of *fake* MP links in the past - where it actually steals your login credentials and takes all your lindens - hence the wholesale ban on MP links
[11:07] nxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: also we say look on mp, but [dxxx] post was one not allowed
Because it pointed to a specific designer and named the product on MP, I think.
[11:08] nxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: we dont like to ban but we only do it as last resort
[11:08] kxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: many groups i am in ban mp links and outside links
[11:08] kxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: so is not jusat this group
[11:08] Cxxxxx Wxxxx: very true
[11:08] Sxxxxx Sxxxxxxxx: ^^^ safety reasons :)
[11:08] Cxxxxx Wxxxx: one of the adult groups i am in doesn't allow outside links
[11:09] zxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: many groups im in, not just clothing, hair...etc. do not allow outside links
It's becoming pretty common, because of the spate of fake links in the past.
[11:10] cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Free Dove is having a mini hunt that includes 10 hair (m/w) and nails among other things. No group: [link omitted again]
[11:11] Kxxx Lxxxxxxxxxxx: is understandable as it is easy to accidentally click on suck a link
[11:11] Kxxx Lxxxxxxxxxxx: such even
[11:11] Sxxxxx Sxxxxxxxx: I wonder if LL are filtering the fake links now - since it's been at least 2 months since i've seen one
[11:11] kxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol no comment [jxxxx]
[11:11] Sxxxxx Sxxxxxxxx doesn't test it
[11:15] Kxxxxxx Mxxxxxxx: there's always a low activity time
[11:15] Kxxxxxx Mxxxxxxx: maybe they made enough money for a while
Maybe. Or maybe they're just thinking up new scams.

There was some chatter about computers dying, and then this:
[11:23] nxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: btw last time we had a riot in group and not the member chat was closed
[11:23] nxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: so please keep that in mind as its not nice
It wasn't. I was there for the last time. And it's the absolute last resort when things get badly out of hand. Considering this group pretty much solely exists to share links to Midnight Mania boards, lucky chairs and boards, free and dollarbie gifts, and store sales...being unable to chat within the group is harsh indeed.

Let's hope the rest of us stay civil enough that it doesn't happen again.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

it pulls you under and you just fall away

So, this one happened right after the adoption of jellydolls. And 90% of the time, I'd port somewhere, and all the avatars beyond my chosen complexity level would be some intermediate solid color.

Except for this one. And at first, I didn't even have a name tag. I just had the pixels, sort of...swaying.

And, as can be clearly seen, there's another jellied avatar behind this one. So other complex avatars were showing up correctly. Why did this happen? I have no idea.

Friday, June 29, 2018

there's something strange about her, the way she runs outdoors

Seriously. Why did this shape ever exist?

I have never understood why it caught on.

I mean, you really want to waddle around in saggy-ass pants, with your fish lips, your spraddle hips, teeny-tiny baby hands and a permanently unhappy expression, well, you do you, be...happy with that, I guess? But trust me, no one else gets it.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

it's lonely out in space

I don't even remember where I was for this one; I do know it wasn't anywhere recently, because it is a build platform from somewhere. I don't know if I was there building, if I was invited by someone...much is lost to memory and time.

I do know this isn't right:

I...I don't...I mean, okay, the body's okay. The missing head is disturbing. The hands are...really strange.

Like...really strange. Like, foundationally strange. Hands do not do that--or should not. Why are the hands doing that??

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

I'm a diplomat, I'm a subway rat, I like the unfamiliar

So, follow-up on the CeCe bodysuit issue from Vanilla Bae. Thanks to a customer service rep, I did track down the demo for the suit (it's tucked waaaay in the back). So, some before and after shots.

This is me, standard (with some additions) complexity of 46,675. That's a tad higher than me totally nekkid, but I am wearing a lingerie set from Big Beautiful Doll, heels from Essenz, an anklet, my collar, Truth Hair, makeup from Senzafine and nails from Dark Passions. Some of that definitely adds in.

With this bodysuit? The reports are right, I hit 350,155. BUT. Keep in mind that for that, I get a strippable bodysuit with materials, and mesh netting that is completely built-in, part of the mesh itself, not just a mesh texture on a solid surface.

Why is that important? Because of this:

(Granted, I had to take the bra of the lingerie set off to show this, because the lingerie layer can and frequently does occlude tattoo layers on mesh bodies.) You can see my tattoo through the back, clearly and easily, without my having to set the tattoo to mask.

This is the tattoo set to mask. See the difference? See how stark, patchy and drawn-on it looks when set to mask?

While I was searching around for CeCe, I found Beatrix, which is another mostly-transparent offering. There are two versions included in the package, one with materials, one without. This is the one with. This one also preserves the tattoo visibility on my back, with the addition of some cute hip chains. Total complexity? Raised me to 52,447.

So there are also options, if Miss B pulls her head back out of her nether regions and wants to explore them.

One last thing. This is a dress I found nearby to CeCe. It's called Mae, and is a simple ruffle dress with the strippable scripting. This dress raised me to 51,561. So I'm going to go out on that limb and say most of Vanill's designs are well within the 50K-75K that is at least my personal upper limit for wearables. And I know there are folks who walk around with less strict standards, because I frequently come across folks in the 80K-145K range.

Is 300K high? Yes, yes it is. Is that anything I'd wear to just wander around shopping in? Hell no. But that is mostly due to the fact that I do not shop in lingerie. I consider that before I consider the complexity.

The CeCe bodysuit seems unusual for most of Vanill's offerings, and I think that's entirely due to her wanting a 100% designed mesh bodysuit, not a textured one. I'm not the only one with a permanent tattoo, and I'm sure she's heard from many damsels who want that feature. And of course, when she offers something with that feature, she gets screamed at, so who knows when something like that will come along again?

In the end, I think the CeCe bodysuit isn't something I need, but I can see it being an amazing edition to an SL photographer's inventory, because I think pictures taken with this would be really stunning. And if Miss B can't see that, that is neither my nor Vanill's problem. After all, she didn't make it for Miss B; she made it for people who want to put it to good use. More power to them.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

I see you good, you forced faker

[14:25] Kxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I love you, Caledon.
[14:25] Emilly Orr: We know you do. And Caledon likely loves you back. :)
[14:25] Cxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx: [Kxxx], you are Caledon!
That's kind of the problem.

More controversy at Vanilla Bae, in the meantime.
[23:19] Bxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxx: Gm all ! I'm totally shocked ! How can be , that Cece Bodysuit makes a Complexity to be over 300K , while every single other outfit is hecking much lower.? That's terrible complexity and must ABSOLUTELY to be lower , because it cause lag as hell ! Thank You ! And yes , not gonna use it,before its fixed !!!
Whoa, whoa whoa. First off, did you not think it would be a better idea to send a notecard with queries on this issue to the maker--or to one of her many, many, customer service representatives? Secondly, do you always use punctuation so haphazardly? I mean, it's just weirdly consistent enough to be intentional, so I'm just baffled.
[23:20] Cxxxxx Pxxxx: what is your complexity without it?
[23:20] Ixxxxx Sxxxxxxx: you sure its that causing it?
[23:20] Bxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxx: 30K
[23:20] Bxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxx: without totally 30.195
Okay, I'm tempted to leave this untouched and just mock you, but I'm fairly sure you meant 300K, with the 'without' wearing this piece the closer 30K figure. Instead of saying how horrified you are that it ends up reducing your total complexity by 195, which is what you've implied here by the typo.
[23:20] Cxxxxx Pxxxx: wow
[23:20] Txxxxx Mxxxxx: 0.o
[23:20] Ixxxxx Sxxxxxxx: I doubt its the bodysuit
[23:20] Emilly Orr: That's not possible.
Now, I want to go on record here--I'm wrong. Not in how silly Miss B is sounding by raving this strongly for zero reason in group chat, but in my understanding of mesh. I don't own a lot of mesh outfits with transparent, solid mesh--most of them feature a hem that's a transparent texture over a solid section of the mesh template, for instance. This is not that, and I was wrong. As Vanill points out below.
[23:20] Vanill A Honi (hopey.honi): Yes it is possible
(And let me further say, I am choosing to leave her comments unaonymized, both because she's on target, and because she does own the business.)
[23:20] Bxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxx: And i'm not so idiot that i type here without knowing what's my complexity without
No, but you are so 'idiot' not to use proper grammar, punctuation and send off a courteously worded complaint to the maker in private, without just making a scene in group chat. That is pretty 'idiot' if you ask me.
[23:20] Bxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxx: Then you fix it Vanill
Oh, yeah, because she's going to just leap right on correcting an outfit you were so rude to her about.
[23:20] Vanill A Honi (hopey.honi): cause the net is made of mesh
[23:21] Sxxxxx Rxxxxxx: Sorry , i can confirm that [Bxxxxx] is right
[23:21] Ixxxxx Sxxxxxxx: nah it isnt and instead saying negative in here plz IM the right person for it
That, exactly. Instead, we get...
[23:21] Bxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxx: Vanill , pls fix it
...Miss B utterly ignoring sensible advice in favor of throwing a tantrum.
[23:21] Ixxxxx Sxxxxxxx: I rather not read it in a group
[23:21] sxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Its pretty detailed i mean it has to be to be that sexy ;)
[23:21] Bxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxx: And Vanill already confirmed its possible
[23:21] Vanill A Honi (hopey.honi): I´ll fix it being texture only the next 2 weeks
[23:21] Emilly Orr: Hmm, as I haven't seen the Cece I was assuming it was a solid piece. Adding transparency, yeah...I hate it, but yeah, it could happen.
[23:21] Bxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxx: with that hecking complexity.? O.o
[23:21] nxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: There is a reason there re demos [Bxxxxx], use them for the future it will help you.
[23:22] Bxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxx: Hell , i know there is demos , i'm not a f*cking idiot
I'm not so sure, but you go on believing that if it makes you feel better.
[23:22] Sxxxxx Rxxxxxx: Farrah , it's from the LB...
Later on, one of the customer service reps makes mention that it's in the store. I went by the day after this chat happened, but Vanill must have already removed the vendor for revision. Here's what I do have, though:

So this is the CeCe bodysuit. As with many of Vanilla Bae's outfits, clicking on them gives the option (if the wearer has chosen that) to allow that portion to be removed. So the cups over the breasts go from mesh-covered fabric to just mesh, for example.

With that much of the outfit being transparent mesh, and not just a texture overlaid on a solid mesh panel, yeah, the complexity would go through the roof. But by the same extension, any details on the body beneath wouldn't be hidden by the clashing that sometimes happens between transparent textures on mesh, and, say, tattoo or clothing layers worn via appliers on the mesh body underneath. An outfit like this, I know my tattoo (tattoo-layer applier) and my, ah, nether details? Let's say that (also tattoo-layer applier) will be preserved as I'd see them on myself, nude. Sometimes, that's a good thing. (Though I have become used to seeing the back tattoo go invisible when I wear lingerie.)
[23:22] Dxxxxxx Dxxxxxx: complexity only affects people running toasters potatoes and tomatoe computers i regularly see people in the high 6 digits low 7 and i have no issues and complexity has absolutely nothing to do with sim lag
Snarky li'l muffin, aren't you? Step aside, this isn't your fight. Also, not everyone a computer the size of the planet to work with.
[23:22] Sxxxxx Rxxxxxx: [Bxxxxx] no need for that.
Never was, but she doesn't care. And she's not done bitching about it.
[23:22] Bxxxxx Wxxxxxxxx: But over 300K complexity...Afwul lagmaker
See? She can't just let this go and take the advice of folks who are telling her--in group chat and in private IMs--to take this to notecard.
[23:22] Emilly Orr: Even barring the alpha layers for a mesh body, any transparency in mesh ups the complexities.
[23:22] nxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: It is also for sale [Sxxxxx], so there are demos available.
[23:22] Txxxxx Mxxxxx: ok no need to be rude about this just contact vanill and it will be sorted...
[23:23] Bxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxx: Gonna trash that complexity monster ! Its absolutely too high to be used ! Sadly , because its damn sexy !!
[23:23] Bxxxxx Mxxxxxxx: She already said she'd fix it in the next two weeks. How about saying thank you and moving on :D
[23:23] Sxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Yes please in the future please send a notecard of suggestions.
[23:23] Emilly Orr: That would be helpful, yes.
All of that, yes.
[23:23] Sxxxxx Rxxxxxx: as example i wear now the Rayna Bodysuit with heels : 38.000 complexity
[23:23] Mxxxxxxx Bxxxxxxxx: Nah complexity effects everyone your computer can only handle so much even if your computers really good TBF. That said complexity has never been particularly accurate in it's numbers....
[23:23] Bxxxxx Mxxxxxxx: and if you are going to photograph it use the original it photographs gorgeously
[23:24] Sxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: good idea, [Sxx]
[23:25] Dxxxxxx Dxxxxxx: i dont use a viewer thats misbuilt and kills itself if the complexity is to high V3 only Blobs high complexity to a bug thats inherent and cannot be fixed.. i have absolutely no issues in my sim of 80+ avis all in the 400k's ..
Yes, you're perfect and your computer can calculate universal time in 75 billion figures. Shut up, that's not the point.
[23:25] Cxxxxx Pxxxx: complexity doesn't affect me, I have it set at a certain number, higher than that and you are a jelly doll.
[23:25] Bxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxx: Which is too hight , tbh !!
Let it go.
 [23:26] Cxxxxx Pxxxx: so I wouldn't see that pretty outfit
Well, not necessarily true. Say I have my complexity set at 45K (which I do at the moment, because I'm having computer issues.) This means I see, on average, about one avatar out of every thirty, these days. But, it is then my choice at any time to rez those cut-out figures in. Right-click } More } More } Render } Fully is the command chain for Firestorm, for instance. So would Miss C see the outfit right off the bat, if she had display complexity set as low as mine? Probably not. But could she choose to rez that avatar in and see it that way? Absolutely.

[23:26] Axxxxx Mxxxxxx: Everyone forgets, complexity only affects a viewer and not a sim. If the complexity is higher than your pc can handle then you turn down what is viewed or other people also have their complexity setting adjusted and the world moves on.
[23:26] Bxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxx: pretty yes,but not even useable with soo high complexity
[23:26] Txxxxx Mxxxxx: moving on.......
[23:26] Bxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxx: trashed it anyways
Great, can we be done then? Move on. Holy gods, you're like a snapping turtle with a broom handle.
[23:26] Bxxxxx Mxxxxxxx: She already said she would fix it, can you please move on
Yes, exactly. Thankfully, conversation drifted at that point, but a few moments later there was this:
[23:28] vxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [Bxxxxx], you asked me not to msg you in IM, I have asked you in the past to remain civil in group and not swear and you have yelled at me for providing you simple information. If you need help, please send a NC, the group is not to swear and complain in, we have customer support for issues. Have a great day.
So, great, Miss B's 'idiot' all the time then? Because what level of mental deficient screams about not getting what she wants, and then asks the people who could solve her issue NOT TO TALK TO HER??!? Wonderful...

[23:28] cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Anyone have a picture of this high complexity suit? I need an excuse to blow more money. :D
See above.
[23:28] Bxxxxx Mxxxxxxx: it's in the lucky letter boards
Also that.
[23:38] Bxxxxx Mxxxxxxx: is that body suit available in other colors or just the green? It's stunning and I want other colors lol [23:38] vxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Thank you hun, its available in all of our 21 colors for sale in the mainstore :)
[23:42] Vanill A Honi (hopey.honi): For all others, the Cece Bodysuit will be updated at some point being texture net instead of mesh net
[23:42] vxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Honestly mesh net is super pretty
[23:42] Vanill A Honi (hopey.honi): I´ll have both versions for you in the pack so if you want to use mesh net for pics you can. Just saying
[23:42] Bxxxxx Mxxxxxxx: oh phew lol
[23:44] Lxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I like the mesh net. You did well with it and we don't have to worry about layers disappearing with it!
[23:44] Vanill A Honi (hopey.honi): Thank you LostToy
[23:45] vxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Yep for tats its perfect
[23:45] Emilly Orr: That is the best reason to use mesh net. Those of us who have permanent tattoos.
[23:46] sxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: haha i guess most of us can agree that mesh net is sexier ;) haha
Can be, sure. Until the original comes back with the new 'texture only' fix, I won't know what that actually looks like, but in the meantime, I think I'm going to be paying more attention to the lucky boards at Vanilla Bae, and see if I can win a copy of the CeCe. I'd love to know if Miss B's utter raving lunacy was based on anything with any logical tilt whatsoever, or if she was just having a bad day and decided to scream at everyone for no reason. Time will tell.

Monday, June 25, 2018

and all this science I don't understand

Wish I could remember more than this, but it was a fantasy shopping event. I remember there were windmills on the same sim...

But as for who ran it, what the theme was? Can't recall in the slightest. Several years ago and I think this is the only picture I took that survived in the archives.

Still. Pretty concept. Night lights...literally.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

stop stalling, make a name for yourself

Sometimes, I take pictures because I can't believe how bad the avatar I'm seeing is. Sometimes, I take pictures because I've caught someone else shopping naked, and it's not just their mesh not rezzing in. And sometimes, I take pictures of pretty.

This is one of those.

I wish I knew who makes this avatar. I'm sure her base shape has much to do with it, but the shade, the shape, the glasses...she's adorable.

There's some angular action around the hips, which honestly may be less the mesh or underlying shape, and more my settings at the time--I tend to wander on shopping days with my graphics set very low.

But it's very well done. Kudos to this lady, whomever she may be. Great look.

Friday, June 22, 2018

I'd like to be under the sea, in an octopus' garden in the shade

Again, I don't remember what event I was on, though I'd be willing to bet it was something related to SLRFL, considering the vendor that can barely be made out in the lower right corner below:

That vendor, btw? In the uncropped version, it says "2012", so that also gives us a date.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

I got a brand new chimney made on top, made out of a human skull

I'm just getting depressed doing this. I'll make this one march.

Oooh, no. This is BusenuR's "BK Rigged Mesh Head & Skin & Eyelashes Mesh". I'm just trying on the head. Moving on.

This is Akeruka's "Hanna" mesh head. Next.

GA.EG's "Adriana" mesh head. Next.

And this is "Barbara" from the same maker...

...and this is "Jennifer"...

...and this is "Kirsten". Cue aggrieved sigh. I don't think I can work with any of them.