Wednesday, September 19, 2018

I thought it felt right but that right was wrong

Okay, this next one worries me. We're going to oRgAsMs Adult Free Sex Lounge, Porn Cinema, Strip and Dance Club. Why are we going there? Because of this:
Full Sim Haunted House of Horror [F*ck] Suck Gangbang Mature Whore Bimbo Escort Stripper [P*ssy] Glory Hole [C*m] Slut Restroom Group Orgy RLV BDSM Freelance Escorts Strippers Dancer Voice Voyeur Swingers Yiff WebCam Nude Beach Shemale Cougars Cuck BBC XXX AFK
Ooookay. I feel like I should change into armor, but...let's go see their haunted house.

I landed in a mass heap of people in a big open skybox. I can't even throw up a picture, too many people were naked. This is not an auspicious start.

They were also playing strange, double-voiced porn in the background, or...a couple of someones were having a lot of public fun. Not impressed either way. And their rules list is long, like, insanely, annoyingly long enough, I stopped reading halfway through, and I consistently read ToS and EULA notices!

I'm just looking for the haunt, that's all I want, people, I don't want to join ten thousand groups, I don't want to escort here, I don't want to sleep with anyone, I just want the haunt...

Okay, finally tracked down the haunt. It's actually over to the side of the main beam-in point. Whatever, let's go.

Man, this thing is overbuilt.

And...I can't figure out a way to get through the big "ENTER HERE" barrier at the entrance, so you know what? No. Forget this. Too much frustration for far too little reward. It's not happening.

Maybe they're just opening later, but at this point, I really don't care. I'm done.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

you've gotta get up and try

Wait, the Halloween Haunted House people mentioned they had two haunts.

So let's go through the second one, I don't think I did that before.

The entryway is lovely.

There's also a fun bit from the welcome mat:
[12:04] susans matt whispers: Please take a moment to observe our Rules: 1. No Weapons, 2. No Particles or Poofers, 3. No Pushing, 4. Have fun!
I think I can agree to these rules.

And there's an excellent case for prim-saving in the living room of the house--that back bookcase is just a texture, and it's OBVIOUS that it's just a texture, but it does tell us there's a built-in, floor-to-ceiling bookcase there, and visually, we're content with that. Not everything needs to be the latest interactive clickable mesh whatever with haunts. Hints, implications, and plain textures over high-prim details--those still work very well.

The kitchen is similar to the first house, though...all those white cabinets make it look far, far too clean. Still, it gets the idea across. Sadly, the tray of candy apples and haunted ice creams do not give any items to carry about. Aww.

And I know this is just me, but...the plastic-wrapped body in the corner of the kitchen just put me in mind of the Robert Helpmann dead body videos. But maybe that's just me.

That is an insanely large Ouija board.

Seance room upstairs on the left...

And a lovely little daybed in the room on the right.

All in all, a nice little house. So, at the end of the day, what we have are two houses with similarities, but enough differences to be interesting, some good places to sit and take photos, and a place to pick a pumpkin or bob for apples outside. No huge sound effects, no jump scares, just a good time in a couple of haunts.

Monday, September 17, 2018

but I want to be played by the unseen hand

How about we go to the Halloween Haunted House in Coulours today? Their blurb:
"Halloween is 365 days for me :) We have Seance,Tarot Card tables, and Ouija Boards. Get your free pumpkin and candy at the you pick it pumpkin patch. We have 2 haunted houses! Come on over and hang out or Bob for apples :)"
Okay. Let's go see.

Wasn't I here last year?

I'm sure I was.

This is interesting, though.

I made a .gif to show the movement, it's fun to watch live.

I don't think I found the kitchen the last time, though.

Simple seance room upstairs...

...and a coffin bed for two. Okay. Pretty simple haunt, but not a terrible one!

Sunday, September 16, 2018

cozy place, but the streets await

How about Tantara's "Sixx Halloween Dungeon? Though their press blurb is...odd:
Pumpkin, Zombie, Spooky / Tree, Gifts, Snow, Candles Skin, Cross, Kostum, Hat / Nikolaus, Cards, Clothing Camp Fire, Freebies, Blood / Crackers, Freebies, Santa"

It's on an Adult sim, so I'm prepared for hijinks.

Okay, am I wrong here? This seems to be just a shop. I mean, it seems to be a fun shop, lots of different costume options, which is yay, I've had to delete a lot of my system-layer costumes, but...where's the haunt?

Okay then! We move on!

How about "St. Thaddeus' Monastery at Tethys River? Their blurb is more descriptive:
Explore the haunted monastery's mysteries, find hidden treasure and Halloween spooky interactions, make magic potions to take home, ride the rapids Join SL Public Land Preserve for $5. Pray to St. Jude for lost causes. Medals, candles, flaming skulls."
Okay! Off we go!

There's a cauldron that will give one potions, if one adds ingredients in the right order...but there are not descriptions on what that right order is. I guess, alchemist beware?

Ugh, mainland. It's scary enough without anything else.

Unfortunately, past the cauldron and a little graveyard--and a climb up a LONG set of stairs to a little stand for St. Thaddeus--there's just not a lot of 'there', there.

We move on again! This time to the House of Soiree in Saroka. Their blurb:
"witchcraft, witch, creepy, halloween, photos, victorian, vintage, horror, lovecraft, haunted, house, photography, roleplay, magick, shoppe, store, witchy, gacha"
Oookay. Let's see what they've got.

Well, at least it looks good to start.

Again, seems to be mostly a shop. But a pretty one.

There's not a lot of 'here', here, either, so I guess three for three, no great showings for haunts. I'll try again tomorrow.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

I stood next to the tracks, just to feel something pushing back

Have I been to Spooky Interactive Haunted House before? It looks...familiar...

The press blurb is no help:
Fun interactive haunted house haunted mansion Halloween costumes horror scary ghosts spirits haunting spooky creepy pumpkins graveyard tarot seance ouija board cemetery bats grave evil zombie fun house maze laboratory free costumes
Because how often do these descriptions sound like that?

Ah, well. Let's go see.

This really looks so familiar. I have definitely been here before. I just don't remember a haunted house in Solo.

Yep--I had to go back two years into the haunt archives to track down where. Apparently they've moved sims, so they have changed the location, but--at least for the exterior and the two lower rooms, nothing else. I don't see a reason to explore the upstairs, do you? If you want to see more of what's probably back out in the house, look over the old entry. I sincerely doubt there have been updates.

Friday, September 14, 2018

tearing through each doubt and sin, the train was an iron wind

Welcome to the Universal Temple and Haunted Catacombs. It's apparently a ride?

And it killed me right off. Great.

So, it is literally a log ride--like, an old-school, prims-only, log ride, running water and all. The vintage aesthetic is key, yo.

Full-bright zombie thing, flat prim, mounted on the wall--I admit to being somewhat let down, until it screamed "RELEASE THE KRAKEN!". And then...

The Kraken was released! And this is a big, roaring follower--not physical, it didn't knock me out of the log, but it followed me through at least two rooms and one tunnel passageway with reverberating roars and tentacle attacks. I don't do mouselook well, and the ride advises you press to start then hit mouselook, so I'm not seeing what people in mouselook probably see. It was unnerving enough in regular vision!

Most of the rooms have a similar feel--turn around a corner, the log bumping gently against the walls, then proceed into a long corridor of water, with effects and monsters on either side of the channel.

Yeah, so...arachnophobes, be on notice: there are two big spider moments. This is one; there's another.

And then I was lit on fire.

And then there were snakes!

I'm leaving some things out, mainly because it's actually a really fun ride that I highly encourage any lover of haunts to go visit. Yeah, it's definitely just prims, no mesh, it's all old-school,'s good old school. And while some of the sound effects loop, not as many of them as I expected loop, and they tend to cut off when the log is past their area of effect. All in all, full marks. The only issue I had is not really knowing (due to not being in mouselook) when the ride ended, but I eventually figured out I had been dumped out of the log, so I hopped up on the walkway and walked back upstairs.
I didn't check out the Universal Temple; I may go back and do that just to see what it is, as well.

Oh, another note, for those interested in holding onto someone while the scary things happen: each log sits two. So bring a friend if you're nervous about riding alone!

Thursday, September 13, 2018

to sync our different pulses into a blinding light

This leads to a defiantly NSFW link, but it's also depressing to see. It's not just an entire store full of copyright-infringing designs from other games, but to then take those copyright-infringing designs--at least one of them on someone underage--and specifically offer them nudes? That's tacky, at the least, illegal at the worst.

Also, the store states these are fully rigged avatars, but...considering they're all lifted properties, I do not have faith in that statement. This could easily be a fly-by-night venture that's going to fold up and disappear after accruing funds from the gullible.

Meanwhile, Safybelle's "Jessy" head has updated to version 3, so I'm trying it again.

Out of the box it looks better than the previous version. But does it adjust?

Well, at least a little. I also discovered there's an eye hud. I like my green better, but still, that they have other eye options built in to the head, that's really good. There's also an option to turn the onboard eyes off, so we can wear our own.

The "emotion" hud included--it's a Bento head--is kind of nightmare fuel, but that could simply be me being more accustomed to the generally static heads of SL-before-Bento. I'm not sure yet.

I'm holding onto this one for a while, though, see if I can play with the figures a bit, get it looking...well, more like me. If possible.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

we’ll catch a fox and put him in a box, and then we’ll let him go

It's been something of a wasted week. Some RL issues dragging me down--it's all physical, plus the household is sick, so it's not emotional stress. But today, everything kind of came to a head.

After rising far too late for my normal time slot, I realized I still had that...itch from yesterday. The drive to track down a haunted house and go through it. I think August was so terrible, I just want to rush through September and get to October already.

But the reason doesn't matter. I need some haunting in my life. So we'll start...

I can't remember if I've covered Blood Island's haunt before; I do know that the blurb on their profile sounds...oddly familiar:
"Inspired by gothic horror, classic Hollywood monster movies, and a desire to explore the hidden erotic side of those stuffy Victorians - the sim features Dracula, Frankenstein, a haunted house, asylum, a city, and more. Lavish, sexy, and very photogenic."
It's also on an Adult sim, just so everyone's aware.

But okay. Let's go see.

I went through Castle Dracula first. There's a side...lounge? Bar area? Just past the formal parlor, with a very fetching Blood Doll who serves blood fresh from the vein. Intriguing, if slightly grisly, hospitality. I hope they're keeping her iron levels up.

As I wandered the rest of the house, hot, fresh glass of blood in hand to sip from, I realized this isn't a typical haunt in the regular sense. And by that I mean, there's no trilling violin swells, there's no spooky screams (though in the Asylum, there are patients moaning), there's nothing that leaps out at us to make us jump and gasp. It's more Addams Family than Saw, is what I'm saying.

There are some hidden doors; I won't ruin what's inside save one caution: be careful in the basement. Things get slightly...explosive...down there.

I only covered two parts of this haunt: Dracula's Castle, which was thoroughly enjoyable, and the Asylum. There are more. I intend to wander and see it all, later on.

The Asylum I've seen before, and by that, I mean the build, the structure itself. It's not a perfect haunt template, though it does communicate, and rather perfectly, abandoned hospitals, abandoned asylums, abandoned medical facilities. So in that sense, it's a good build to choose. It's just not as expansive, due to layout--there just aren't a lot of rooms to haunt, per se.

All in all, these are two lovely places to wander. The landscaping is perfectly seasonal, there are some really impressive views, a few nicely appointed places to sit and snap photos, and...for the more exhibitionistic...some opportunities to shock anyone else wandering through. Still, though, it's very well done, full marks for atmosphere and melancholy. I will definitely return.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

how do you fit all that, in them jeans?

Enter the fetish doll:

Wow. While it is a skin shop, and people have stripped off to see all of the skin when they try on demos, it's still rare for someone to walk in who's basically undressed while still clothed. I'm still not sure all the 'censored' bars are covering everything.

And...listen, this isn't a race thing, a class thing, I don't care, personally. This is more a..."your proportions are WRONG" thing. And I'm not talking about the ass the size of Texas. Or really the Overfilleds with the enhanced nipples. I'm mostly talking, as usual, about feet and hands. Those ankles would snap like the twigs they are if this person was actually walking around RL.

Like Mikel Ruffinelli, for example. She's been measured as literally having eight-foot-around hips. But look at her ankles. Look at her hands. They may not be completely proportional to "dat ass", but they are in proportion to the rest of her body. Those ankles, those hands, they look like they belong with the rest of her.

Miss Fetish? It's all wrong. Hands are too tiny, ankles are skinny twigs, the proportions are completely off. It's visually unsettling. Bulk the ankles up a bit so they don't look like a single step in those heels will fracture them. Something.

Or let's take another example, that of Eudoxie Yao. Her wrists and her ankles fit her body. Is her ass kind of dwarfing the rest of her? Sure. But she, as a whole, fits visually.

The least we can do in SL is, if we're going for human proportions, to remember that humans have proportional frames. Sure, bump the boobs up, bump the ass up, if that's your thing--go wild. Miss Fetish clearly did. But remember that humans are basically proportional. That's all.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

no bridled horse can stand him, or any of his kind

Whoa, things got deep in one of my group chats. I don't know where it started, but this was what I logged in to see:
[21:21] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: im not a follower of the faith but when i was i was lutheran. Meaning other than being a christian it was custom to correct other christians on their belife xD
"Belief". But carry on.
[21:22] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Jesus is not god
[21:22] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Otherwise it would not be the holy trinity
There are some differing interpretations, but generally, you're correct.
[21:22] gxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: it's always funny to observe christians arguing over that stuff, seeing protistants and catholics kill eachother with tomato soup
[21:23] Emilly Orr: Tomato soup?
[21:23] gxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: it's a joke for church food, im far from christian, but the church has good food after church
[21:24] Emilly Orr: I hadn't heard that one before. Neat.
[21:24] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Christians believe in weekly ritual canabalism!
"Cannibalism". And your point?
[21:24] gxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: "you must eat raw veal in becoming a man!"
[21:25] mxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: not all christians believe the same thing
[21:25] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hence why its flawed
[21:25] mxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: well yea
[21:25] Emilly Orr: Consuming raw veal has its hazards.
[21:25] mxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: and all religions have some basis in truth, you just have to figure out what is true and what is lies
[21:26] gxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i can respect people who believe it as a moral ground for caring for your family and neighbors and all, it's the ones who go crazy towards anything that they feel is a threat to their view
[21:26] Emilly Orr nods.
[21:26] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Thats called Cherry picking
[21:26] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Show me where Christianity has a weekly practice of cannibalism.
[21:26] Emilly Orr: To both of those. Zealotry, in any faith, should be avoided.
[21:26] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: You must eat the flesh and drink the blood of christ.
[21:26] Emilly Orr: Well, it's technically Catholicism, [Rxxxx].
[21:27] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Sounds like cannabalism to me
[21:27] mxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: aka crackers and whine
[21:27] Emilly Orr grins
Old joke, still funny.
[21:27] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: That is not weekly and it's not cannibalism it's symbolism.
How is it not weekly? When I was (briefly) Catholic, every Sunday Communion would be offered. Every Sunday, I'd take Communion. Do other Catholic churches not do that every Sunday?
[21:27] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i mean all we're missing is the cheese and it wouldn't be church it would be a social gathering
[21:27] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Jesus said, take of this BREAD and eat for it represents my body.
[21:27] Emilly Orr: It's transubstantiation.
[21:28] mxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: if it was human flesh and blood then it would be cannibalism
That's why it's transubstantiation. Technical definition:
Transubstantiation (Latin: transsubstantiatio; Greek: μετουσίωσις metousiosis) is, according to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, the change of substance or essence by which the bread and wine offered in the sacrifice of the sacrament of the Eucharist during the Mass, become, in reality, the body and blood of Jesus Christ.
Semi-officially. I mean, as official as Wikipedia gets.
[21:28] Emilly Orr: While symbolic, technically it is considered consuming God. So to speak.
[21:28] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: And the WINE represented His blood.
[21:28] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Are you a god?
[21:28] mxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: who isnt a god anymoer?
[21:28] gxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: or v8 if you had to go to a protistant church for awanas when you were a kid
[21:28] Cxxx Lxxxxxxxx: It was a metaphor for the sacrifice.
[21:28] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: considering we all have the power to create i would say we're all gods.
[21:28] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Correct [Cxxx].
[21:28] dxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: This is sl, so no big deal, but your interpretation of Catholicism is incorrect
[21:29] dxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: it is not symbolism
[21:29] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: we should change the subject before this get too heated
[21:29] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: It IS symbolism it's NOT cannibalism.
There's a few different answers to this one. Have two.
[21:30] dxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: it is not symbolism - in Christian religions it is symbolism - in Catholicism it is not
[21:30] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: People are idiots and will believe whatever they read on FakeBook.
[21:30] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: So Chatholics don't take Communion?
[21:31] dxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Catholics do have communion - but Catholics believe in what is called transubstantiation
[21:31] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Right where one thing takes the place of another.
[21:31] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: That is symbolism.
[21:32] dxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Transubstantiation means it changes into the body and blood of Jesus Christ for real - not just symbolism
[21:32] dxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: That is a main difference between Lutherans and Catholics
[21:32] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: And this is why the Catholic church is the biggest scam ever. haha
[21:32] dxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: now one could argue it is a Spiritual reality and not a Physical reality
[21:32] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: A man that protects other men that touch little boys and girls.
[21:33] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Yeah that has Godly written all over it, am I right?
[21:33] dxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: that transubstation occurs only in a spiritual universt
"Transubstantiation". And "universe".
[21:33] dxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: but it is still a reality
[21:33] dxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: not symbolism
[21:34] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Then you are even further deluded because nowhere in the Bible does it say that it becomes the actual blood and flesh.
It alludes to it, but you're right, it never outright says. The difference with Catholicism, versus many other Judaic-based faiths, is that Catholics do take it literally, and have made it part of weekly practice.
[21:34] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: They are only used as a medium to represent each.
[21:35] dxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [Rxxxx], see another difference between Catholicism and Christians - Catholicism is not a faith that is Bible dependent
[21:35] dxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: it is a faith of Authority
[21:35] gxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: the problem is many seek material rather than find it within themself, that is the problem I sense a lot of christians face
[21:35] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Right of MEN.
[21:35] dxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: if the Pope and the Cardinals say something - it is true
Well, if the Pope and the Cardinals say something, it's supposed to be true. It is not absolute, capitol-T, Truth. Very little is.
[21:35] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: It's not a religion of God. haha
[21:35] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [Bullsh*t].
[21:35] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: They are men and you are brainwashed.
[21:35] Emilly Orr: Or supposed to be. The Pope talks to God, is the theory, and he tells people what God said.
[21:36] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: They are not godd.
[21:36] dxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: That may be [Rxxxx] - but it is still the facts
[21:36] dxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: the facts are the facts
[21:36] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: No it is the farce.
[21:36] dxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: they may be untrue but they are still the principles of faith
You've answered your own question. Faith is not fact.
[21:36] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Faith is not fact based idiot.
Right, that.
[21:36] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: So if you believe that it's ALL ON YOU.
[21:37] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: That is what they TEACH but that is not a fact.
[21:37] dxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [Rxxxx] - but what they teach is a fact
To Catholics? Maybe. To everyone else? No.
[21:37] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: It is not.
[21:37] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: The pope does not speak for God.
[21:37] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: The Pope speaks for the Church.
[21:37] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: To spread THEIR will not God's.
[21:38] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: The dark ages were a DIRECT result of that [bullsh*t].
Pretty much.
[21:38] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: So much knowledge suppressed because "god" said it was unholy.
[21:38] Emilly Orr: Partially. The rest was the Church restricting literacy to the priests, and the nobles they couldn't repress.
[21:39] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: And it all came from man.
[21:39] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: And the Vatican continues to sit on knowledge.
And likely always will. They like knowing things the 'common folk' don't.
[21:39] Emilly Orr: Well, in the largest sense, everything came from man. Everything was written down by someone.
[21:39] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Ahh, but the Bible is from the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Catholic Faith has no such lineage.
The Bible is actually from a lot of disparate sources, not just the Dead Sea scrolls.
[21:40] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: It is ALL made up by men.
Everything is.
[21:40] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: A lot of faiths changed when the scrolls were found to support the Bible.
[21:41] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Only the ones with the absolute control, didn't change.
[21:41] Emilly Orr: The Essenes wrote the Dead Sea scrolls, near as we can figure
[21:42] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Yes but they are a SEPARATE source that confirms a lot of what was in the Bible. That is why they were so important.
[21:43] Emilly Orr: The Bible had many sources.
[21:43] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: No duh.
[21:43] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: It is a compendium of many books.
[21:44] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Which is why the scrolls containing a lot of the same information was so crucial.
[21:45] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: The Catholic church sprung up from that and went their own way saying that you couldn't talk to God yourself and had to go through a priest.
[21:45] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Which was why Jesus was sent in the first place.
[21:46] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: To be the ULTIMATE perfect sacrifice so man could talk DIRECTLY to God.
Talking to God is hard?
[21:46] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: you cannot sacrifice your self to yourself
It's an interesting philosophical point, isn't it?
[21:46] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: He wasn't himself. He was the Son.
[21:47] gxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: that's how you become a ghost trapped in purgatory
[21:47] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: so your saying jesus is god? or you saying they're seperate?
[21:47] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: They are separate parts of the One. God the Father, God the Son and The Holy Ghost.
[21:48] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: The Holy trinity as people call it, even though it's never called that in the Bible.
No, that was purely a Catholic invention.
[21:48] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i would highly suggest watching Aron Ra on youtube
Eh, I like Logicked and the Armoured Skeptic better, and Professor Stick's pretty good, too, though his focus is mainly medical skepticism. But he's got value, and a bit of status, as one of the first skeptic accounts on YouTube.
[21:48] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: on that note im done talking about it.
[21:48] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I'm sorry, if a YouTube channel is your source of info you need to go read some books.
[21:49] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Start with the Bible.
[21:50] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: sorry for not believing in your religion. i find it flawed and pointless. May Odin watch over you.
[21:50] Emilly Orr: If the Bible is your only source of information, then it's going to be inconsistent.
[21:50] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: It's not, go back and read what I typed. I said "books" and said "start with the Bible".
[21:51] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: After that go read Josephus.
[21:51] Emilly Orr: Fair enough.
[21:51] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: agreed. im putting this chat on mute for a few hours.
[21:51] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Ya'll started it.
[21:51] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I just presented a view contrary to yours and backed it with logic instead of [bullsh*t].
[21:51] gxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: what have i done. . . .
[21:52] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: the bible. Loaded with inconsistent falasies. and you call it logic! this is why im annoyed
[21:53] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: And yet you tout the Catholic Church with all it's baby touching homos?
"Its". And ouch. And also, not accurate--most pedophiles, while they can have gender preferences, they aren't thinking same or opposite sex as much as they are thinking "child who cannot fight back".
[21:53] mxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: and closing chat
[21:53] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Yeah that is a valid stance.
And I decided yeah, that sounded like a good option, too.

Monday, September 3, 2018

I've sailed a sea of stars, and run the vessels aground

We're back with Altamura:

This is "Sarah". And we start out with nope.

This is Altamura's "Stephany". Someone, please, tell me the point of a mesh head that cannot be adjusted?

Angel Rock's "Amber" seemed to have some problems rezzing in. And also could not be adjusted.

Raven Bell's "BJD Jessie" head also did not want to rez in properly. The other heads did not have this problem. Next.

This is Caro B's "Emily" head,'s not bad, but the notecard that comes with it listing off the features of the full version says the ears are modify.

Just. The ears. ONLY. The ears.

Cue resigned sigh. We move on.

Corvus apparently is making mesh heads now, and this is their "Liana" head. And it took forever to rez in, to the point where I finally just snapped a shot of the unrezzed mess it remained after ten solid minutes. Never mind, we're moving on.

I tried the "Nahara" in Fair/Dusk from Corvus, but after another ten minutes of impatient waiting, that was the best I got. So Corvus is out for mesh heads.

Next up, Lightstar.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

oh, forget the lies you heard

Once again, we plunge back into the wide world of mesh head madness...

This is Up Against the Wall's "Delta" head. And nope. Moving on.

Hmm. Up Against the Wall's "Nabiki" mesh head. And...maybe. This potentially has potential.

...Nope, never mind. Head won't change, not one iota. Next.

And Up Against the Wall's "Sara" mesh head. Not even going to try. Next.

This is the "Jenny" head from Altamura. Not even, we are moving on RIGHT away.

Okay. This is the "Aggie" head from Altamura. Will it shift at all?

Well...sort of. I can change the chin, the head size, and...yeah, the chin and head size. Okay, we move on.

And this is Altamura's "Francy" mesh head...or, well, no, this is me waiting for the head to rez in. Sorry.

This is Altamura's "Francy" mesh head, and...yeah, again, moving on.

I'm never going to find a mesh head.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

I got a music in my head from long, long, ago and far, far away

This is...this is so weird. I'm not even sure if the pictures adequately explain how weird this is.

So, I'm not entirely sure the main issue is going to be obvious, here, but in the second picture, you'll really see what I mean. Her floating.

Seriously. Look at that. She's got a system body, but a mesh head, and mesh hair. If you're going to spend the Lindens for a mesh head, why not just get a mesh body, too? I don't get it. And why, WHY would you not adjust your new mesh head afterwards? The extraordinary mismatch between head skin tone and body skin tone is almost nothing compared to FLOATING DETACHED HEAD.

It's so unnerving, and then I cammed behind her, and...she's wearing a mesh set of panties (and the bra, too, though it's harder to tell from this angle) that is just the utter wrong size. What the hell is going on??

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

their hidden laws condemn him, they’re so rigid and refined (part three)

So, we were still talking about spiders, right?
[12:03] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx:
[12:03] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: There are only 2 types of spiders that cause any kind of serious health risk. Most others will not even bother you unless you are allergic to bee stings.
[12:04] Mxxx Gxxxxxxxx: I haven't actually bought slink-only shoes in a long time (99% of my shoes are KC, honestly), but my memory is that Maitreya's feet fit slink shoes
When the Maitreya body first came out, shoes and fingernails fit from Slink. It was awesome and it gave Maitreya owners a reason to buy things from Slink, so win-win. But Slink got huffy, and changed the coding on their feet, so that no longer works. Now only Maitreya shoes will fit Maitreya feet. The only exception is on some boots, where we're just removing the feet from view anyway, so it doesn't matter that they don't fit.
[12:04] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: there are a few spiders that are highly venomous....
[12:04] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: in australia we have a lot of spiders
[12:04] Kxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: a tiger IS dangerous. You have to be careful with all wildlife animals, no matter how tame they are.
[12:04] Mxxx Gxxxxxxxx: ...let's be honest, in Australia the teapots are probably venemous
[12:04] Kxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: hahaha LOL [Mxxx]
[12:04] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol
[12:04] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yes!! [mxxx] just yes!!
Now I really want to track down art of a venomous teapot.
[12:05] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: First of all, ALL spiders are venomous., actually, no, they're not. Where'd you get the idea that they were? That's like saying all snakes are venomous, and that's not true either.
[12:05] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: most aussies i think are not drinking tea
[12:05] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: how have aussies survived where everything is made to kill you
[12:05] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: But only a few are deadly to humans.
[12:05] Mxxx Gxxxxxxxx: Right, because they're afraid of losing a finger because their teapot stung them
[12:05] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: haha
[12:05] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: aussies are not usually scared of creepie crawlies we have them everywhere
Hard to effectively be afraid of something that's ever-present. It gets tiring. Eventually we adapt and accept.
[12:06] Lxxxxx Lxxxxxx: nasty eewwww runs bobbi pins flying in all directions
[12:06] Mxxx Gxxxxxxxx: Touche, it's hard to be scared when everything is scary
[12:06] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i like animals. i like studying them
[12:06] Axxxxx Rxxxxxxx: List of australian Animals that wont try to kill you: Some of the sheep...
Unless you get Q fever, Campylobacter poisoning, or Hydatid disease, among others.
[12:06] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ive killed hundreds of redback spiders over the years usually i wouldnt kill a spider but i had children and they were very venomous
[12:06] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: your snakes are bad too aren't they?
[12:07] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yes we call the snake catcher
[12:07] wxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: snakes are gorgeous
[12:07] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: People seem to think that spiders actively hunt people.
[12:07] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yes they are
[12:07] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i had a pet albino boa when i was a kid
[12:07] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: she was beautiful
[12:07] wxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i have a python that likes my purses
[12:07] Mxxx Gxxxxxxxx: I actually get spider bites all the time. Just a desert thing. We do have black widows around here though, so I'm kinda hoping that one of those nocturnal spider kisses isn't one of those
[12:07] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: the king brown is one that is very common and if u live near the bushland or creeks like i do you have to always watch your step outside and keep the doors always shut to the house
[12:08] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: they are hibernating at the moment
[12:08] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: good ole winter in aussie land
[12:09] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ya we have the coldest time right now but spring is coming soon in two weeks
[12:09] Mxxx Gxxxxxxxx: Guh, that means we get fall in two weeks. I can't wait, I'm tired of melting
[12:10] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: technically in australia spring starts september 1 but in other time zones the seasons change mid month
[12:10] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: it is always funny when i watch youtube videos from Australia and the people are wearing coats, and i am sitting here dying of heat and humidity
Separate hemispheres. It throws us.
[12:10] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ya we really dont need coats we put them on when its like 18 degrees celcius
[12:10] Mxxx Gxxxxxxxx: I wanna travel back in time to the days when summers didn't always hit 45c
[12:10] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: it was like 7 degrees c yesterday i was frozen to death
[12:11] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: oh my gawd
[12:11] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: but we get to over 40 degrees c in summer always
[12:12] Mxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Down here in Australia, the poisonous snakes kill the poisonous poison spiders, the killer jellyfish kill the sharks, the crocs kill the sharks, that only leaves the rest of the deadly things to kill us humans lol
[12:12] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: you have the blue ringed octopus that is like the size of a dinner roll and could kill you so quickly
[12:12] Mxxx Gxxxxxxxx: Right, but it'd be so cute doing it
[12:13] Mxxx Gxxxxxxxx: Who's a squishy little death roll? YOU are!
To be fair, this is the blue-ringed octopus, for those who may not know. Cute, right?
[12:13] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lmfao
[12:13] sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol!
[12:13] Mxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: that's true, [Sxxxx], I left out lots lol
[12:13] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hehe [mxxxx]
[12:13] Kxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: I am getting freaked out just hearing of all these animals you are talking about. In Spain as long as you dont go near the bulls in Feria you are fine.
[12:14] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: most aussies are not silly enough to go swimming in north queensland
[12:14] Kxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: I cant think of a single poisonous animal here.
[12:14] Mxxx Gxxxxxxxx: We definitely hit over 40 here as long as I can remember. Like I'm not gonna pretend I don't hit triple digits
during the summer. But 45 And really really gross. It's the sort of thing where you open the door and you're just like "nope"
[12:14] Mxxx Gxxxxxxxxx: Unless, heaven forbid, you actually HAVE to go outside on those days. (Also, chat lag so if this message gets delivered before my next one just swap em and it'll make more sense)
[12:15] sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: well you have cats.....sure, they're cute and fluffy, but they're up to something
[12:15] Mxxx Gxxxxxxxx: Decimating the local ecology, you mean?
[12:15] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: new zealand doesnt have snakes but they have killer bees volcanos lots of earthquakes i think im happy here in oz
[12:15] Mxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I have never known anyone hurt be anything poisonous in my life so it's not too dangerous down here on the bottom of the planet :)
[12:15] Kxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: Oh, I just thought, do mosquitoes count? I am having allergic reactions to them and they are criminal.
[12:15] Mxxx Gxxxxxxxx: Like, I love my cats but they have been probably the single worst ecological disaster in human history short of climate change
Depends on where they are, but yeah, overall, outdoor cats kill a ton of local small wildlife.
[12:16] Mxxx Gxxxxxxxx: Pretty sure things are just extinct now cuz kitty saw it moving in the grass
[12:16] Mxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: mosquitoes kill more each day that sharks have killed in 100 years. They are the most dangerous creature on the planet, by far
[12:17] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: well in australia our scientists have started irradicating viruses mosquitos carry by introducing mosquitos that cnnot reproduce they are really bringing down the bad mozzies in droves
[12:17] Kxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: oh, feel better now, we have dangerous animals in Spain then. yep, very dangerous. SO there, now we dont have to feel envy of the aussies.
[12:17] Mxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx smiles :)
[12:18] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: there are several other countries such as brazil now that are using this technology to get rid of viruses such as zeka not sure how u spell it and i think the dengue fever one
[12:19] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: we have lots of scorpions in australia too
[12:19] Kxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: mmmm, I woudl say.. sure.
[12:19] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: people dont really realise whenever u kick a rock u can get bit by one
[12:19] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: scorpions are yummy
[12:19] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i mean bad!
Oh, I don't know, there are those who eat scorpions. I doubt they'd do that if they weren't at least a little tasty for them.
[12:19] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: at least the kangaroos you can see
[12:20] Kxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: You guys are seriously making me decide I am not visiting in forever!! Not even if I got to see that gorgeous blond hunk of a vet doctor you have in the Divinity Channel.
[12:20] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: the bondi vet?
[12:20] Kxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: yay, that one.
Or, to be more specific, this guy:

[12:21] Kxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: Hes so cute, but specially seems like such a nice person. Loved when he adopted the kitty.
[12:21] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: there are way hotter guys than him here
[12:21] Kxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: Maybe, but he is like "hot" inside too.
[12:21] sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: why, did he eat a whole vindaloo?
[12:22] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: on tv
[12:22] Kxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: HAHAHAHA x-D
[12:22] sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: :)
[12:22] Kxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: [Sxxxxx], he just seems a very nice person, and that makes him more attractive, at least to me. I am not particularly a "bad guy" sort of girl.
[12:22] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i am just gonna smile and nod as if i know who you're talking about
[12:23] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lots of aussies are bad guys lol just look on tinder most there are after one thing
It's Tinder. Lots of bad guys from anywhere are on Tinder.
[12:24] Axxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yeah a "slab of bundy" usually
[12:24] Kxxxxx Cxxxxx: hey hey my partner is an Aussie, been with him 8 years so not ALL aussies are creeps
[12:24] Wxxxxxxxxxxx Sxxxxxxxx: what have I logged into
[12:24] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: and for all you older ladies out there there is dr harry ....he is a vet too and very lovely
[12:24] Kxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: [Sxxxxx], yeah but it was very funny, I loved it.
[12:24] sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hehe good :)
[12:24] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: bad boy doesnt mean creep
[12:26] Kxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: not always, but bad guys do tend to brake more hearts in the long run.
[12:26] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i had my bad boy stage when i was a teen... now i am here going.... "i need a man who can at least clean up his own mess"
Not the worst thing to look for. So, started out with slut-shaming and jealousy, then moved into discussion of Maitreya mythology, and ended up in serious Australia dangers discussion. Good times?

Or at least strange ones.