Friday, April 6, 2012

you never listened, that's just too bad, because I'm moving on

All I wanted was to go to a sandbox in piece and rez out some things, since I'd been having problems rezzing things out in my (donated, and don't mistake me, I'm grateful for it) skybox.

What happened? What usually happens. Glidden got griefed.

(from the bizarre album)

I've never been sure why Glidden in particular, but sandboxen in general, are so much fun for idiots to grief. Is it just that they can rez things out there? Because in all seriousness, the only people going to sandboxen (at least, regularly) are newcomers, who the griefers are just going to irritate. For the rest of us, all we want to do is rez things out, or build, in private. And the griefers are really going to irritate us.

I've never understood why anger and irritation are the goals griefers are going for; but then, I really don't understand the mindset, and don't care to.

When I got to Glidden, and tried to rez something out, it said the parcel was full. That's when I turned and saw these glowing aqua orbs placed randomly around the wall. Not thinking, I clicked one, trying to find out who owned them. And things went sideways for a while.

(from the bizarre album)


(from the bizarre album)

Then I got to sit and watch myself spin for several minutes. Only trust me, this compilation of random images doesn't come even close to how fast I was going. This makes it look sedate. Instead, it was like watching a gyroscope, or a child's top, right after release, when it's spinning fast enough to blur. And about every nine rotations or so, it would pause just long enough for the "Stand up" button to flash on the screen. One microsecond later, I was off again.

I'm not kidding when I say it took me ten minutes to get the timing right, and then I was dumped off the sim entirely, in the ocean.

(from the bizarre album)

Of the 1,054 objects allowed to be in the Glidden sandbox, currently 1,225 of them are all scripted teleporting cylinders, overlapping in patches, making it impossible to do practically anything in the sim, at all. The objects are owned by "Punkcakeyummi", who was decanted yesterday. Good to know idiots can grief right out of the box.

So I tracked down a sandbox called Shiromani. Seemed a quiet enough place. I found a secluded corner, free from major builds, and started rezzing out hunt gifts. (Because literally, that's all I wanted to do.)

Then...this guy walked up:

(from the bizarre album)

Chippendale's collar, cuffs, and tuxedo thong: check. Pizza box: check. Brown leather loafers: check. The hell.

When I say "walked up", I don't mean "walked up and said hi". I mean, "walked up until he bumped into me and I turned around, at which point he didn't back up and spoke to me from a distance of one and a half inches". So I backed up, because the main goal of coming to Shiromani had effectively been derailed by this yahoo.

[20:09] Emilly Orr: Please be kidding.
[20:09] Cxxxxx Hxx: PuRrRrRrRrRrRr
[20:09] Cxxxxx Hxx: What?
[20:10] Emilly Orr erases the sandbox link and finds another.
[20:10] Cxxxxx Hxx: Something wrong?

And I left. He had the temerity to IM me after this incident, too:

[20:24] Cxxxxx Hxx: Hi. Whats wrong?
[20:44] Emilly Orr: Maybe I don't have the best sense of humor today, but walking up close enough to bump my avatar wearing practically nothing doesn't *even* give you a pass to ask "What's wrong"? You should KNOW what's wrong.

Needless to say, he hasn't said anything since. But it's just baffling.

So I'm now on the lookout for another sandbox. Honestly. And I still can't rez things out today where the skybox is. The hell.

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