Monday, April 2, 2012

ukelele, banish evil! ukelele, save the people!

Ever wanted your hands to eat each other? Apparently you're not alone, then. (That is just so twistedly awesome, I don't think I can bear the fact I don't have any. This must change soon.)

And you can't say that this isn't truth in advertising: Corgi in a horse head really is a...Corgi in a horse head.

What I want to know is why, but you know, some questions don't have answers.

This is purely unsubstantiated rumor, just to let you know. But this was overheard today:

[18:46] Rxx Mxxxxxxx: Just a quick FYI for Bloodlines players .... it is very possible that accounts are getting hacked by way of the new set up..... be aware... people are finding theyt have been signed on and they did not do it

I was off fixing the entry that used to be here, so I missed that, and asked later for more verification:

[18:51] Emilly Orr: Wait wait wait go back. How are accounts getting hacked through Bloodlines?

And it was a few minutes before I got another answer:

[19:06] Rxx Mxxxxxxx: From what i heard it would be possible to grab someones password as they are setting it up with a listener since as usual bloodlines has opted to use a fixed chat channel to do it

Now, as said, I don't have any more information, so if anyone out there does, do let me know.

More weirdness from the Help channel:

[Help] shade wing.: is this game dead yet

Wau, what a confrontative way to start a conversation. Also, the name...the name just mystifies me. he wanted to be "Shade Wing" but couldn't capitalize properly in the first place; so he then became "shade wing"--but someone else had already made the same mistake and was "shade wing" on their own; so...he puts a period after it.


The answers he received varied wildly:

[Help] Critter Girl: Yes
[Help] Xtreme: Go away troll.
[Help] Festivities: Pretty much
[Help] Amethystt: only on redside
[Help] shade wing.: hey xtreme i aint a troll that was a hontest question

Well, I'm sure you thought it was an "hontest" question, but seriously, again--what's your criteria for "dead", anyway? Lack of heroes or villains you can see when you're in any zone? Lack of conversation on the Help channel? The amount of red dots indicating server load at log-in? What?

[Help] Xtreme: Fine. When the servers shut down, THEN the game will be dead.
[Help] shade wing.: dead=no a lot of palyers bro
[Help] shade wing.: not*

I love that he had to correct "no" to "not" in the next line, but completely ignored "palyers".

[Help] Critter Girl: In any case, since Virtue has or had a 'red' server load and three Atlas Park instances, I don't think it's doing too bad.

Which is a good indicator, to be sure.

[Help] Madam Shade: I never have a problem finding a team, so I guess it must not be dead.
[Help] shade wing.: ok then thats all i was asking
[Help] Melancholy Heart: sure.
[Help] Homestretch: I think the fact that there were two instances of Steel Canyon, of all zones, should be a good indicator of how active this server is. =P
[Help] shade wing.: havnet been on in a while just curious

So...he hasn't played the game in a while, logged in, and...what? Didn't see anyone so asked in the Help channel if the game was dead? Because that's just what you do when you're stupid, I guess. The hell.

Then this happened:

[Help] White Gold Empath: Is it wrong to want to make a Toon called Incarnate Fred, the friendliest superhero in the world. Everyone bonds with Incarnate Fred
[Help] Dark Nymph Sorceress: Yes because you called it a toon and not a character. But otherwise is fine.
[Help] Dark Nymph Sorceress: Toon makes it sound like playing ducktales or something to me.
[Help] White Gold Empath: Cultural differences.
[Help] Dark Nymph Sorceress: No is playstyle differences.
[Help] Dark Nymph Sorceress: Roleplayers come from many cultures as does powergamers.
[Help] White Gold Empath: No, is the fact I don't speak American English, but the genuine stuff
[Help] Numrich: please make a Virtue general chat and move this non help-related discussion there

And that pretty much ties up everything--because seriously, if half the conversations on non-help-related issues on the Help channel just stopped, there'd be a lot less frustration in City of Heroes.

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