Wednesday, April 11, 2012

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Back to the grind--I mean, the Marketplace JIRA. From Meretriz Serenity:
I begin to think that Linden Lab has forgotten about this issue or does not seem to care. It is 2 weeks now and the problem still persists, nor has a statement been issued by Linden Lab.

This issue is a very major one and Marketplace need to be shut down and fixed properly, as what they are doing now is obviously not correcting the issue.

I am afraid to upload items now as I am not even certain if they will remain correct at all.
That was two days ago; still haven't heard anything new on what's going on to fix this.

I've answered this on another entry, but I think Sassy Romano gave a better answer:
Actually they have responded, just not in the right place. I hold no punches when saying that the Commerce Team are unbelievably poor at communication.
The response to this JIRA is buried in a forum thread here

What is more annoying is that instead of commenting on their own forum post, this was merely an "edit" of an existing post so didn't show as a new update, nor was there a more up to date posted message to give any hint whatsoever that there was an update.

JIRA is for bugs, LL we give you details here, your response should also be HERE! By all means ADD to forum detail (not in place edit) but please stop making us play the game of "hunt the information". It doesn't help perpection, nor the solution.
This is the kind of thing that deeply bugs me, and makes me want to light things on fire and throw them out of sheer outrage. Not only did they not update ON THE JIRA; not only did they not update with a NEW ENTRY on the Community forums; but they tagged on a brief "update" of "thanks-everyone-we-got-this" on an OLD entry.

Do they not get how backhanded, how contemptuous that comes off as? Do they really not get how to communicate with clients and keep them up to date? Who are these people?!?

Sera Lok again:
It sure would be nice to hear from the Dev team or a liason to the Dev team about how and when these listings will be addressed.
Yes, yes it would.
I filed a customer support ticket last week and was directed here, so this is where everyone is looking to figure out what to do. Please let us know when these mixed up listings are going to be taken out of our stores or who we need to talk to to get our individual stores fixed; it's very frustrating to continually see someone else's listings in your own store, with your own pictures, and not be able to do anything about it.
Yes, yes it is.

ab Vanmoer:
There is a vast difference between poor communications and hiding one's head in the sand which is what the Commerce are doing because they are incapable of fixing the mess they have created.
Nevertheless as you have pointed out the Jira is for bugs not the forum, so, as we are unable to add further information or comment on the forum posting I have flagged it as "Inappropriate Content" with the following message:

This is the incorrect place for discussing bugs!
The correct place is the Jira where many extremely frustrated merchants have listed the bugs and how they are affected by them. eg
So instead of the Commerce team continuing to ignore the merchants, they need to update the Jira as the primary flow of information regarding these critical bugs. If desired, they can also reflect the fact that the Jira has been updated here.
Well done. Unfortunately, this will likely be either removed as an "inappropriate" post itself, or simply ignored.

I'm still having a problem loading Gawker pages in general, but this one was worth hitting the reload button on my browser seventeen times. Though I'm still baffled that any game has color values

What he seems to be saying is that the colors in moonlight are not the colors in daylight, and okay, most games blue- or green-shift to imitate darkness while still giving people ample light to actually see things with (it's the same trick used in movies and television shows, for the most part). But it doesn't stop there--DC Universe Online also seems to change its colors based on what city your character's in.

And that's that one that has me shaking my head. So, in Metropolis at noon, I could be wearing gold and red, but in Gotham at seven pm, I'll be wearing purple and brown? What? That doesn't even make sense!

There's a new technological advance that I both admire, and fear--it's called Silhouette, developed by IVN. I admire the fact that they've already patented this, which means they're committed to the technology and helping it develop. What bothers me is the distortion inherent in this 'virtual representation'--I'm not talking about the jittering white outline, which they say they're going to be eliminating as the technology develops, but the actual positioning of the avatar, as well as the scan.
  • For instance, why does every avatar look as if their full body was shot from around the knees, looking up?
  • Next, how does seeing what the other person, on the other side of the screen look like, help us with body language or other visual cues, if they're distorted so much everyone looks overly anxious, or overly arrogant, or both?
  • How does this technology compensate for height?
  • For that matter, how does this technology compensate for disability? I'm sure going from standing, to sitting in a chair might not be a problem (maybe), but what if you're in the chair to start with, and you can't get up?
  • Ultimately, if you watch the video presentation, you see that everyone shown in the before and after images was standing against a white wall in a large empty room. Does this mean that this technology, like Kinect technology, requires a lack of other features in the room, AND the acquisition of a pure white surface? Because let's be honest--not everyone has either of those things.
Finally, we move to another topic entirely: more spam. This was another one I had to preserve.
What is an electronic cigaretet?
Wau, I really have no idea. Let's put that aside for a moment--the electronic part, I mean--and just concentrate on the cigaretet. What is a cigaretet?
The aprtyicular ecigariette--
Wait right there. The "aprtyicular"? Is that some sort of waterfowl? Possibly a flightless bird with hairy feathers?
--has been around lifetime for pretty much 36 monthhs which is an imaginative unit targeted at supplying cigarette smokers having a much healthiuer alternatives.
Trying to break this down without losing brain cells. It's difficult. So...
  • electronic cigarettes have been around for "a lifetime"
  • apparently "a lifetime" is now defined as thirty-six months
  • they're imaginative things, these cigarettes
  • they'll help smokers be "healthiuer"
additionally beneficial in assisting to lessen as well as stop smoking completely.
Because not smoking at all is apparently too difficult for some people (it really is, I'm not just being sarcastic), but just sucking on an electronic replacement will fulfill the needs of that pesky nicotine addiction just fine.
Todayinside a last age group,
That didn't make any sense.
e cigareztetez are beccoming a lot more simple to use ocjpared
to previously versions that possibly have been a touch too big to promote a mass market place charm.
Wait, how big were previous versions of the electronic cigarette? Really, that big? Yeah, any time your cigarette is longer than your face is tall, it's likely not going to thrill your customers.
Your "mini" is among the most reasobaable
what are you saaaaaayyyyyinnnnnng....
electcxronic cigauertte to date using its duration of 100mm becoming excatly like a normal cigaurettse.
Um. So, 100mm for the uninitiated would be...That's, like, almost four inches? Give or take? Or roughly the length of my iPod?

That's still on the big side for a cigarette, isn't it?
An electronic cigarette includes a tastes involving cigarettes but none of them from the dangerous materials within regular smokes
Right, that's...kind of the point...
making it possible or smokers esires
to become happy with oit inhaling and exhyaling the numerous dangerous toxins.
I, too, would like to become happy with oit. How do I track down oit?
Would it be almost all smoking and showcases?
As I'm not sure what you mean, I can't answer that.
As well as may this particular product be thhe actual saviour the idea would like to be?
I still have no idea what you mean.
Battery power, a good atomiser plus a geren pure nicotine slot progided
Geren pure? What's geren pure?
allows thhe particular smoker ot support sa
And don't we all, deep down, want support sa?
well as light up the particular e-cigarettye
Now you're just making words up.
equally ass they might some other icg,
What's an ICG? Also, this "equally ass" you're asking for, I don't think that's actually what you want.
also making a "smoke" such as fumes along with shine towarsd the end since they pull.
I do not know what you meaaaaan....
The particular pure nicotine step demonstraates very helpful
I thought electronic cigarettes only had nicotine flavoring, not actual nicotine?
while cardidges are available in varioud talents,
I was going to ask, but on second thought, I don't want to know what "varioud talents" are.
allowing the user to relieve the volume of smokiingthese peoplke
intake until hwen they would like, may cease uflly.
Uh...okay, then. Putting aside what "ceasing uffly" is...yeah. That...made no sense.

Seriously, spammers. If you can't even spell, you can't get your point across. That, and scattering comments with embedded URLs in BB code throughout blogs that don't support BB code is worse than useless. Why are you even bothering?


Serenity Semple said...

Good job on the keeping us posted on the DD BS that's going on LL. *one fingered salute* And this is a BIG reason I'm not switching to Direct Delivery, I've heard issues and now seeing that post makes me trust it even less. I'm just so tired of it, if I HAVE to use DD by said end date...and I haven't decided yet...but I think I may just leave my stuff off marketplace. And all in all I may not make as many sales but that's L$ outta their pocket from me not listing there - not like they care but still.

Emilly Orr said...

Actually, from everything people have discovered, it doesn't matter one whit whether you convert or not. What does matter--and is absolutely crucial--is if any of your items are in the 14xxxx cluster (check the product numbers). If you're not in that cluster, you're not affected. If you are...well, the code bugged when the Lindens did something, and nothing's fixing it so far.