Thursday, April 5, 2012

and I dream of the sea, there's no rapture for me

A peek inside the Peep Factory? The New York Times takes you there.

Once more into the breach, until this thing is solved or wholly abandoned, at least.

From Deja Letov, yesterday:
I don't have any borked listings in my store that I can see, and when I click on listings with the 14xxxxx series ID's they all seem to be correct, however, I've noticed that most of the ones mentioned are in the low 14's. My listings that appear to be correct are in the 147 range or higher such as 1479975, 1480098, 1480025, 1480115, 1498410. Just something to help narrow down the numbers affected.
It just might. Still haven't heard the Lindens have responded again. (Though I could be wrong there, too.)

Arwen Serpente:
I just checked my store and I have listings from the 14xxxx series. My listings are not borked in my store (however, I do not know if they appear in someone else's store).
My listings in the 14xxxxx range start at 1463585. Hope that's helpful.
Edited to add: These products were listed between September and October 2010.

Apologies for the edit (I hate forum spam), but I was mistaken about the earlist listing (Argus helped find it). The earliest listing number in 14xxxx range is 1463572.
Pamela Galli again:
My listing are not borked. I have 1398435 and 1473084 followed by several other 14XXXXX numbers above those. I think the borked range is somewhere between these.
Between 1,398,435 and 1,473,084. That's a pretty wide gradation. Not quite a full million items, but that seems close. That also, to my way of thinking, falls out of the "limited" range of products affected.

And finally, Samantha Zwickel again, reiterating information given earlier:
Editing the photos that you can doesn't fix the listings. The reviews and related products are messed up. Related products can be fixed individually, reviews, not so much. And then there's the issue of someone else's product descriptions showing in your store with your photos and you can't edit them. Merchants CANNOT fix this on their own short of deleting and starting over and convincing the others in your shop to do the same.
Also to note: merchants have been asking if there's anything they can do for over a week. What are they being told by the Lindens they manage to reach?
  • Delete the affected images.
  • Delete the affected listings.
  • Create new listings and upload new images.
Putting aside the crushing overage of rework this is causing, especially for larger merchants, this doesn't fix the problem.

Let me say that again because it sounds vaguely important: The procedures Linden help staff and concierge staff are handing out to premium account holders do not work now, have not worked for a week, and in fact, are compounding the problem by both duplicating the listings deleted, AND "fixing" those listings in place, in non-editable forms.

So why are the Lindens telling people this? That's the big question.

Finally, from the group of a friend:

[09:20] Rxxxxx Wxxxxxx: delivery right now with anything from MP is doubtful at best. Its a 50/50 crap shoot as to wether it goes or doesn't - depending on the day of the week, time of day, and if its raining

That's about as predictable as it gets right now, yes.

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