Saturday, April 28, 2012

then with his earthy hands he pressed sweet woodbine to my chest

Quick little entry, because I want to get this out today: tomorrow (Sunday, Aprille 29), starting at four pm SLT (Pacific Standard Time), will be a live auction of many of this year's Fantasy Faire builds. This is on the phenomenal side, people.

The early announcement of what's up for grabs (more might be added later):
  • The unique Fantasy Faire Jails (each auctioned individually)
  • The amazing Steampunk Elephant from Devil's Locket, and the Blue Genie statue (both by Lauren Thibaud)
  • The "Pure Imagination" build--a one-of-a-kind setpiece including poses for both Petite and regular-sized avatars (ten poses total), in dreamy oversaturated colors (built by Mayah Parx)
  • A three-butterfly windmill build from Marcus Inkpen and Sharni Azalee
  • The ENTIRE Shifting Sands build by Kayle Matzerath (this includes both buildings and landscaping)
  • The ENTIRE Devil's Locket build by Lauren Thibaud (this inclueds buildings, steampunk/seaside landscaping, and full volcanic kits from Elicio Ember)
  • The ENTIRE Nu Orne build by Elicio Ember (this includes all buildings and full landscaping packs) 
  • The ENTIRE Siren's Secret build by Elicio Ember (this includes all buildings)
(from the Charity efforts album)

I can't guarantee than this is what you'll get if you buy the butterfly mills, but this shows you what they look like if you haven't seen them yet.

(from the Charity efforts album)

Part of the Nu Orne jungle ruins build.

(from the Charity efforts album)

Part of the Siren's Secret build.

To get to the live auction site, go to Fairelands Junction. And bring your Lindens! It all goes to a good cause, and the builds were really phenomenal this year!

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