Friday, April 6, 2012

but tonight some red-eyed Wiarton girl lies staring at a wall, and her lover's gone into a white squall

(from the shopping album)

This? This is a very pretty dress. The name is "Martha", and it goes for L$399 at EMO-tions, so it's going to be out of my reach for some time to buy it m'self (if I can find the funds to do it at all).

Still. Pretty. From the Ren-Faire line of traditional medieval, but still pretty, and the bodice, at least, is very traditionally styled.

Based on a comment by Ms. Poindexter about her difficulty with the CAPTCHA system, I took off CAPTCHA verification. This has resulted in a great rise in spam comments, which is always the very annoying downside. Of course, the best ones I'll reprint, but in the meantime, other questions are occurring. Like...

A comment on this entry questioned if I actually wanted to buy their product at all:
Do you really need to look at sexy latin bikinis pictures?
Please visit LatinBikinis [url redacted]. Here you can buy: latin bikinis.
One would imagine, with a name like "Latin bikinis", but this still spawns more questions than it answers.
  1. First, what's the official definition of "Latin bikinis" as opposed to other bikinis? Aren't they all the same thing?
  2. Next, why ask me if I really want to see pictures of their products? It makes them sound like they're trying to talk me out of it.
Now--while steadfastly avoiding the actual website given, what they seem to be indicating is Brazilian cut bikinis, but again--why would I be interested? And considering the readership of this blog, I'm not sure anyone reading along would be that keen on them, either. Perplexing.

Next up, I got another one of those run-on-sentences-galore comments, though this one wasn't nearly as entertaining--it particularly targeted home refinancing in Eastern Europe. (Though to be fair, scattered in and around those links were references to the "Grim Reaper", screaming, alcoholism, and disapproval, so again, they seem to be implying that refinancing one's abode will lead to approbation, alcoholic breakdown, and death--which doesn't make home refinancing sound like something I, or anyone, would want to do.

I also received another Christian Louboutin ad in a comment on this entry. It makes me wonder, strongly, if the Louboutin company is actually paying people to go out and be this annoying, because while the man makes lovely shoes (with occasional excursions into the bizarre territory), there's just no excuse for things like this:
be beautiful and at the edge of the shoe, the only veritable cow skin color may seem [Christian Louboutin site redacted] natural and bright apricot. Seem taller in your Christian Louboutin high heel heel shoes high shoes. You tend to Be immensely surprised. Whether you want ankle length, mid-calf, thigh high gold [Christian Louboutin site redacted] Christian Louboutin high heel shoes, you Will Be able to find 'em. The choice of colors are going to shock you as well. As for the materials available, Will Normally Manufacturers of shoes [Christian Louboutin site redacted] make of 'em lots of diverse types. These included leather and some shoes aussi Constructed from
And we may never know what they are constructed from, because the comment just ended there, truncated forever.

Next up: more from the Minecraft server (because Mr. Au was very kind to post information on his own), and of course, more from the Marketplace disaster. *sighs* Honestly, the Minecraft entry will be more fun.

And keep in mind, the Wear Grey market is now open! Go shopping! It's for a very good cause!

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