Tuesday, April 10, 2012

now the war is passed and over, we're left to sit and wonder

Anthony Bourdain has a Tumblr account! Now there's a whole new way to stalk--err, follow his exploits...err...yeah, there's no real way to make that sound good. But it's a great idea.

Search keywords for this blog are still pretty odd for this week:
  • my little pony porn (32 people found my blog because of this!)
  • hood piercing (still don't get it, I've never talked about that on this blog)
  • dolcett (yeah, I bring that up on occasion)
  • minecraft sexcraft (the hell is wrong with you people?!)
  • croon nandahar (really? I've mentioned Croon more than just in passing?)
  • puffed sleeve blouse (what?)
  • angelspit (WTF?)
  • lips glitter (I get why that's still here)
  • milan cathedral flying buttresses (.....)
  • bates motel (Now you're just messing with me)
And referral statistics are pretty understandable too, for the most part--eight of the ten top referrers were Google searches in various countries. One of them was this blog, itself--I'm not sure how anyone would go about finding my blog if they're already there, but sure, okay, whatever.

It's the last one that makes my brain hurt: Americans Who Hate Obama. Err...what? Granted, anyone who's on the Twitterverse understands that I have definite political views, but by and large they don't make a big impact on the blog. Because in SL, they don't so much make a big impact on the grid. I'll refer to political issues where they hinge upon technology issues, and I believe once I mentioned private-versus-familial politics, but...yeah, that's about it.

So this one? Confuses me deeply.

On to tags. Noticing that I had mysteriously added "." as a tag, somewhere, I went off hunting for that entry. Still haven't found it. It's going to bug me until I do. But in the meantime, while I was poking through tags:
  • "Angry Birds" as a tag has been replaced and subsumed under "games"
  • "bats" is gone, it's now "animals"
  • "chocolate" is just removed, period
  • "Evocative" is also gone
  • "dominance" is now replaced with "BDSM" (and I'm thinking more than a few entries will fall under that tag when I get around to looking for them)
  • "DYAC" has been removed (mostly because I can't remember what it's supposed to mean--'Do Your Apple Crumble'? 'Did Your Airplane Crack'? 'Dye Your Alpaca Crimson'? What?)
  • "Flying Spaghetti Monster" has been subsumed into the more general "faith"
  • "Gatheryn" is now replaced with "games"
  • and "Girl Genius" simply defaults to "media" now
I'm hoping tags like "dieselpunk", "BioShock", "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang", "Christopher Titus", "cyberpunk", "DC Universe Online", "Desert Bus for Hope", "Edelweiss", "Evony", and "fishing", plus a few others, will have more than one entry, some day, so I'm leaving them intact for now. (In fact, since the latest-entry-before-this-one mentioned an Edelweiss frock specifically, I'm now bumping that tag up to two entries.)

"Burning Life" I'm on the fence about, honestly, but that also has to deal with the fact that I got too caught up in non-BL things to blog more than two entries on the topic--and I don't think I labeled the first one. But we'll see how it goes.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to continue tunnelling under the ocean in Minecraft.


Anonymous said...

Only DYAC I know of is "damn you auto correct". Don't think that's the usage, though.

One of them was this blog, itself--I'm not sure how anyone would go about finding my blog if they're already there, but sure, okay, whatever.

More like, finding a specific entry on the blog and forgetting what tag it was under. That was probably me by the way, and I forgot what I was looking for now, heh!

Emilly Orr said...

Damn You Auto Correct! Why didn't I think of that...But yeah, not sure that's the thing, either.

I figure, if it's important, it's not like it can't return as a tag. In the meantime, if I don't know what it is, and there's only one entry with it, and that entry never mentioned what it was....poof, gone.