Sunday, April 8, 2012

I'm not sure why, but I think that it's because of this desire to be what others want me to be, which is nothing close to me

Happy Ostara! Today the grid has been rife with egg hunts, bunny outfits, and spring bonnets (seriously: check out Hatpins' offering on the L$60 list). And that's fine, I'm not saying these aren't great things. But...

From Vita's Boudoir comes the most bizarre group gift ever:

(from the bizarre album)

Well, maybe not the most bizarre, I've posted stranger ones. But still, pretty odd. And just...well, who wants to walk around as an avatar-sized egg with black spreading cracks? I mean, that's horror movie territory. The Egg That Walks..."Experience the horror of the Devil-Spawn Showgirl Egg! She'll dance her way into your SOUL!"

And, speaking of horror films...

[19:39] Axxxxx Cxx: Good evening group. Anyone wishing to see the great new colors in Samara, IM me for a TP. I am modeling one of the makeups for it.
[19:42] Emilly Orr: I think it's a lovely skin. I can't shake the Ring connection, though.
[19:42] Axxxxx Cxx: The colors are amazing. The eyes are strking.
[19:43] Emilly Orr: Definitely looks it.
[19:44] Emilly Orr:
[19:44] Axxxxx Cxx: It's a very soft look
[19:44] Axxxxx Cxx laughs.
[19:45] Axxxxx Cxx: I see what you mean
[19:45] Emilly Orr: However, that aside, it's a striking and beautiful skin. :)
[19:46] Axxxxx Cxx: Most definitely

This is the ad for the skin we're talking about:

(from the shopping album; Adam & Eve's "Samara" skin)

And yes. It's a gorgeous skin. Very soft, very muted lips, almost a matte makeup look that works for all the skin tones depicted. I may, in fact, have to pull pennies together and acquire it, but still.

That name.

Obviously sachi is not a horror fan.


Serenity Semple said...

LOL. XD That egg thing was just too weird for me.

Emilly Orr said...

Well, if you look over the stuph she actually sells in her store, she has both a glamorous side, and a very offbeat one. As much as I thought it had nothing to do with the rest of her work, I went and walked her store today, and yeah, I can see it.

It's still weird, but I can see it.