Saturday, April 28, 2012

and like a long distance love affair, soon you've got to pay

There's a large part of me that's thinking, I really should let this one go....but you know, this is about the third time on this blog someone's responded to me, forgot which entry they responded to, then yelled at me because I'm "censoring" their views.

So, here we go again, Incident #4. It starts in a reply to this entry:

Anonymous said...

See, that right there is your first mistake. If these hadn't come in under Anonymous, they likely wouldn't have been delayed.

i was making some vintage tattoos you know..Russian criminal, Sailor Jerry, Maori, etc..then me and my friends watched american history took me some time thinking if i should put them on marketplace or not..

Putting aside the assumption that use of Maori tribal tattoos means "vintage", and not "cultural appropriation"...You thought about whether or not it's a good idea to go against the Linden Terms of Service and upload tattoos that qualify as hate speech. That's good to know. But then you did it anyway, so...back to being confused.

(Just in case you're also confused? Let me point out where the problem is:
8.2 You will not post or transmit prohibited Content, including any Content that is illegal, harassing or violates any person's rights.
You agree that you will not:
(v) Post, display or transmit Content that is harmful, threatening or harassing, defamatory, libelous, false, inaccurate, misleading, or invades another person's privacy;
(vi) Post, display or transmit Content that is obscene, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable;
I think that's pretty clear, don't you?)

I'm Asian and I definitely don't support nazism..

Which is good, and're still offering those tattoos for sale.

i also try not to sound a bitch even if i don't like something. I really don't know how to explain it properly..

No, that's okay, I've been called worse, believe me. I don't mind.

if other players see those who bought my Nazi tattoos, well..they will most probably hate my customers first right? and it would also lower my sales :3

And gods forbid you should lose sales when the Marketplace is tottering around like a wounded wildebeest. You're not the only merchant who has good cause to worry about the problems with the Marketplace code.

my goal when i started making tattoos in rl was to try and make all sorts of tattoos..i think sl aims to make the game as close to rl as possible..

And while that's true, does that automatically then mean that Second Life has to reflect the worst of real life? Is that the connecting line you really want to draw, here?

my sl friends sometimes advise me since i'm relatively new to sl and some say it's okay, some say it's wrong..i get your point:3 i know i need to edit my items and i will..after summer classes..

Of course you will. Why should I doubt you?

i was about to pay my rent when a friend sent a link to this blog..i'm not offended or angry or want to punch you etc for blogging about my items ^_^

Well, how does the saying go, any publicity is good publicity? I'm not entirely sure how that applies to this situation, precisely, because I certainly am not painting your work favorably, regarding the Nazi tattoos. On the other hand, I do like a lot of the rest of your work, which is why the Nazi symbolism is such a shame.

But who knows? Maybe they sell really well for you.

one of the reasons i uploaded some posters was because i know people who couldn't edit the proportions from the picture to an sl version :P

Um. uploaded copyrighted poster work because you thought people wouldn't be able to upload copyrighted work themselves? Well, aren't you just a sainted angel?

Except it's still copyrighted work. And, well, you're still selling it.

i'll check and edit all my items when i have enough time.. :3

Of course, of course.

if you want, you can reach me by sending a notecard to 'annamolly06' :P

Oh, I think we'll communicate just dandy like this.

Now, today was busy--I was trying to tie up the last of the Fantasy Faire coverage, plus I had other things to accomplish beyond the screen. Some days are like that. But apparently this delay was somehow unconscionable, so Miss Anna responded again--on the wrong entry. This one came from way back in March:

I already commented here but it seems like you deleted it..

Nope. Try again.

i find that very unfair.. *sighs*

Very melodramatic, kudos to you. Let's take this point by point though, since you brought it up:
  • I didn't delete the comment. It's on the blog, on the entry to which you commented. Plus it's here. Technically, I'm responding twice.
  • You didn't comment on the March entry first, you commented on an early Aprille entry first. If you can't be bothered to remember where you commented--when I have published both comments--this is clearly not my problem.
  • You find it unfair that I'm not being absolutely egalitarian about publishing comments? My blog, sweetheart. I can publish what I want--and, just to reinforce this? I published both comments. Again, not my problem if you don't know which entries you grabbed to snark in.
it's okay if i get more hate because of that comment..

What hate have you gotten so far? I looked up both entries--obviously--and (at least, until I respond to both comments after I publish this) you're the only comment on either entry. If you're getting hateful comments it's not happening on my blog.

i tried to explain my side and apparently, this blog is one sided..

Well, I do have a bias, but again, I published both comments. So I'm mystified where this outpouring of wounded innocence is coming from.

like i've said before, i'm not offended by your post and you should leave it to me what i do with my store :3

I am. It's not like I have any power in this whatsoever. I posted an opinion. I happen to believe it's the correct opinion, especially considering Linden Lab's explicit Terms of Service, but at the end of the day, it's just an opinion on a blog. I haven't gone around in world and sent out notecards bearing your name and whatever horrific things my febrile imagination can possibly dream up.

Why? Do you think I should?

i will consider all the comments here

What comments?

but i won't say i'm sorry..some fuck wolves and horses..all sorts of weird sexual behavior..maybe you should also post about that..

On occasion, I have. But then, you wouldn't know that, because...

( i didn't read all your posts)

...right. Also, obviously.

live and let live :P

Well, I do try.

we should all have fun in sl.. i don't really care much what you say here but i believe people should see the other side of the coin..

I'm sure you do, though if you truly didn't care you wouldn't have bothered to respond. That being said, I believe people should hear both sides of the argument as well. Yours is that you have every right to violate copyright, and also encourage racism by use of insensitive and charged symbolic use.

For pay.

Personally, I think I have the moral high ground, but I'm willing to accept I've lost some of that height due to my replying here.

have fun deleting this one :P

Well, I would, save that I actually have criteria for deleting comments. To wit:
  1. if it's directly abusive
  2. if it seems to indicate a larger familiarity than I'm personally comfortable with publishing as a comment
  3. if it's spam
Other than those three things, I tend not to delete comments. And, just so we're absolutely clear on this, I didn't delete either comment that you made.

that's all :P

Good to know. Now, unless there was anything else, I think we're done. Do feel free to write back, though, if I've missed anything.

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