Sunday, April 8, 2012

and lovers that don't understand

I finally revamped the store blog so it (sort of) reflects the new stuph. Well, "new" in the sense of "rebranded and put out again", not, y'know, actually new.

Though new stuph might be coming.

I'm not overly thrilled with the background or the colors, but hey, we'll see where it goes from here.

And finally! A spammer decided to enter a comment in an entry from 2011! Yay!

Well. Sort of yay. I mean, it's still spam.

Hi everyone!, sorry to bother you, I just smell that members have alive discussion here.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA...Is that what you smell? I don't think that's what you smell.

I am looking for someone with an experience of MAKING CASH with an AFFILIATE STORE?

Well, that wouldn't be me.

I made some cash with ITUNES before but not much.

If you're not a musician or making movies or podcasts--or, now and again, writing books--it's hard to see how spammers could make cash with iTunes. But maybe I'm just not thinking creatively enough.

My friend has suggested to contact a how to get a website at [url redacted] (here is URL if you are lazy to type it, [url still redacted] - I hope it can work!

Likely not, because this is spam! And I'm not really crazy about letting spam through unless it's entertaining.

It looks like they are making good MONEY MAKING SITES.

I highly doubt that.

Would you share your opinion and experience?

I'm sharing it now, thanks for asking! I think you're a bottom-feeder, frankly. I think any money you're making is on the backs of gullible sorts who click the links and you make, maybe, a penny per click. While that can add up, really, it's easier just getting a job.

I was not able to find a good looking FREE AFFILIATE WEBSITE and [url redacted] sounds reliable. See ya!

See ya! Also, your account has been labeled as spam. Enjoy your day!

Seriously, these people...this is the kind of thing they think will sell:
Secrets To Making Scented Candles Stop! This Is The Authoritative Guide To Making Amazing Scented Candles From Home Or As A Part Or Full-time Business.
Save that they're not selling a guide to making anything, they're selling a guide to making websites about making things. It makes my head spin.

They're reported as a "generally safe" domain by a couple IP police sites, but...I'm thinking they're not as up to date on the activities of this domain as they could be.

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