Monday, April 9, 2012

I'm not gonna write you a love song, 'cos you asked for it, 'cos you need one, you see

[14:57] mxxxxxxxx: i had my username and tag all one color i chose now they are different and i can only change my username color,anyone know why that might be?
[14:57] Axxxxxxx Fxxxxxxx: what viewer?
[14:58] mxxxxxxxx]: phoenix 1691
[14:58] Axxxxxxx Fxxxxxxx: you know they disabled some of the features in 3rd party viewers so we all have the "same viewer experience"
[14:59] Axxxxxxx Fxxxxxxx: may want to look at the phoenix page
[14:59] mxxxxxxxx: true,but i have had this new version
[14:59] Mxxx Hxxxxxxxx: Yeah, that's LL's policy. "We won't fix what's wrong with ours, we'll make everyone else stop making a better product so ours won't look so bad"
[14:59] mxxxxxxxx: ok ty
[14:59] Axxxxxxx Fxxxxxxx: doesnt matter they disabled the features in sl.
[15:00] Axxxxxxx Fxxxxxxx: ♥♥-- agrees with Mxxxx
[15:00] mxxxxxxxx: oh i see
[15:00] mxxxxxxxx: thanks girls

So, to recap:
  • Popular opinion on the grid says the Lindens have disabled certain features in TPVs because their architecture trumps. Well, yes, it does, but weren't the new versions of these TPVs put out with these features subtracted on the TPV end, not the Linden end? Does anyone have a confirmation on this?
  • Popular opinion also says that the Lindens have disabled certain features in their own viewers, which now impact TPVs--and again, does anyone have a confirmation on this?
I mean, yes, I know, the Lindens said this, and informed people they'd have to line up and fly straight "or else", with the "or else" being, as usual, vague and unspecified...but wasn't this a change that came from the TPV programmers to conform TPVs to the Linden viewer, overall? And not an action taken deliberately by the Lindens that impacted all TPV code?

Also, just to make the point, one sentence into this conversation she changed her display name to "ℳiÑメiє". Yep, I think I've finally hit that point where people who do that to their screen names are people I plan to avoid (with one exception, and even he gets in trouble for "Ŧяσ乙єи яαﻮє", because seriously, dude, that's ludicrous on all levels). Which, really, if you break it down, is just as bigoted a reaction as "I dun' like him 'cos he's black". gods. Those characters. Those characters were never meant to be used in Display Names. Those characters are irretrievably bad for issues of comprehension. And let's also mention, those characters don't display correctly for a vast subsection of the grid. I think I only dodge seeing "☐☐☐☐☐☐" on this laptop because it's designed as a gaming 'top, and has some specialized Windows 7 features (when my old comp was still running on Windows XP).

[17:46] cxxxxxx: hi
[17:48] Emilly Orr blinks

I'd just finished dragging into a LARGE shining moon half of my inventory--in a likely failed attempt to make me deal with the chaos--when I surfaced, and saw I had an IM. And that IM was "hi".

Here's the thing, people--I think a lot of merchants have actual instructions on their bios on this one, but in general--if you're dealing with a resident older than two years, they're not going to appreciate "hi" as a conversation starter. We want more than that. We want to know what the hell you want. We want to know why you're talking to us. We're not fluffheads looking for the next boy-toy. Snap out of it.

[17:48] Emilly Orr: Sorry, I was building. What's up?
[17:48] cxxxxxx: its ok emily

Normally, this doesn't bother me, but--since I've already established my bigotry and bias--when some lower-case numbers-in-their-name no-last name twidgit IMs me out of the blue with a nothing content text, the fact that a) he can't capitalize things and b) he spells my name wrong when he's goddamn staring at it irks me profoundly.

[17:48] cxxxxxx: i just came there to say hi
[17:48] cxxxxxx: :)
[17:48] Emilly Orr: Came where?
[17:49] Emilly Orr: And wau, you really need a bio.
[17:49] cxxxxxx: i think so :)

And...that was it. After ten minutes, I logged off. Pointless conversation anyway.


Sphynx Soleil said...

The lindens broke the viewer tags on the server end. You might see different color tags, depending on the viewer, but that's it.

They WERE going to break the true-online-status thing, but got a huge outcry in response so they've tabled it....for now.

Emilly Orr said...

I still want them to break the true-online-status thing. The reason originally they tabled that concept, ohsoverylongago, was to protect privacy. And sure, we bitched about it then, but you know what? WE GOT USED TO IT.

Serenity Semple said...

I dunno if you watched the interview with Jessica Lyon and Oz Linden on the Phoenix main page but it was pretty enlightening to how screwed up LL has their crap together (I know, surprise surprise). But it was kinda nice, I thought, to actually have it recorded as proof.

Also I hate IMs like that, seriously if you don't say something other than hi - I'm just not responding. I feel like it's some child coming up to me and tugging on my sleeve asking me to be their mother or teach them to do something. :S

Emilly Orr said...

You know, I didn't, and maybe I should. Since I don't use Phoenix (and can't use Firestorm), I tend to tune out anything Phoenix-related. It mostly just hits me as white noise to be pushed aside.

But I'll go take a look, see if it's still there.