Wednesday, April 25, 2012

pools of brown and seas of red, and demons in your pocket (part II)

Good news for Minecraft players! Unfortunately, Silk Touch as an enchantment is frustratingly difficult to get at times. But at least, should you acquire the rare and exotic Silk Touch pick, you can now acquire glass panes and ice, as in days of yore.

And this is a beautiful statement. I'm very nearly tempted to link it in my profile somewhere, save...I'm not doing the dating thing at present. (Be advised that while the treatise deals with sexuality, it is not sexually explicit; how'ver, since it comes from a sex-positive blog, it is counted as NSFW.)

Now, then, picking up where we left off...

(from the bizarre album)

Neck tattoos and sewn-over nipples? But of course. Because both of those things just scream kawaii as a concept.

There are kawaii tattoos. But these? Aren't them, again.

(from the bizarre album)


(from the bizarre album)

No. No no NO no no no no. Not only not kawaii but bad piercings to boot!

(from the bizarre album)

Here's how bad it is--when May's Soul--far more well-known for her Gorean bondgirl attire that does not shrink from revealed flesh all over--turns out a comfortable, cute hoodie? The Kawaii Fair is seriously skewed.

(from the bizarre album)

And I'm not even saying you have to restrict it to PG items only: this, for example, is perfectly well done. It's a great little sleep set on an appropriate avi with perfect hair, perfect nails, and--barring the heavy black eyeliner, which seems to be SL-default for adults of all genders, as well as children--perfectly appropriate makeup.

It can be done, so what was wrong with nearly everyone else?!?

(from the bizarre album)

And, as I said in the last entry, these aren't bad outfits. In the right mood, I'd wear two out of three of them (the center pantsuit gets a pass, just for me personally, because I'm not comfortable with the plunge). They've got good shading, they look well-made, and I admire the conceit of the white go-go boots with the pink strap-halter outfit.

But again--kawaii, they're not, so why are they at the Fair??

(from the bizarre album)

And this is where I left the Fair and stormed off in loathing and disgust.

All of the above were found at the Kawaii Fair. If you want to see for yourselves, there's the link, it runs until Aprille 30th. Me, I'm so done, because that was ridiculous.

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