Saturday, April 21, 2012

just when I start awakening, I find that something's intoxicating me

Damn, I can't go to Steam Powered Giraffe interview in Second Life--I'm booked out and very much off the grid--but that doesn't mean you can't! There apparently are just a handful of tickets left--get one! It's set for Thursday, Aprille 26th, from eleven to two pm.

If you've forgotten why you want to do this, let me toss you a refresher course:

A live performance of "Honeybee" from 2011--there's an official version that's top-notch (and linked on this blog previously), but this one lets you see the bots in full performance mode.

Also from 2011, from the same session as Brass Goggles, and a rare chance to see The Jon sing lead.

And one more from the same session in 2011, this time focusing on the Spine. I wonder if the Champagne Room is still around? Think they could be talked into swinging by for a short concert at some point?

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