Thursday, April 19, 2012

and those fears, they kept you awake at night

Wau. If you have Adult items enabled on SL Marketplace, searching the "Steampunk" tag is quite the eye-opener. (And yes, clicking that is defiantly not safe for work. Possibly even ferociously not safe.)

(But then, we now live in an era with sex beds for Petites, as well as collars and...other hey, anything's possible.)

And--ostensibly as a product tie-in for the Chevrolet Sonic--OKGo has released a new video. There's also a brief behind-the-scenes video that's worth watching. This was a monumental, intense project that took a team of committed individuals to bring together, and for once, I think the tie-in with Chevrolet works harmoniously with OKGo for this. It's pretty much the least intrusive product placement imaginable, in the video.

We pause for a JIRA break from FangXiLi Xue:
Apparently this problem has been going on for over a month. Not really neat when you pay commission... it should work or not work for a short time. But this is really an issue!

Please solve this asap and give us back our income ^^
This brings up a good point. I've always felt that the end "transaction fee" that's assessed for the "privilege" of selling on Marketplace is more than enough fee for them--especially as low as I keep most of my items.

But there are merchants with higher overheads--and higher income from their sales--who routinely advertise both in-world and out. How must it feel for your L$800 skin pack with the L$2500 listing fee for better visiblity, to bork and stop selling at all? That's a hefty chunk of virtual change to pay for customer complaints and demands for refunds. And bet me, the Lindens will refund none of these fees. Caveat emptor, indeed. Though at this point it's also caveat venditor.

Also, just as an aside--as I've been following various search terms on Marketplace, I've been finding things now and again I want to pop into the wishlist. I realized I hadn't actually gone through my wishlist for more than two years (yes, really), and started bringing up items I wanted to see more closely, to decide if I still wanted them on the list.

I don't know why this didn't occur to me before, but the Marketplace problems have also affected the wishlist function. Of the 101 pages I started with, only 50 remain; and I likely have far fewer pages than that, even; I just walked away from sorting because three hours of my life evaporated this morning doing just that.

On occasion, veering into NSFW territory (id est, artistic nudes), but this fellow has a really intriguing artist's statement: "Stealing, uploading and manipulating (etc.) of my art in any way without my permission is very welcome."

I like that.

In numismatic news, Canada may have gone insane. I quote:
It shows an artist's rendering of Pachyrhinosaurus lakustai, a 4-ton, 26-foot dinosaur discovered in Alberta in 1972. It's the first in a four-coin series of photo-luminescent prehistoric creatures.
Why? Just why? Not why the pachyrhinosaurus, that's legitimate scientific pride in country. But why the full-color pachyrhinosaurus? And why the glow-in-the-dark skeleton painted underneath the full-color pachyrhinosaurus? That, I just don't understand.

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