Tuesday, October 30, 2007

you only see what your eyes want to see

The first thin, wavering ray of light in all of this. Zoe Llewelyn has unbanned me from her properties.

Does this mean I'm going to go to the Isle and stomp around and create drama? No. Not in the least. They all want me gone for reasons still unknown, I will be gone. But at least now...at some far future point, when I regain the ability to shop...I can go to Temenos and support Boneflower, Broken, Whispers of Night and Jungle Voodoo.

It's no lie in the least to say, head to toe, I could be a walking advertisement for her. Clothing; shoes; neko or goth skins; eyes, be they neko or cyber...glasses if I wish to wear them; hair....Everything. And to this very moment, I'd get rid of the bulk of my other skins before I'd touch hers.

It's even no lie to say I have literally been that advertisement for her, as I was one of the Muses used in her last campaign. I don't say this to brag; I say this because I was nearly too overcome to talk, when I was asked to participate in the project. It was an honor for me to do officially what I'd only done privately on the grid--namely, tell people how good she is.

So. Breathing some small breath of relief through the pain. It's a start. It's something. And it means what was beginning to feel like sprawling grid-wide conflict, is narrowing down to an uncivil argument.

Which is good. Much less drama that way, all the way around.

I may be working in Winterfell Absinthe, when it opens. I have yet to acquire specifics, but things look good. Then, if I'm able, I can perhaps pick up another part-time gig somewhere, keep things moving forward. It's the hope, anyway.

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