Monday, October 29, 2007

and it's a long hard road out of hell

And now it is war, and I do not know why, and my hands without a weapon to fight with, but words. I have no idea why we are here.

I am no longer the manager of Altered Gallery in the Isle of Damnation. This was a known fact, and yesterday's confusion.

Today, I learned I am no longer a Muse, no longer a member of Xanthas, and no longer have a home on the Isle.

Worse--far worse, for me--I have been banned from all properties belonging to Zoe Llewelyn.

Xanthas. The Isle. And Temenos.

I have, ever since I discovered her, been the strongest advocate of Zoe Llewelyn's art and work. I think she is an amazing talent, and she is the first name I mention to anyone seeking neko skins. She came out with her Broken line, for clothes, and her Whispers of Night line, for gothic skins, and they are just the single most spectacular set of pale skins I've ever seen.

She came out with Zombies of the Apocalypse, and anyone who has an interest in zombies needs one of these skins--they are mottled, they are stapled, they have patches of deep lividity--they're one of the best, if not the best, of the zombie skins out there.

And I truly don't think this will change, my recommending her to people. Because I still think she is an amazing talent.

Perhaps a talent being misled at present...perhaps a talent being outright LIED TO at the moment....but a talent nonetheless.

But it hurts. It hurts that she has banned one of her staunchest advocates for reasons that to this very moment, make no sense to me.

So now I stand on the eve of battle, wondering how bad it's going to get. Can't contact the artist, don't understand why that would help anyway. Left a message for Zoe Llewelyn, which she will likely discard. Left a message for the grass pixie, I expect no clear answers there.

I'm doing my best not to cause more drama. But knowing I don't have a home on the Isle anymore, knowing I have been so summarily pushed aside, and not knowing eats at me. It hurts. I won't lie and say it does not.

I am in Rivula now, the only home I have left, at present. I wear Zoe's ebony neko skin and taste ashes in my mouth. I do not know what will happen next. I only pray it does not get worse from this point.

Note to anyone potentially interested in Rivulan rentals: there are two 512 parcels available for rent, standard prim allotment, but in well-featured locations. Rivula is an older sim, but the people are good. If anyone's interested, I believe the 512s run L$250 or under per week for 119 prim. Contact Hank Rucker if you wish to know more.


Seraph Nephilim said...

hugs you quietly, holding

emillyorr said...

*hugs you back*

You know you're back on the evil list, too? I'm so sorry for that. Sorry that *anything* I had a hand in led to further pain for you, and pain for the ones I love.

Seraph Nephilim said...

Dear, it's not you and it's not me. We both know that. We're not the ones reacting in an extreme manner, so I certainly don't blame *you* for *anything*.

emillyorr said...

No, and I'm the same person I was before all this started--flaws, virtues and all.

It's not the first time she's turned. It is the first time it's gone beyond one sim, though. But last time there was significant wreckage, too, and I should have, I *should* have, learned from that.