Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I saw the crescent, you saw the whole of the moon

So there's this place on the grid. Flaming Raven Designs, Flame Trudeau runs it. She's got an okay pumpkin hunt going on (she's who I got the decapitation bling earrings from, in case you want evil death bling of your own), plus one of those apple-bobbing things that's all the rage this year. Her designs are simple, unexceptional, but somewhat pretty, and they can be retinted, at least.

The reason I'm mentioning it, though? Well, it's an upstairs/downstairs thing.

Downstairs, I swear, there has to be over ten lucky chairs in a row, including one UNlucky chair, just appalling.

Seriously. Your letter comes up. You sit in the chair. Then you get beheaded, impaled, electrocuted, or suffer various other horrific things while your prize for such torment is being delivered.

Sadly? I can see this concept catching on.

Upstairs, however....

There's a dance club.

One can only hope the brightly whirling orange-and-black floor is for the holidays, alone.

It's a cute little club. Small but fun, not bad dances, for all the animations in that room--fog, lights, particle bursts--it's fairly low lag.

The only problem? Their stream.

Their stream is abhorrent. It's good song-okay song-confusing song-offensive song...cute song-fun song-romantic song-song that makes you want to eat your own head to escape warning, no clue, just....It's like someone with a really vicious sense of humor, without the intelligence to back it up, wanted to impress his girlfriend, and threw on the "funny songs" that make him laugh, along with the "aww how tweet" numbers he figures she's going to like.

Overall, out of ten stars? Flaming Raven gets maybe a three, and that's mostly for all the chairs, which still means you have to decide if you really want to wear the clothes.

Still. At least I went with the dance floor. Hee.

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