Friday, October 5, 2007

crossing the river of death and water cold

I need to go down this list, that's all there is to it.

Tonight was so very odd--in the middle of the most excruciating meeting of my life, I hear hissing through the ether. Turns out the serpents--visible manifestations of the Hydra, long ago slain by Bloodwing--told Jeremiah Mason to contact me.

Apparently? He'd sent the snakes forth to poison his son, and take him over for a night.

Our conversation was....interesting. Pointed, at times, barbed, I felt much like the picador scoring points with the bull. Save for this particular bull had a keen intelligence, and a burning desire for revenge...

Perhaps it's a good thing I've been so scarce in Steelhead of late. After all, the doctor's father may not know where else to look...

Speaking not of which. We finally went to Killtower's Haunted Water Ride!

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So as we crank up the hill and get started, let me tell you a bit about the layout. It's very much your standard switchback rollercoaster motif, with added water and sluice ducts, wood and steel, very rustic. The chains are in good condition, none of those jagged crank-slide-crank-slide-crank-slide moves of the poorly maintained log rides.

No, indeed. This is a quality operation, start to finish.

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Remember to set your view to midnight. If you haven't already. Now? Would be a very good time.

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And down we go! WHEEE!

I should note that for some mysterious reason, the haunted log ride only has cars that fit two people. I'm not sure why...

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In fact, Miss Neome had terrible trouble just staying in the car! First she sat perched on the very end, where she feared for her safety...then she stood, moving forward until she reached the back of my chair...and I feared for mine.

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Then she sat next to me, and I feared my ability to keep my hands off her....errr....Moving on!

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Mr. Allen graciously rose and offered his seat to Miss Neome. Then he sat in front next to me. This did not so much help with my concentration.

But all in all, start to finish, a WONDERFUL ride. Unfortunately, Miss Neome had to leave, and we chose to go through the rest alone.

And the rest, faithful readers, will have to wait until tomorrow, because your chronicler is not only tired, but she has pictures from three more rides!

Yes. All on this site. Well worth checking out.

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