Thursday, October 18, 2007

was I out of my head? was I out of my mind?

Tonight's adventure: the Ueno Shinrei Hospital.

"Shinrei" means "ghost", or "spirit", in Japanese. It's a fairly large haunted hospital in Edelweiss' Ueno sim.

From the (oddly translated) English manual (given out at the front with a fairly nifty flashlight that, err, only cuts out half the time):

"The Ueno spirit hospital is a Horror attraction of the walk through type.
Have the light in the hand, and to the abolition hospital where the rumor as the spirit spot doesn't discontinue...

Can you go out safely?

Please spend time happy to read the disclaimer after this well.

And keep her rules in mind:

I will prohibit the entrance of not being possible to keep the rules hard.

Please refrain from the use of one with a weak small child and heart and the pregnancies.

It doesn't assume the responsibility of a spiritual problem causing it by the use of the this hospital at all.

Just so you know.

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This is a fairly well organized haunt, arrows where there need to be arrows, blocks in the halls where she doesn't want people to go, keeps things moving very well. There's something happening in nearly every room, even if it's something small and indistinct.

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The sound effects were top notch--wind blowing through gaps in the structure, creaking, shattering glass...children giggling, children moaning, something that sounded like a woman gasping in shock or very unnerving chittering sound near one of the haunts...Very well done.

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Unfortunately, getting the haunts to stick around long enough to actually see them? Difficult. They seem to be timed to go off on entering rooms, or leaving rooms, or when people hit certain areas in each room. And then they fade extremely rapidly.

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Like this little girl in the kimono. She appeared and faded almost instantaneously three times. I had to practically pace back and forth to see her.

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Some things were just unexplainable--like the preponderance of childrens' hands floating about. Creepy? Absolutely. Explained? Never in so many words.

At least...not in English.

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We ascended, room by room, abandoned level by abandoned level, then were led down into water-filled tunnels underneath the hospital, dragged ourselves from the wat'ry depths, back to the hospital itself....

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....but instead, we found ourselves in the hospital's gift shop.

Where the single most unnerving thing happened, of the entire venture--we were pelted with falling televisions!

Ah, well. Not all haunts succeed. This one did to a certain extent--atmospheric it is, and it's startlingly real,'s more 'huh' than 'run, you fool, RUN, just GET AWAY AAAAAH'.

Though I do seem to have a...certain reminder....of our visit....

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Externals make "Atsugi Keishin hospital" a model. It is the maximum abolition hospital in Kanto that exists.

Good to know.


Darien Mason said...

A J-Horror haunted hospital with dire warnings in Engrish? Ichiban-meh!


emillyorr said...

But I'll definitely be watching Edelweiss and other Japanese sims, come this time next year. See what they come up with then...