Tuesday, October 23, 2007

people say I'm crazy, just a little touched

We've spent the past two days, going through various short pumpkin hunts, gathering freebies from various Japanese sims. Tonight, I took part of to sort through all of these vast oddities, deleting some, saving others, trying to figure out what still others were (remember, Japanese sims: notecards were in Japanese, so were item names)....

But then this. This.

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I'm not kidding. It's just vile. Expand the pictures if you don't believe me. It looks like my head is being severed by light.

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And I'm just gritting my teeth on this one, too, because chunky plastic collar notwithstanding, these are cute little bat-flying-over-moon earrings! Just adorable things! Why would you ever put killer death bling into dead cute little Halloween earrings?

It's mystifying, it's frustrating, and it makes me hate bling even more.


One more thing.

Some who know me may have noticed the background. No, I'm not taking these at another haunted house. I'm taking these at the home my artist funded to buy, Shadow Brook's Twilight Woods treehouse.


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is what the outside looks like.

(Just for reference? At the bottom of the images, you'll see two pale curving mammoth tusks. Let alone the fact that those are mammoth-sized...but when I stand underneath them? I'd have to have half of another me, maybe three-quarters of another me, to reach the top curve. Now look up and do the math on the rest of the tree.

(335 prims. Comes with its own touch-fading doors and windows, security features, particle effects, and sounds. And internal teleporters, though they don't work yet, I'm working on resetting them so they will. Lovely, lovely thing it is. Spiderwebs and dank moss dripping from the metal railings surmounted by bats in flight...a truly dour palette of grey, brown, rust and taupe used inside...and up on the top level? A place for the master bedroom that looks out upon a painted starfield, in indigos and purples.

(Anyone who went to the link with the rain of frogs, posted here just after the turn of the month? Will have gone through my new home. I'm rapturously in love with it.)

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(Now, if I can only figure out what to put in it...)


Seraph Nephilim said...

I just love Julia Hathor's designs. I have so many of her builds I'm practically an addict....

emillyorr said...

Believe it or not, this is the first structure I've ever bought. Up until this, it's always been plants, trees, flowers....though I do, I have always, adored her design sense.

Alexandra Rucker said...

"...but maybe showers remind me / of psycho too much"


Love love LOVE the house! Was debating whether to buy it myself it looks that cool. Then RL started exploding, and, well, I probably won't have time for much of a Halloween display this year... suckage.

I'll probably work on one for next year though, so you may randomly see halloween-y bits strewn about the sim as I have time to tinker. :)

emillyorr said...


Would be cool. And like any of the regular suspects mind a slightly haunted aspect to Rivula, or at least, your portion of it. :)

Serenity said...

Hehe totally agree on the worst bling evar. XD

emillyorr said...


Decapitation bling.

Honestly, I know why bling exists, and I don't mind soft radiant bling, I'm not the Bling Nazi. But this? This was just....wrong.