Thursday, October 25, 2007

don't go 'round tonight, it's bound to take your life


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I found the bats I want again!

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They're made by Mutant Industries, and when the Avatarium in Taco went down, I thought they died too. I couldn't remember their name. And I just wasn't finding any good bats on the grid.

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Now I just have to pick a shade...

Also...the world is round. So says my artist. I believe what she does is real art.

But many don't. Art off the grid, art of the grid, digital/CGI art in's somehow viewed as 'lesser', not as important. As if wrangling pixels is no less difficult than breathing. As if the only real art is created by bristle and pigment, charcoal and hands.

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These are my hands. They create. That they create in a virtual environment, that they are virtual appendages...doesn't change things. I make. I create. I watch the world and it inspires me. Clothing, shoes, hair, eyes, houses, furniture, flowers, rugs....I have made all these things, and more.

And I am not one-hundredths of the artist that Sysperia Poppy is. How is her art less real?

Art is real. We are real. There is art here.

That makes it real art.


turnerBroadcasting said...

I would agree that we create. I think the act of creation is pretty powerful, that is - it is sort of a ... well...

Never mind. As a male. All I can do is fertilize things.

Whether with the bodies of our enemies... or....

Ah. Forget it. I never really learned how to paint either.

Thats why I lean on watercolors so much.

emillyorr said...


I can paint if the colors are expected to be well-blended, and not conform to the expected shapes, aka, everyday reality. I can sketch as long as it's intended to be two-dimensional. Give me a needle and I'm in heaven, playing with scraps of fabric and embroidery floss. To each their own.