Saturday, October 27, 2007

'cause it's a hell on earth

So much happened, yesterday. Good and strange. I miss my loves, it's going to happen.

I had started the day off by wearing FallN's Quills outfit in white, and when "Guvnah" Shang contacted me that I was up on the list, I just answered the port.

Imagine. There I am, standing in fluttery strips of white silk, tied to spring-steel pins shoved through my flesh, porcupine quills flexing from forehead down my spine....and, err, not much else.

To say I was embarrassed? Doesn't even begin to cover it.

To say he took the look with his usual grace and aplomb? Only reinforces why all of Caledon adores him.

Between one thing and another, I ended up in Victoria City, staring at a map of Caledon Penzance. It took some time to decide--I was worried, but Des kept saying, it was fine to be picky--but we finally picked a double parcel near the sea.

Turns out to be right next to Miss Gallindo's theatre, too. This could be good or bad.

(Also? The fact that it seemed half of Caledon trooped out to choose their parcels, or to look over the upcoming layout? Including Viderian, Lord Cymru, and Hotspur O'Toole? Did not exactly aid in relinquishing the embarrassment.

(Oh, well, at least the green fellow in the party hat did not succeed in pushing me onto the train tracks! Small mercy, that.)

My head still spinning from that amazement--I'm moving to Caledon! It's happening! I will be there within the next month!--we reported over to the Isle to help open Club Xanthas.

It's the first invitation-only club I've been involved with. For invitation-only events? Anyone in the club can invite others, but otherwise, the club is not open. The DJs can kick out anyone they like, for any reason. It's small but surprisingly spacious--you can see pictures over on Miss Qlippothic Project's blog.

All black space, lava rock and chipstone, steel and bone--it's surprising how comfortable I felt there.

Unfortunately, I had to leave the opening--a million other events called, and with limbo foisted upon me today--NOT by my choice!--I had to do as much as possible. So off Neome and I went, on various hunts, with the first stop being: zombification.

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Neome and I decided to go to Bare Rose's J-school horror event as pseudo-matching Fatal Frame/Ju-On characters. Earlier, I'd found actual Grudge hair at Sirena's, and it's the most amazing look ever--you can wear it as a long, straight hairpiece, with wisp bangs, or you can wear it Grudge-style, with front attachments that hang over your face.

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The front attachments are flexi, so they move with the rest of the hair. It's very creepy, wonderfully so.

Amazingly, I ended up winning the J-school contest, which I'm still astounded by. Apparently the pencil in the eye? Is my personal zombie clincher. :)

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Meanwhile, the hunt at Bare Rose. Oh, for the love of all I hold holy--

Honestly, if I hadn't had the help of Fawkes, and if I hadn't helped Neome? We would have been full of fail. These things were tiny. I mean, tiny tiny. Not even rat-skull tiny--smaller!

But over the course of several hours, we found them all, and were weaving on our feet, exhausted, at the end. None of us wanted to go. All of us wanted nothing more than to stay and fall asleep in each others' arms. But each of us had places to go, other things to do.

I made my way off the grid with a heavy heart, that's only lightened today by the news that yes! We have a home in Caledon!

You can go to the map in Victoria City and see. You'll see my name in two places--one, by the theatre, and the other...

Well, let's just say Fawkes Allen Designs and Kartiny will finally have a storefront, and not just space on SLX.

This should be interesting...


Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

Congratulations, Fraulein Orr! I shall check the map before visiting Penzance so I know where to look for you.

emillyorr said...

It may take us a bit to decide on something appropriate as a home--my sense of 'home', to date, has included floating temples, open-air tents, and treehouses--but we will be beginning the residential zone next to the theatre district.

Should be grand fun. :)

Eladrienne Laval said...


emillyorr said...

Thank you!