Tuesday, October 30, 2007

my sweet lord, parabrahma

[21:58] Stiv Kaczmarek: Hey, is your house the one with the spooky stuff?
[21:59] Emilly Orr: Why yes
[21:59] Stiv Kaczmarek: Why then I gave it a present
[21:59] Stiv Kaczmarek: Hows it goin Em?
[21:59] Emilly Orr: Rawr!
[22:00] Emilly Orr: Eh, today, I'll probably giggle at whatever you left
[22:00] Stiv Kaczmarek: Heh, good day then?
[22:01] Emilly Orr: The train wreck exploded running over the gas main, turned too sharply down the mountain, rolled over the napalm-uranium mines, then accidentally detoured through the fireworks factory with a new cargo of gunpowder
[22:01] Emilly Orr: It's been a bad week
[22:01] Stiv Kaczmarek: Oooooo
[22:01] Stiv Kaczmarek: Sorry to hear that
[22:01] Stiv Kaczmarek: although it is a good metaphor. Props to that
[22:02] Emilly Orr: Thank you.

Kudos to God, for mysterious appearance to reassure by leaving burning trash on my lawn. I must go see what he left...

Some few hours later...

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God's a one-trick pony. Who knew?

So damned familiar. Have I mentioned changing religions lately?


Seraph Nephilim said...

God *is* a bastard.... *giggles*

emillyorr said...

He really, really is.

Unfort, he's also in pre-law with a laptop that won't run SL, so that's why he hasn't been mucking up *more* of my life. :)

Seraph Nephilim said...

Unfortunately? Sounds like the one blessing of Stiv. ^.^

emillyorr said...

*begins to protest, then remembers all the pictures from 4chan he's sent me*

You may be right, there.

Yeah, and let *that* sink in--God's going to be a *lawyer* in due course.

Yep. *Such* a bastard.