Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I got a hole in me, now, I got a scar I can talk about

I rarely do anything normally, and I don't usually do it by halves. For the past three days, I've been toying with a new product, and I think I'm nearly ready to get serious about it.

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Very soon, Kartiny will be presenting: Bedlam eyes. They are fake, they are psychotic, they are very glassy--and I love them all to bits.

Mostly? They are taken from Van Dyke's taxidermy eyes, and other art-glass and taxidermy sites--altered to fit avatar-sized sockets. Some I'm leaving whole-color, some I'm making sclera versions of--those are the black backgrounds--and some look creepy enough on their own.

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Like these. These were--originally--albino deer eyes.

Miss Neome says they remind her of the eyes of the Deep Ones. Hee!

So yay! I make eyes now!

Weird as they are.

Guess it's just in time...happy haunting!

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