Saturday, September 1, 2012

we're racing towards the end of days

I had it together, until this came across Virtue's main broadcast feed:

[Admin] NCsoft_Freitag: Hello everyone!
[Admin] NCsoft_Freitag: I know it's late, but I wanted to take a moment to say a few words to you here in-game...
[Admin] NCsoft_Freitag: So for those of you who are not aware, Paragon Studios was closed on Friday (I'm not sure what time zone you all are in)...
[Admin] NCsoft_Freitag: I just wanted to come here, and tell you guys how amazing you all are. If there ever was a great community to work with, it's you guys.
[Admin] NCsoft_Freitag: Words cannot express the honor, joy, and gratitude I, and everyone else at Paragon Studios feels toward you guys.
[Admin] NCsoft_Freitag: You guys made the impossible possible. You guided us, your creativity inspired us, and your passion drove us to new heights.
[Admin] NCsoft_Freitag: I know you guys are upset, and we're really sad too. I can't answer the questions you guys have, but hopefully someone soon will be able to answer them.
[League] Big Ba-da Buum: (passes out fresh oatmeal raisin cookies for all while the speech goes on, for comfort food)
[Admin] NCsoft_Freitag: But I want you all to know that this is not what we wanted. City of Heroes ... you guys, our players, are really special to us.
[League] Paper Bag Man: Ain't what we wanted either, man, we were looking forward to the climax of the Storm.
[League] Big Ba-da Buum: comfort is a necessity in these troubled times. whether via snuggle or via cookie :)
[Broadcast] Miss Megajoule: We know it's not your fault.
[Broadcast] Miss Megajoule: We love you.
[Admin] NCsoft_Freitag: I know that I, and everyone who has worked on City of Heroes for the last ten years, from the oldest hands to the newest hires, are truly honored to have been part of this amazing journey.
[Admin] NCsoft_Freitag: Thank you all very much for your kind words: here in game, on the forums, on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. The outpouring of love, support, and kindness has made this horrible day a little bit easier for all of us.
[Broadcast] Literal Lass: We know if it were up to you, you'd still be planning i24.
[Admin] NCsoft_Freitag: I speak for all of us here at Paragon Studios when I say:
[Broadcast] Miss Megajoule: YEAH!
[Broadcast] Paladin: HELL YEAH!
[Broadcast] White Silver Dragoon: can i just say, i hate being "the best community" yet watch our game die while WoW lives on :(
[League] Alaren Sararaln: And what do ya know... tears... }.}
[League] Paper Bag Man: Right on.
[League] Pax Romanis: yet they are evicting us
[League] Illumi-Naughty: manly tears were shed today
[League] Eriadigirf: and girly ones too
[League] Illumi-Naughty: No only manly ones, even the girls had manly ones

We'd been in the middle of planning a reckless, who-cares-if-we-live-or-die war on Hamidon, being somewhat out of our minds with depression and confusion, and had halted on a high promontory overlooking Hamidon's huge, globular self. Then we organized again, and began racing towards battle--only to stutter to a halt a second time:

[Admin] NCsoft_Freitag: Everyone who has played or worked on City of Heroes and in Paragon has been touched in some way, big or small. Every bit of that which you add to this world is an essential part of the whole, and we would be poorer without it.
[League] Big Ba-da Buum: he's not done!
[League] Riou Hotaru: ...
[League] Riou Hotaru: He's not done.
[League] Paper Bag Man: Dang.
[League] Celerin: Pax, get back up here
[League] Riou Hotaru: Dammnit!
[League] Illumi-Naughty: a;ldsjkf;alkjsdfa
[Admin] NCsoft_Freitag: The memories will never go away. Focus on the wonderful things that happened over the last ten years. The amazing people who you've met and played with in this game, and the wonderful experiences you have had. [Admin] NCsoft_Freitag: I would like to go say a few words on some other servers now, but thank you all for listening.

So...yeah. Had it together most of the day, dissolved completely at that speech. Then Miss Neome made it worse. From the Skype conference of friends and loves:

[12:32:32 AM] Neo Gabi: Yeah, the Devs and Community guys are completely unemployed as of today.
[12:40:30 AM] Emilly Orr: You got confirmation?
[12:40:42 AM] Emilly Orr: Not even a support staff for maintenance?
[12:42:01 AM] Neo Gabi: Not sure about support staff, but Ghost Widow said it while we were all talking.

So...past today, we have NO idea what's going to happen with the game. Paragon Studios, start to finish, is gone. Everyone's been laid off--shades of Linden Labs, anyone? And there may be nothing but a skeletal support staff--from NCSoft direct--past today.

Damn it. Not even an event send-off? And the world flared to ash, not with a boom, but with a whimper.

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