Thursday, September 13, 2012

I want to find some dark cloud to hide in here

[Zone #3] Lady Bacon@dontpanic3: STOP THIS SONG
[Zone #7] Mongoose@Alchemystic: Bahahaha Sapphire can't sing for %(#).
[Zone #3] Lady Bacon@dontpanic3: dammit sapphire
[Zone #3] Lady Bacon@dontpanic3: you suck at singing

Basically, it breaks down like this. Champions is celebrating their third anniversary of operation (it just ended today; I started writing this a week ago). To commemorate this, they recycled the song for their second anniversary of operation...which was also the song from their first anniversary of operation.

How bad is this song? Think of the most overprocessed, bubble-gum poppiest Hatsune Miku song. Record that song. Then give that song to a sixteen-year-old girl with a web-cam to record a cover version of.

It still wouldn't be as bad as Sapphire's version of the "celebration" song.

[Zone #6] Summer@dragonmp93: she sings in spanish?

Near as I can tell, yeah, about a third of the so-called "song" is in another language. I can't bear to listen to enough of it to name which one, though.

[Zone #6] Kira Synth@MCsnipin: T_T my.....ears......they died...she killed them.

We feel your pain.

[Zone #7] WraithHawk@ModernMyth: OH GOD NOT THE SONG

Could be worse. You could watch her dance.

[Zone #1] DarkFire@mattcus1: At least she's better then One direction

Not by much.

(Oh, and if that last video looked familiar? It's because One Direction--or their video director, Declan Whitebloom--was largely imitating the movements of the Monkees in the Monkees' theme song. Cue face of resigned disappointment, here.)

(And Declan Whitebloom's site really explains all you need to know about him, frankly. Lorem ipsum dolor, indeed.)

So, this next little bit I kept getting distracted from posting. It's worth the noting that I was not in a particularly agreeable mood when this exchange took place; but I like to think that at least it resolved in a less confrontational space.

It all started out when someone challenged me to a duel. Red and white costume, typical spandex hero gear, symbol I didn't quite connect to anything across his chest. I said no, in no uncertain terms, and then told him why:

Annika Ember@EmillyOrr: Get real, your name is Captain Turkey.
Captain Turkey@Aruza: What?
Annika Ember@EmillyOrr: I don't duel. Period.
Annika Ember@EmillyOrr: Not with you, not with anyone.
Captain Turkey@Aruza: You afraid.
Annika Ember@EmillyOrr: Of what? You?

Cue audible snort, RL, from the me.

Captain Turkey@Aruza: Yes.
Captain Turkey@Aruza: You afraid from me.
[Zone #2] Vespa@CanisErectus: Yes Power, you have 3 hours (?) Annika Ember@EmillyOrr: You're moderately amusing, but nothing to be afraid of.
Captain Turkey@Aruza: You racist.

I'm...what? Racist. Because I won't duel?? What now?

Annika Ember@EmillyOrr: *laughs* How can I be racist of a cartoon superhero?
Captain Turkey@Aruza explains the battle plan to Annika Ember.
Captain Turkey@Aruza listens to the battle plan for Annika Ember.

I'm going to go out on the limb here and say those are random emotes. Because I certainly wasn't saying anything about battle plans.

Captain Turkey@Aruza: You are racist hero.
Annika Ember@EmillyOrr: No. I just don't like duels. I don't do PVP.
Captain Turkey@Aruza: But its not a reason to insult my name.
Annika Ember@EmillyOrr: Had I not run across you asking me to fight you, I wouldn't have insulted your name.

Now--while that is true--he also had a point. Mainly, just because I'm in a bad mood, there's no excuse to insult someone based solely on their name. He's right.

It also made me pause a bit, and I extended what I could in the way of apology:

Annika Ember@EmillyOrr: But for the record, if you're talking about the country, not the large flightless bird, then it's a fine name.

Because seriously, I'm being geocentric--I'm an American, we hear "Turkey", we don't think about another nation, we think about the Festival of Overeating.

Captain Turkey@Aruza: Okay okay. Good games.

And he flew off. So, he thinks I'm a jerk, but I'm hoping I at least convinced him I wasn't racist on top of it. I can live with him thinking I'm a jerk.

[Zone] Hung@iteamalot: The nothingness is coming
[Zone] Cerulean@Alchemystic: They look like good, strong hands, don't they?

Random bit of chat from elsewhere. And from tonight's chat insanity:

[Zone #7] Mortimer Blake@NightErrant: I have a plan to deal with Dr. Destroyer! I need 200 yards of frilly pink silk, one ton of tinfoil, and a truck load of makeup in bulk.

I'm for this plan. Who's with me?

And later still:

[Zone] ADRYAN@adytza100: this is unlimited?
[Zone] ADRYAN@adytza100: gingerbread
[Zone] ADRYAN@adytza100: is limited?
[Zone #1] Miss Adventure@FlyingFinn: if you eat it...
[Zone] Annika Ember@EmillyOrr: Gingerbread?
[Zone] ADRYAN@adytza100: trde for this become?

There's a "Become Gingerbread" costume in Champions? I don't understand.

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