Monday, September 10, 2012

in this world, love lives no more

One day in City of Heroes...we heard rumors of oddity in Pocket D:

[Broadcast] Lucki: Whatever it is keeps moving around now and then like a person
[Broadcast] Lucki: MAYBE ITS A GHOST.
[Broadcast] Literal Lass: The D is HAUNTED!

Basically, we were in Pocket D--a cooperative, damage-free environment--getting damaged. Getting damaged a lot. By invisible forces who occasionally manifested toxic smoke clouds, brilliant beams of white light, or burning blue flames.

[Broadcast] Achaica: the DARKNESS
[Broadcast] Jessye Jaymes: Why, did you use magic missile?
[Broadcast] Literal Lass: We're fighting the nothing. How existential.
[Broadcast] Lucki: Neverending stoooreeeee~

I remain amused that someone got the reference.

[Broadcast] Mind Spike.: What's with the burney treats?))
[Broadcast] Dan the Dangerous: (devs forgetting thier toys)

Actually, no. Tunnel Rat came into the D, and just put random damage patches around the dance floor. Also, he rezzed out Mynx and Luminary, two named NPCs, up near DJ Zero.

[Help] Celerin: if you have any skills that are useful, you should get in touch with the Titan network or offer your expertise, Coding, Legal, korean, Advertising, Business or whatever else they need.

It's a good tip--just go to Titan Network's site, and poke about. If you have any of the above skills, and are willing to donate them to the cause, TonyV would be appreciative of the help.

[Looking For Group] OZREAL X: anything is worth a shot. ther is a switch. a game where you save people now has people trying to save it. if nothing else then we have learned what this game is really about. there is a hero in us all.

That's a good thing to remember, too. Win or lose, we came together. Anything we do, we have more power if we don't do it alone.

[Help] Phantom of the Verse: send certified mail to Mr. Taek Jin Kim, CEO
NCsoft Corporation
1501 4th Avenue, Suite 2050
Seattle, WA 98101

Also good to keep in mind.

[Help] Viridian Storm: Be nice
[Help] Viridian Storm: ...or at least polite.

Because, when you're involved in a protest, you should always try to keep your cool.

Then again...

[Zone #3] Frost Ice@alodylis: why think when i can not think

From Champions comes great wisdom.

Maybe I have been thinking too much.

Also, more on Sapphire's singing in Champions:

[Zone] Bliss@PennyDreadful: Oh god...the SONG!
[Zone #5] Ildela@General_Maximus: Disabled game music, having much more fun now. :p
[Zone #3] Dragonstorm@Crashbang: its not the song, its her singing
[Zone] Bliss@PennyDreadful: Have mine turned down to 0% and I still hear her...
[Zone #5] Spellbinder@mijj: It will be with you forever
[Zone #5] Neutrox@superkiller10: oh wow she's singing
[Zone] Bliss@PennyDreadful: Kinda reminds me of Jem. But somehow, worse.
[Zone #1] Leo@Avianos: Jem is truly Outragous! TrulyTruly Outragous!
[Zone] Bliss@PennyDreadful: ...I just died a little inside.

So did we all.

[Zone #3] Edy@gh0st0fsm0k3: wth
[Zone] Suicide Queen@doctorvyle: MY EYES
[Zone] Suicide Queen@doctorvyle: MY EARS
[Zone] Suicide Queen@doctorvyle: WHAT IS HAPPENING HELP
[Zone #1] Leo@Avianos: *smooch* Goodnight Everybody!
[Zone #3] Dragonstorm@Crashbang: come back and suffer with the rest of us
[Zone #5] Neutrox@superkiller10: TRULY OUTRAGEOUS
[Zone] Suicide Queen@doctorvyle: Sapphire has the exact same accent as Tommy Wiseau. What do I make of this?

So...she's quasi-European in a really, really affected sense?

[Zone #3] Glaive@MrHurin: *packs himself in a box*
[Zone] Bliss@PennyDreadful: The Anniversary Event should conclude with a fight against Sapphire. Winner gets to sew her mouth shut.

I will say for the record, I don't advocate violence against whomever sings for Sapphire. I just want her to stop singing, that's all. And apparently it's not just me.

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