Thursday, September 6, 2012

does it matter that much when you're ten miles down?

[Help] Dr Pulsar: meh, I tried CO. might play it for a bit, or try out secret world. Might take a break from MMO's for a while and see what happens after the dust settles.

It's not like there aren't enough games to play out there, after all. MMORPG has a list containing thousands of titles.

But I could count the super-hero genre ones on one hand and have fingers left over.

[Help] Fury Prince: all your major players are already leaving
[Help] Undergrowth Hunter: Your point? Even if there are many players leaving there will still be those who want to enjoy the game for what time is still left
[Help] Undergrowth Hunter: Still it's better than jumping ship when we still have two months and bit remaining

People are saying that, but then, I log into world and...well, it's remarkably like walking around in Second Life, these days. Entire zones where I never see even one other player.

[Looking For Group] Ultranationalist: I honestly don't think they even left people behind to take care of weekly maintainance

So far, at least, there's someone somewhere turning off the lights and rebooting things. We know this, at least, because City went down very late Wednesday morning, and it came back up Thursday. Is it anyone that formerly worked at Paragon? Who knows? I can tell you one thing for sure--we don't. We don't know who's running the game, but we do know one more thing--support questions aren't being answered, because there's no one there to offer in-game support.

[Looking For Group] Operative Emeral: We were told months ahead of time that SWG would be closing and the same goes for MxO, the anger is at feeling betrayed.
[Looking For Group] Weaver Ant: You got that right, one day bam, the devs are fired

I have to admit, that's part of the hurt over this. And yeah, at least to me, it feels remarkably like the Linden layoffs--one week, no notice, a third of the Linden staffers are out on the street. Just like here, only it was one day, no notice, the entirety of Paragon Studios was fired. Why? Comes down to the bottom line again.

[Looking For Group] Harbinger Vox: Interesting, DJ Zero in Pocket D isn't hovering like he usually is. Just standing there.
[Looking For Group] Weaver Ant: Same here, Valdis.
[Looking For Group] Valdis Verdandi: there have been many strange occurances Harbinger, GM spawns in Atlas and Pocket D for instance
[Looking For Group] Levi Nox: So, would that be messed up coding or someone screwing with the code?
[Looking For Group] Valdis Verdandi: someone is spawning them, its not accidental or coincidence
[Looking For Group] Galaxy Mystic: haha means someone still has access :)

Someone does. Several someones, actually. The problem is they only have the access they had before the mass firing. So, for instance, one GM will be able to "pop in" to all the servers, another will only be able to hit one. Some have early prototypes of designs they still had in inventory, others just have enemy spawns. Still, they're doing what they can to keep involved. That tells me something, too: you don't care this much for the game, or its players, and continue to interact with both after you've been fired, unless that game really means a lot to you. To these GMs and developers, it did.

[Help] Celerin: They did promise a post sometime this week to explain the lore and what would have happened and stuff.

And that post is now live.

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