Wednesday, September 5, 2012

if I could would I remain, another life or another dream

[NPC] Praetor Duncan: We'll be carting Diabolique off now. Say goodbye to your friends, Tammy.
[Caption] ArE yoU fooLiSH eNOuGH
[Caption] tO thInK I aM
[Caption] stIlL limiTED in mY
[Caption] feaSTing to JuST the
[Caption] guiLTY outSIdE of mY
[Caption] doMAIN aLLoW me tO
[Caption] demOnSTRATE my grOWing PoWER

[NPC] Praetor Duncan: What?!

Okay, this goes a bit into the City of Heroes end-game; but at this point spoilers don't much matter. If you're not already a player, I'm not even sure you can make new accounts, frankly. But I did think that this was a really interesting way to deal with a high-level, world-changing boss.

Unfortunately, it turns out I have no images of this specific event, and I don't know if I'm going to be going through the Dark Astoria arc again before the end of the game. Things are still really off-balance in City of Heroes, in a lot of different ways. But I'll take a stab at explaining.

Mot is the biggest bad in City of Heroes--literally. He's designed to be the very worst, most dangerous, most threatening thing in the game for heroes and villains both. This is Mot--or, more precisely, Mot's dead-but-still-present, reality-affecting, disturbingly-preserved corpse.

Why is it disturbing? Two reasons:
  1. Mot is insane. And
  2. Mot still talks to you.
And when he--or it--talks, it's in this strangely capitalized, dark-red-on-bright-red staggered text across the screen, and in [NPC] dialog in your chat box, an example of which starts this entry off.

And this starts happening on nearly the very first Dark Astoria arc in the series, and continues all the way to the end--Mot communicates with you, feeding you misinformation, idle threats, morbid asides and outright insanity through every mission that follows. It's unnerving, it's disturbing, and it's really well done.

[Help] Dark-ling: ((Is anyone interested in RPing Daft Punk with me? I think we could do it with the costume options!))
[Help] Shadow Judge Mehio: I am more into ERP myself
[Help] Dark-ling: ((I would ERP with both of Daft Punk....
[Help] Kommando Kobold: "I don't listen to hip hop."

This came out of the blue a couple weeks back, when I first started coding this entry up for publishing. I get the whole star-struck thing, I even get that people have fantasies about having sex with rock stars, but...seriously. Erotic roleplay where one person's pretending to be a supervillian and asking another person--or people--to roleplay...what? DJs in masks? Actual musical robots? I mean, what's the base story here? Does she even know?

[Help] Shadow Judge Mehio: ((it would have to be damn good sorta story based erp I ma not that easy))

[Help] Doctor Rhinoceros: (Yeah, could we -not- discuss erotic roleplay in a public channel?
[Help] Doctor Rhinoceros: (Please?)
[Help] Doctor Rhinoceros: (I mean goddamn.)
[Help] Doctor Rhinoceros: (This -is- still subject to the Terms of Service, right?)

He's got a point. Sure, if there's a special group strictly for ERP (and I'm sure there were, though I never bothered to find out one way or the other), it would be allowed there. But in help chat? Help chat is NOT the place for erotic discussion, even were everyone guaranteed on City of Heroes to be over the age of majority in their countries.

[Help] Accalon: You should have heard the riveting Statesman/Recluse slash fiction people used to shout in Pocket D back in the day.
[Help] Doctor Rhinoceros: (Thank heavens that isn't happening, but I would've called them out on that shit too.)

Yeah, because wau. Now, there are slips--bits of wandering RP that people send into main chat in their zone when they intended to send them privately--but we've seen that all the time on SL, it's no big deal.

Still, if it was pretty obvious that it wasn't a wrong window situation? Yeah, that's just not good, either.

[Help] Doctor Rhinoceros: (Oh. Sorry. -stuff-. But we have a censor, anyway.)
[Help] Emperor Harkur I: I don't
[Help] Literal Lass: Not all of us run with a censor.

There's a click option to remove yourself from censored chat. You can have it off, or on, about all it does is remove curse words and replace them with random symbols.

[Help] Final Outrage: irony is pulling out "terms of service" on someone then violating them by cussing P:
[Help] Lord Ironbeef: Putting ERP in public channels is almost just as bad as publicly reading the numerous "50 Shades" books in a public place. Putting ERP in public channels is tacky, and possibly offensive, depending on the level of description. Reading "50 Shades of Gray" in a public place simply means you suck at comprehension, literacy, and life.

[Help] Firefox Pooka: The unfortunate truth is that ERP has such a bad reputation because of a few bad apples on both sides of the fence. I'm not against it. But, I do agree, it does not belong in a public channel.
[Help] Hexamancer: A few bad apples? lolololololololol

Bad RP is bad RP is bad RP, it's everywhere.

[Help] Canyon digger: what about chaging topic entirely ? I see weather is pretty nice here

There isn't any weather in City of Heroes...oh. Right. Yeah, it's pretty nice.

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