Sunday, September 2, 2012

and so I come undone

" Already some of the bullets you've returned are filled with emotional conflict. These cannot be fired again until they are steered back to happiness and joy."
What the hell does that even MEAN?!?!

And a bit from Help channel before we drop into Looking for Group:

[Help] Bearzerker: as sad as it is to see this game crushed, picture the folks at paragon. come in friday, long weekend ahead.. and kicked in the balls ;/

[Looking For Group] Kiteru: it looks like they r closing Guild Wars also
[Looking For Group] Howl at the Moon: all nerdspeak to me, oh well
[Looking For Group] Cubicle Survivor: borderlands 2 in a couple more weeks or so

This was the first I'd heard of potentially closing Borderlands 2, or the original Guild Wars. The second may be accurate, as NCSoft's now officially released Guild Wars 2. But no real idea either way.

[Looking For Group] Eumi: I'm never playing an NCsoft game ever again, I promise you that
[Looking For Group] Space Ride: Truth. Was going to pick up GW2 before end of year, but now I'll never spend munniez on NCSoft anything.

I hate to say it, but that's my initial knee-jerk reaction, too.

[Looking For Group] Punk Mage: listen everyone. DDO became a reasonably good game, after the devs fixed it. it doesn't even have most of the rabid players that make up the core of D and D.
[Looking For Group] Punk Mage: please go to DDO. that game at least isn't wow crap.

Think I have the same problem with DDO that I have with Guild Wars 2. For that matter, with Runes of Magic, or LotRO--they're all fantasy-based. I like fantasy games, don't get me wrong. But I only have so much time--I'm already involved in Minecraft (at least privately; I don't know if I can bear to download the new engine to run CaleCraft again), in SL (somewhat; I'm not as involved as I think I want, but there's still emotional damage I'm dealing with), and gauging that time to play against appointments, spending time with family, and testing out the D and D Next gaming materials. I'm kind of booked.

[Looking For Group] Evicted: it just...won't ever be the same.
[Looking For Group] Hypno-Hiss: well, it did have to happen eventually, but this does seen very sudden, I thought there was another year or two of content releases in the old girl
[Looking For Group] Punk Mage: they were stealthing the closing, so they could bilk more money out of people
[Looking For Group] Kiteru: the DEV's had more, but Corporate pulled the plug

I don't think so, in regards to what Punk Mage is saying here. Because we have conversation between us and the devs, on the forums and from the game--they had no plans to close. They'd heard nothing.

[Looking For Group] Hypno-Hiss: they want the server space for GW2
[Looking For Group] Punk Mage: the official notice indicates that ncsoft wants to use its resources to support another new game
[Looking For Group] Grizzly Amanda: NEW game???
[Looking For Group] Punk Mage: i never even liked guild wars one.
[Looking For Group] Fornos: so its true this game is done
[Looking For Group] Kin Kaboom: RESOURCES = OUR MONEY
[Looking For Group] Punk Mage: but they wanted to finish bilking us for this game first, before they announce COH 2
[Looking For Group] Kiteru: they r closing the studio, no COX 1, 2, or 3
[Looking For Group] Kin Kaboom: LETS SUE THEM FOR REIMBURSEMENT :)

Let's not.

[Looking For Group] Bird-Watcher: And who is going to make CoH2 if they just fired all the devs and closed Paragon Studios?
[Looking For Group] Snowdaze: CoH2 was tradmarked years ago... it isn't going to happen

Yeah. That's fairly fruitless as a proposal. There won't be a City of Heroes 2. Even if the Kickstarter potential goes out as planned, there's still a lot of issues in the way.

[Looking For Group] Punk Mage: let us all blame cryptic for this. it is likely at least partly their doing.

Why? Why blame Cryptic for this? For that matter, why is there so much blame and anger being directed towards Jack Emmert?

[Looking For Group] Illumi-Naughty: Wait they close servers on CoH in november?
[Looking For Group] Psi-Ravica: Remember they were laid off
[Looking For Group] Teleportist: Chances are we all are just Penelope Yin's dream..
[Looking For Group] Percentage: As the servers close, we pull back on Penelope holding a snow globe...
[Looking For Group] Conventus: NCSoft released a statement to IGN that they are aiming for a Nov 30 closing date.
[Looking For Group] Phantom Atom: yeah, we lost a game. they lost their jobs

Yeah. And this is flashing me back so hard to the Linden Lab layoffs. Save that--while they didn't have much warning--the departing Lindens had some warning.

The staff of Paragon Studios got the news that their game was closing with no possibility of salvation, and not even half a day later, were told they were all fired. Not even Linden Lab was as low as NCSoft.

[Looking For Group] Fornos: well bakc to lord of the rings i guess

Well, LotRO or SW:TOR. My problem is that it's likelier that I go to Lord of the Rings, for more than one reason (the biggest being that I really have zero interest in anything Star Wars-related), but yet again, it's a fantasy game. If I wanted to get involved in another fantasy game, there are endless options. That's not what I'm seeking to replace.

[Looking For Group] Percentage: They didn't just lose their jobs - they lost the point of anything they've done in the past few months. I24 would have been beautiful, and I'm sure lots of them worked long hours on it.
[Looking For Group] Fornos: whats teh point in playing now
[Looking For Group] Rache-Engel: Maybe after this game stops we never feel aweseome again
[Looking For Group] Web of Darkness: i'm not invisting any more time into any ncsoft game after 7 1/2 yeasrs they shut me off in a month or 2 screew them
[Looking For Group] House of Whacks: hope they improve CO

From what I've seen so far, with one of the loves creating a character from scratch....doesn't look like it.

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