Sunday, September 2, 2012

rendered unto night

"One of the most well known MMO games is shutting down operations."

"News like this is always a blow for the entire industry."

"I hope I can find time to dust off a cape or a cowl soon and take a last few cruises around the zones before they become a part of online gaming history."

"And then NCsoft fired the entire Paragon Studios staff this morning. Every last person.."

"I logged on to the very same sort of confusion and anger I saw when Farscape was unexpectedly cancelled back in 2002. And to much the same rumors, conspiracy theories, and desperate and unrealistic suggestions for ways to save the game. It was, to say the least, a disheartening shock."

"Let this be a reminder to everyone: You do not buy an MMO game (or even something like Skyrim or Diablo 3, that requires an internet connection). You are merely renting it. At any given time, the servers can be closed and all of those hours you spent creating your perfect characters are gone. Just like that."

And there's a big huge Reddit thread on the whole deal.

Okay. Getting away from the deeply tragic...

[League] Celerin: A Pile of Dead Bards shall protect us.
[League] Speed Fiend: When in doubt, land on a cleric.
[League] Stygian-Hunter: Always sacrifice the rogue! The loot gods love that!

A deleted Avengers scene has surfaced, and while I understand why it had to go (quite clearly, it was cut for reasons of pacing), there's a part of me that wishes it had stayed in the film. Though there is more than a touch of surreality, watching Rogers sketch out a building which doesn't exist in the visuals.

Finally, I should likely apologize for this next one, but I'm doing it anyway: have a taste of Bat-Cat. (Yes. I'm sorry. But come on. Chibi cat with bat wings. And a soundtrack! And it's goddamn chipper, which I need right now.)

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