Saturday, September 8, 2012

those who couldn't live yesterday (pt. II)

(Continuing from part I.)

[Help] Mobile Suit Gun Dame: Spilled over onto -- and filled up -- Freedom, too.

For a while, Virtue was maxed out. Freedom was the overflow. Then Freedom maxed out. Infinity became the overflow. At one point on each of these servers they had over thirty instances of Atlas Park, each, for the protest.

[Help] Icerific: What is the Massive site?


[Looking For Group] Alaina Thomas: Keep it alive people. I meet my best friends on here. If it was not for C0H I would not have such great friends here
[Help] rootstock: i give my suppoert to ncsoft now. No way will i support mugs who come here just to clog the system and dont even play. Go NC shut it tomorrow. Pleaaaaaassssssseeeeeee

There's always someone.

[Help] Exo-buster: I actually managed to see my character on the composite image.
[Looking For Group] Green Bearet: With all due respect, Jack's a tool.

Maybe, but Emmert had nothing to do with shutting down City of Heroes. That was all NCSoft--and possibly their major shareholders, Nexon.

[Looking For Group] StrikeFalcon: Emmert was a great man when the game first started... unfortunately, he was seduced by the dark-side of MMO making

Eh, I think it was more he went into management, over playing and developing games on the ground.

[Looking For Group] Battle'Maiden: Yea, CO had promise but the cartoony look and feel and the terrible camera angles ruined it for me
[Looking For Group] Rosa Luxemburg: Save CoH so the Crazy 88's can burn more inf!
[Looking For Group] Element Z: 8 MORE YEARS!!!!!
[Help] Lady of Broken Toys: [Help] dcuo sucks by all reports. fair action but the community makes you want to do brain surgery on yourself with an immersion heater.
[Help] Freem Propulsion: At least with this Rally we learned some of the folks we need to /ignore for being less than supportive of saving our city.
[Looking For Group] Angry Rabble: best trailer for coh
[Help] War Melissa: Marvel didn't just "Pull out." They had to due to having licensing agreements with Activision

Now, that last one is somewhat important--that's War Witch. She was upper upper management in Paragon Studios. She also used to come in as a redname admin. Now? NCSoft's stripped her--and most of the other devs we know about--of all powers. Based on this evidence, they might have even blocked account access, so that they can no longer access their trademark characters.

And sure, yes, fine, those trademark characters do belong to NCSoft...but that's on the asset level. Think about how any of us might feel if the company who owns the game we play in was able to just delete us with no recourse. There are a lot of folks who've had it happen in SL, after all. But bump that up a notch--what if the character you'd spent so much time outfitting, powering up, making perfect, and playing with was a Linden, say? Who suddenly got axed in the layoff round? No appreciable warning, and though you could make another character, your main character is just--gone.

Melissa Bianco is one of those who now knows exactly how that feels.

[Help] Vince Hurth: I don't want to sound like a troll, I'm not trying to offend or piss anybody off...
[Help] Vince Hurth: But nothing is going to save CoH. The team is fired, the decision is made.
[Help] Final Armageddon: lets show ncsoft we will not take this shutting CoH down!!!!!!
[Help] rootstock: Wont save CoH full stop

Maybe not. But if we never protest for what we believe, then we don't really believe it.

[Help] Mobile Suit Gun Dame: I don't hate on the other games NCSoft runs; I merely decline to provide them with any of my support.
[Looking For Group] Cimerian Nova: save our home
[Looking For Group] Betty Louise Svenson: There should be a Melancholia badge for anyone on the last day.
[Help] Rattletrapp: Any remaining RedName folk, there's lots of us still not flying Paragon Backer flags on the steps

This is generally a shout-out to the devs to drop by. Normally, because the devs had been very involved in the day-to-day operation of the game world, that'd do it. Today, none of the devs we saw at the various protests had admin powers anymore.

Past this point, there may be no "Paragon Backer" titles given out. There may be no special oddities happening in the D. No Hallowe'en event, if one was even trying to be organized.

[Help] Xeyu: Dont forget to sign the City Of Heroes petition everyone if you haven't already. Its on You can just go to Google and type in City Of Heroes petition and it should be the first link.
[Looking For Group] 6 of Sally: This is as dear to me as my family
[Help] DJ Angelica: They're bouncing instances.

This was the first news, about half past three pm PST, that NCSoft was trying to close down instances of Atlas Park to stop the protests.

[Looking For Group] Coquettish Kitten: its more than a game its a community of people we have gotten close to
[Help] Sechmeth: even if it was a business decision, they will have to worry about PR
[Looking For Group] 6 of Sally: Tis not just a video game...This is about FAMILY
[Help] Trillium: Rally was also held on Freedom
[Help] Blood Eidolon: le'ts jsut hope CoH doesn't get run by EA *shudders*

Really. More in part III.

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