Saturday, September 1, 2012

fold my heart up small

[Help] Eumi: I'm trying to be civil to fellow players. My anger is not directed towards them
[Help] Stalwart Striker: So, anyone else feel like they were punched in the heart? All the stories left untold, the lives left unlived.
[Help] O'FishAlly: feel ike I'm losing friends, children, these are creations of the heart!!
[Help] Bromosis the Skunk: Sigh... Good by Paragon City, You will be missed... "City of Heroes: 2004-2012, May we never forget."

It's not the worst epitaph, but it's still confusing.

[Help] Professor SMO: I am honestly having great deal of trouble dealing with this loss.
[Help] Pumpkinator: I have 2 paid accounts since launch...feel like someone is taking my two 8 year-olds out of my arms!

A lot of us are.

[Help] Shamirishi Knight: I've still got the story behind my characters, thier experiences, thier lives, as well as my own experiences here on this game, and the memories that go along with them.

I'll be taking more of my characters' histories off in the coming month. Likely will just drop them on the blog. Not sure what else to do with them. I think I'm still in shock.

[Help] Dancing Circus Bear: you're not alone - this game has gotten me thru the deaths of a lot of people close to me - and not to trivialize rl in any way
[Help] Stalwart Striker: Anyone know if there is the possibility of a private server of CoH?
[Help] Storm-Line: 0%

Pretty much. Even if the community somehow gets control of game assets, it won't ever be the same. It might be better, it might be worse, but it won't ever be the same.

[Help] Einon: I just got back on to tell everyone tonight is a blue moon (the second full moon in one month) the next one will be july of 2015
[Help] Percentage: Thanks, Einon! I'll be sure to look at the moon tonight through my drunken tears of drunken rage.

Ouch. Understandable, but ouch.

[Help] Pumpkinator: I have Joe Quesada's email after an interview I did for a book, I will have to send him notice of this
[Help] Professor SMO: So who's going to start the online group therapy I am going to need come December. A loss like this is going to cause me some issues.
[Help] OmEgA XeRO: did they fire the dev team?
[Help] Shamirishi Knight: Yes
[Help] Weedlord Bonerhitler: yes
[Help] Percentage: Yep.


From broadcast chat:

[Broadcast] Global Warming Man: You will never experience costume contests in any other game
[Broadcast] Jessie Tell: I'm gonna miss all the Vampire Nazi Neko Dickgirls in the D.
[Broadcast] Rachael Kane: That's because at top level they all have the same costume on. :P
[Broadcast] Global Warming Man: One thing I will not miss is the D

The D, like certain places in SL, is definitely an acquired taste. Some of the RP veers to the surreal, but seriously, where doesn't it? Gamers are gamers: mostly curious, inventive, occasionally over-sexualized souls who want to test their boundaries. ERP happens anywhere.

[Broadcast] Impressive Girl: I'm also gonna miss all the toons that run around with tails when there's no real reason that they should have one...
[Broadcast] Malice Control: Disappointment ahoy
[Broadcast] Dancing Circus Bear: cloneville
[Broadcast] Impressive Girl: and in the Marvel game, you play as MARVEL characters, not your own, custom-made toons
[Broadcast] Global Warming Man: it's not an MMO, it's Diablo
[Broadcast] Mortuus Lux: I am disappoint with Marvel
[Broadcast] Jessie Tell: Also its a top down, like X-Men Legends. :I
[Broadcast] Malice Control: Well as long as it's better than Diablo 3

That's almost a given, because well, Diablo III...that's a question with its own answer.

[Broadcast] Global Warming Man: That's not really an accomplishment

Never was.

[Broadcast] Jessie Tell: Guess I'll go over to Eve until another Superhero MMO gets announced.

Dear gods, no. NOT Eve. ANYTHING but Eve.

[Broadcast] Dancing Circus Bear: so ultimately "Marvel" wins and loses = it only took them 8 years to get their Grinchy wish
[Broadcast] Jessie Tell: Marvel doesn't win. Disney does.
[Broadcast] Dancing Circus Bear: True Disney kills all good things

As much as I have my Disney detraction moments, I don't believe that. I also don't believe Marvel--in any way--planned this.

[Help] Jungle Jen: Interesting because i wont play either, i suspect a lot of people feel the same way in the end it is probably a poor business decision on their part. It will save me about 100 bucks a month though
[Help] Steady Flames: I downloaded & read their quarterly financial report. N.America is 4% of NCSoft's profits. CoX is 2%. This game is profitable, but the company overall isn't (AEON cost them a lot to publish). They cannibalized the smallest piece for fast cash.
[Help] Kharina: if you truly want to protest, a petition really won't matter. Protest with your wallet. Cancel any and all games you have from them and tell them the reason you're doing it.
[Help] Steady Flames: I am angry... impossibly angry.
[Help] Steady Flames: Love has made me feel anger today.

Anger, rage, hurt, confusion...the games we choose say a lot about us. We become loyal to them, we support them as much as we can, they become a part of us. In the case of immersive massively multiplayer environments, as we've seen in Second Life, in a very real sense we become our characters. This isn't insanity--this is simple science: what we see we become.

In this sense, killing any game we take personally, because in this sense, we live there. Some part of our time, energy, and imagination exists in our games. We see game closures, then, as someone we can't fight taking away something we love.

We get emotional.

[Help] OmEgA XeRO: i hope someone else buys the license to this, i really can't play any more NC Soft games after this
[Broadcast] Rachael Kane: True. Bound to lose some people over a sharp increase in minimum hardware with a game this old.
[Help] OmEgA XeRO: as much as i like to save this game, it's more upsetting that they just fire the entire dev team without warning
[Help] Dr. Magnus Faust: Same, I was interested in GW2 but this has always beenmy favorite MMO. If they cancel this they a forget about me being a returning customer.
[Help] High TIdes: that killed any hope

Again, for many of us.

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