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those who couldn't live yesterday (pt. I)

This is gonna be pretty rough, I'm currently in a maxed-out server holding a torch on the Atlas Park steps, in the twelfth instance of Atlas Park (at its height, the rally had 33 instances of Atlas Park, and there was at least one attempt--from NCSoft direct--to restrict AP spawns to ten. Apparently that didn't work). These are all comments from Looking For Group channel, Help channel, my supergroup's chat feed (the Space Vixens), or Broadcast. This is one of four.

[Looking For Group] Save Our City 1971: Long live City Of Heroes!!!! Its not just a game, its a way of life. A community!!!
[Looking For Group] Captain Cymru.: @Starbright cant get into virtue so is holding a vigil with some others in support - wish him luck! :)
[Looking For Group] Kritikal Mass: Save our City, so that we can keep saving the world!
[Looking For Group] DrAsinineSaveParagon: Again, they are making money. It doesn't make sense for them to cut it at all. Even if they just did the status quo letting the devs do what they've been doing...they'd STILL be gaining lots of money. For basically doing nothing. I dun get it.
[Help] Lady Darquette: where is the CC? All the Atlas's are full
[Looking For Group] Trollkin Claws: Currently at 33 APs
[Help] Adjective-Noun: It seems we may have maxed out at 33 APs. =/

"CC" in this instance stands for "costume contest". They have them frequently in City of Heroes. It's like SL contests--show up dressed according to the theme, dance, socialize, have a chance to win cash (influence or infamy) and prizes.

[Space Vixens]Neo-Gabi: HI-K4R1 (Hologram 2): We had 318 in queue when I logged in today. O_O

(from the City of Heroes album; my queue notice earlier)

[Looking For Group] SaveCOXPleaseMa: I was in overflow in Freedom then got in. yay
[Looking For Group] Burp: has NC said anything yet or is this just a big circle jerk
[Looking For Group] Cimerian Nova: i beta tested this mmo .. and many here did
[Help] No End?: I love City of Heroes, I hate WoW, I hate GW2, I hate Champions Online!!!
[Looking For Group] von Stroheim: Wasn't there a licensing issue with Cryptic?

No. There was no licensing issue with Cryptic. That's been confirmed as a rumor based on nothing but supposition.

[Looking For Group] Save Our City 1971: City Of Heroes, the number one mmo in my book!! Who's with me??
[Looking For Group] Real Codewalker: DrAsinine: They probably think they can make MORE money by spending it somewhere else.
[Looking For Group] Trillium: The financials are the reason, this was the bottom barrel game financially
[Looking For Group] Mender Quinch: [Lv46 mind/emp] Nope. License granted FOREVEEEERRR.
[Looking For Group] Branda Sharp: the DJ on cape radio said Neil Gaiman has COH on his blog

Not quite--on September 6th, Samuraiko asked Gaiman to retweet a plea to save City of Heroes. He did. Then Laurell K. Hamilton picked that up, and retweeted it.

[Looking For Group] Cimerian Nova: im honoured to see such efforts to save a game and its worth it

Save for, we don't think it's useless.

[Space Vixens]Forever Zer0: I know people were here for this 12 hours ago.
[Looking For Group] Order A Pizza: Theres 33 Instances
[Looking For Group] DrAsinineSaveParagon: Again to people who say financials. It's in the black. It's making money. Why throw out a game that is still MAKING money? If it was in the hole I'd understand
[Looking For Group] Lochlain: I don't understand all the hate for CO. It looks different but I don't think it looks bad. Hell I played it for years and liked it fine.

Okay, just to insert here: Lochlain's right. It's another game. Games look different, and a lot of my current bitterness towards Champions is because it's not City of Heroes. I am blaming it precisely because it's its own game.

And let's also be completely fair, here: I had fun last night, playing Champions. HOWEVER, to also be completely fair, what I mostly spent four hours doing was running around a parking lot outside the jail blowing up cop cars.

Not even kidding. Mm. Allen and I had been running around taking out prisoners in the jailbreak, until we realized we could get just as many random anniversary gift drops by blowing up objects.

So, brief armchair analysis: I had fun in a game I profess not to like, because I wasn't doing anything story-related, or level-related. I was just randomly being violent and lighting cars on fire.

[Looking For Group] Rattletrapp: Where is the livestream coverage of this being broadcast?


[Looking For Group] Electo-nerd: wow... this is crazy
[Looking For Group] Broad SSR: we should all get on top of the globe to show support of our "World"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[Looking For Group] Life Energy: Save our city
[Looking For Group] Jane Ashland: *laughs* guess we are about to break the server ?
[Looking For Group] Smoking Mirrors: Dear community. At this point I have no hatred for any other game or any company. Only love, love for the community. Let's try to do this with positive feelings. Regardless of the outcome, I want this to be a positive experience and memory.
[Looking For Group] Element Z: So NCSoft was/is losing money keeping COH alive?
[Looking For Group] Obsidian Rabbit: how many atlas parks do we have now?
[Looking For Group] Half Hitch: Save Our City!!!!! C'mon ya'll....Sing Along!!!!
[Looking For Group] Apollinaris: I think the reason for the shutdown is pretty obvious. NcSoft isn't making money and it's easier to ax someone across the pacific than in house.
[Looking For Group] Soundtrack: It was an honor being with you all today. Be safe, heroes/villains!
[Looking For Group] Glass Goblin: This community is why I've been here since April 1, 2004.
[Looking For Group] Order A Pizza: 33 instancesx of AP
[Looking For Group] Alaina Thomas: I let my 4 year play this game. Now he is 12 and it is a clean game. No blood or guts on it. That is why I let him start out early
[Looking For Group] Battle'Maiden: Yea Krit. COs figures looked like Popeye figures, bleh!

That's pretty much solely because of the ginormous oven-mitt hands on the mesh.

[Looking For Group] Cimerian Nova: save our home ....its not alone ncsoft choice to abandon a thriving community
[Help] Lady Darquette: Composite view of the Atlas's crowds

Basically, what they did was go through each of the thirty-plus Atlas Parks, captured each hero for a few seconds, then quickly through up a montage. I'm in there somewhere, so is everyone else in my household and 1,997 other people.

[Looking For Group] 6 of Sally: CO is just visually ugly


[Looking For Group] Captain Saskatchewan: CO's graphics look like they were made in 2000 not 2012

Part of that really does come down to the game's style. They wanted that look, fought hard for it. And folks are right, disparaging how their avatars look, when the creative team wanted that look, is completely specious and judgemental.

Doesn't help the feeling, but at least I know I'm being superficial.

[Help] PO'ed Geode:

Due to the overwhelming popularity of Adult Swim's "bumps", they've started flipping up suggestions they got. That was one of them. It's been airing.

[Looking For Group] Bishop Saint': What was the livestream link again?
[Looking For Group] All this and brains: well have played WoW, Swtor, even Forsaken/perfect world. Would give them and all my 100+Wow mounts up to keep this game
[Looking For Group] evoL 4ever coh: the costume creator in CO was super annoying
[Looking For Group] Zanriel:
[Looking For Group] Bishop Saint': thanks

On to part II.

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