Thursday, September 6, 2012

did the stars come up? did the world spin 'round?

[Help] Kasima: COs character creator does offer alot more over COH
[Help] Kasima: but the one issue I have with it is
[Help] Kasima: there just are not some parts offered
[Help] Kasima: that COH uses
[Help] Kasima: like the tucked in pants look
[Help] Kasima: theres no real way to get that look in CO
[Help] Kasima: and alot of my costumes here used that look

And that's not the only costume option that Champions just purely lacks. They have more places to put on more things--like, you can have arm bracers, THEN upper-arm bands, THEN shoulder ornaments, versus City, where you could have a variety of shoulder pads and that was it.

But there are still many things missing, and it's making me twitch.

[Help] Kasima: come nov 30
[Help] Kasima: if you wanna be a hero
[Help] Kasima: CO is the only real alternative

That's unfortunately the literal truth, and not just because City of Heroes is closing. In Champions Online, you can play a hero...or, well, a hero. There is no Champions: Villains game. You're a superhero, or you're not playing the game.

About half my characters in City of Heroes are villains. I mean, sure, the first restriction sucks--if I don't subscribe and go Gold, over stay free and stay Silver, I get two character slots. TWO. Granted, I was a subscriber to City of Heroes, but I had twenty-two characters on Virtue alone.

[Help] Master Setsuke: if CoX doesn't get sold and there's no private server i will likely play nothing of this type

Believe me, I'm seriously considering that.

[Help] Vexs Goblin: No, i'll stay until the last days. i was here when this game started, so i'll be here, when it ends.

But it's getting more and more depressing, the more time goes on.

[Help] Kasima: I just personally think publishers are a bad idea
[Help] Kasima: they dont make the games
[Help] Kasima: they just pay for them
[Help] Kasima: and thats dangerous
[Help] Kasima: theres a disconnect there
[Help] Master Setsuke: they kind of are. but pubs that don't do much development themselves are especiially bad

I really can't argue with that. At that point, it becomes a strict numbers game. They're not invested, they're just interested in profit. Whatever doesn't match their expections--well, the human cost means less than nothing, it's just about the bottom line.

[Help] Kasima: next year they will be in the red again
[Help] Kasima: since they didnt actually fix the problem
[Help] Kasima: they just patched the wound
[Help] Kasima: thye will have to axe something else again
[Help] Kasima: soon

I think she's right here, too. The bigger question is not what will NCSoft axe next, but when.

[Help] Void Dancyr: the devs were happily posting concept art 2 hrs before the announcement
[Help] Void Dancyr: they got blindsided just as bad as we did
[Help] Mekkee: Yep
[Help] Mekkee: It's just money

In the end, maybe everything's just a numbers game.

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