Saturday, September 1, 2012

some things we always remember, some things we forget

[Looking For Group] Punk Mage: i am deeply sad that there are no games comparable to this one.
[Looking For Group] Thorn-Roseblood: I am still very much hoping a CoX 2 is announced soon

Why would it be?

[Looking For Group] Howl at the Moon: what is the conversation concerning CoH about?

And dear gods, this kept happening. Every time the depression had sunk us all, someone else would log in and go "whatwaitwhatNOOOO".

[Looking For Group] Punk Mage: what scares me is how the gaming industry is incapable of not producing a buggy simplistic idiotic mess, to replace older games with.

Yeah, that bugs me too.

[Looking For Group] OmniBrute3:
[Looking For Group] OmniBrute3: go to that link
[Looking For Group] Punk Mage: city of heroes closes in november
[Looking For Group] Howl at the Moon: why?
[Looking For Group] ScrewyouNCSoft: I'm now disputing my last three NCsoft transactions with paypal. All were made within the last 10 days for a total of $130. Dispute ALL recent purchases!

While I understand his ire--I have some of my own, considering my subscription technically ends next February--I'm not sure that approach will lead to any substantive redress. Plus, whether he gets his $130 back--or not--he's still going to be angry.

[Looking For Group] Howl at the Moon: wow?! this is very depressing. this is really the only game i play
[Looking For Group] Stormbuster: sometimes i don't even play i just wanna see what everyone is bitching about
[Looking For Group] Kiteru: This was the Best Game ever!!!

Well, to be fair, everyone says that about their favorites at the time. And I won't lie, City had some flaws--all games do. But they worked hard on their stories, they worked harder on their scenery, and they did their best to keep an alive, involved community. Tons of us stayed subscribers after they went free-to-play. Tons of us worked hard on our characters because we liked the game. And while I wasn't that involved on the forums--because I'm never much involved on ANY forum site--tons of people were.

[Looking For Group] Howl at the Moon: ok, guess i'm out.....literally, goodbye all.

And a lot of folks did this, too--took this as the very last day the game was in operation, and logged out, never to log back in again.

[Looking For Group] Techno Spider: the point is WAS
[Looking For Group] Amazing Heels: was, circa i2
[Looking For Group] Punk Mage: there seems like no point to log in. it is like getting close to a terminal cancer patient in the hospital.
[Looking For Group] Eumi: This was the only PC game I played anymore
[Looking For Group] House of Whacks: nothing with this level of character customization

And that's another thing. The character artist behind the coming Post-Apocalyptic pack posted several pictures of two separate models. She was very excited. That was just yesterday. It was scheduled for release.

Also scheduled for release:
"Powersets that were in active development:
Kinetic Assault
Radiation Armor
Radiation Melee
Savage Melee
Wind Control
Force of Will (Pool)
Experimentation (Pool)
Gadgetry (Pool)
Utility Belt (Pool)

"Powersets that were planned:
Radiation Melee
Close Quarters Weapons
Wind Blast
Magnetic Blast
Sniper Rifle
Autumnal Blast
Thrown Weapons
Magnetic Control
Water Control
Light Affinity
Wind Assault"
When he says "were planned", he means ideas they were tossing around on what to do after the ones actually actively being developed--which is the top list. And, according to that post, there was an entire new zone planned. We don't know the name.

(from the City of Heroes album; planned new zone in City of Heroes)

We know it was going to be blueside because of the War Walls. In this shot, however, it seems to be a mix between traditional blueside zones and Sharkhead Isle on redside.

(from the City of Heroes album; planned new zone in City of Heroes)

The man who posted these likely did it in violation of company non-disclosure policy; I'm not pulling these images to implicate him, but because when NCSoft tracks this post down, they may well erase it from the forums.

(from the City of Heroes album; planned new zone in City of Heroes)

These are obviously in-process shots--none of the texturing may have been fixed in place, some of the colors might have been shifted, and there's evidence of buildings used from both villain side as well as Praetorian structures--likely, simply because they wanted structures of those particular shapes to texture the rest around. In this one, we can clearly see a building floating in midair with only walls around it. If the zone had been allowed to be finalized, they would have filled in most of the water seen in this image with streets, park spaces, trees, benches, and utility fixtures.

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