Friday, August 31, 2012

tearing off pieces of myself just for the time it buys me

(from the City of Heroes album)

Shania 14/N9 was a standard femchild of the Deollian Creche, given doxy training, combat and assassination skills, and basic education. When the Third Wave War came, many of the Creche facilities were destroyed, and the laboratories poisoned the air underground, killing many of the children (now grown). She was one of the few who fought her way free, but she was changed. Now possessing the ability to cast bolts of energy and alter kinetics, she's turned her back on her training to become Heterodoxy.

The only problem? The Third Wave War opened a rift to--somewhere. She's not entirely sure where she is, she's never heard of 'Arachnos' before, and she's fairly sure she's no longer at home.

((RP friendly, ERP tolerant, but not overwhelmingly interested in either.))
She was a bookmark character, in case the name ever became available on Virtue. She was on Defiant. Never played her much, but liked the concept.

(from the City of Heroes album)

Rhett Connery:
La dy Aretta Connery was showing great signs of promise towards getting Madam McKinley's Girls' Conservatory (and Finishing School) back on the map again for athletic excellence. Her archery scores placed them in the top three in the country until that fateful day when the sky ripped in twain and she--and her archery gear--were sucked inside to discover what strange new world lay on the other side of the broken barrier.
Rhett Connery I never found out if the name was taken on Virtue; I was using non-Virtue servers as a place to work out character concepts. But I loved the name, and the look. She was an archer with the trick shot set, though I had been thinking of remaking her with time manipulation abilities.

No real point now.

(from the City of Heroes album)

Telumna Norn:
Not much about Telumna has come to light. She's more of a legend than a being, the sort of tale told around a burning trash fire of things you don't want to see. On that score, no one's sure she does--see, that is, with her eyes sewn shut and all. No one's sure how she talks, either, with her lips secured with black thread crusted with old blood. All the stories will say is, you don't want to hear her whisper your name, however she does it.
Her battle cry? Mors omnibus adversantur. Which is about all I planned to have her say.

I admit, she was pretty much a female homage of the GunWitch from the Nocturnals comic, but I really wanted to play her out. My problem? I never logged into Protector.

She was a dual pistol-wielding shooter with darkness control (of course).

[Broadcast] Elltenia DeIGanus: ((To the end. to the bitter, bitter end...))

Yeah. More later. It's been an intensely depressing day.

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